Where is the weirdest place you've ever taken a shit?

I haven't had to take one anywhere weird.- Sally

Erm..I would have to say in my brother's pillow case. The bastard deserved it!- CasualFatality

On D.C's chest.- weirdDAR

defanatly my bathroom. it was spinning for some reason though.- boing! boing! SPLAT!

Probably in the C.D shop. Need less to say the latest brittany spears C.D was shit on........then the paper inlay part in the C.D was used as toilet paper.....(obviosly the paper part was taken out prior to my public defamation of her lame C.D)stay tuned next week kids! as I urinate on a justin timberlake poster in K-mart - Realmo-K

Police car- Igor

In a friends back yard on the back of her pet elephant as it balanced itself on my pet horse ralphy... I coulldnt hold it in. The elephant kept shaking so it shook it out of my ass then it squished ralphy and ... and.. and... KILL HUM.. sniiff.. THen as i was walking home a person threw elephant shit on me... ohhh gggoooddddd WHY did you do this to me? WHy did you make me remember this? oh hoooo ooohhooo ooooo...painfullllll. HAHA J/k!!!GOTCHA!...didnt i?- FROZENbRain

my pants- lucky

a woods- jimbo

in a foil plant holder- nobody_particular

Outside in the bushes.- caty

the sink- hurricane

In a lay-by of a country road. Sat there squeezing my cheeks, hoping traffic doesn't pass - classy!- Mzebonga


My own bathroom...trust me, its weird- Smarm

carboard box outside- timmy d

in a litter box- the voodoo bunny

hhmm.......never thought about that before- tiff

In my pants- Queen

On my uncle's windshield.- drunkennewfiemidget

In the bathtub when I was little. My mom says she just burst out laughing when these brown logs started floating to the surface.- Okami Red

a bathroom- Airetaari

garbage can - not_Synical

umm eerrgghhh uhhh hhmmpphh..ahhh In my computer chair.- spaggetttti

the bathroom....(hey you don't know where i do it normally)- soi

Well, I've taken shit in some pretty odd places, but the #1 weirdest place was probably when i got this bag from some guy , and i did it in the back of this pet store( by the way, I was realy high at the time ). What I did with the bag'o'poo was even weirder. My friends and I ran , while my pocket held the bag, to the trailer park. One of my friends pointedo ut the house of someone who said "Your head looks stupid" to me and I smeered the poo all over the house. Then I kept hitting it against the window untill it stuck there. Later, after I drive home my friends, the police are at my door. Obviously I was too stoned to see his face in the window I was pounding shit into. I was charged with vandalism and spent a night in juvanile hall. The pathetic thing is, the guy had to clean it off his own house, and he still is trying to be my friend. -me

out side a club- untouchablelexus

I once took a dump in the back of a semi trailer parked in a rest stop.. But I'll be damned if there wasnt any shit paper, so I had to open some crates to find something to wipe with, but all there was were boxes of sandpaper and some crates filled with nails. I kept searching, then I found a suitcase with clothes in it. I took a shirt and wiped with the sleeve then folded it and put it back in the suitcase. I wanted it to be a surprise for the driver.- harbingerofhell

From my nose- village bicylce

in my boyfriend's face. he din't quite like that.- mmmbop

my pants. when i was a small child.... very uncomfortable..why this question provokes this memory i will wonder on.- JAG

An alternate dimension, Minenska, which was ruled by a clan of ape-squirrel hybrids. We went and had a meal and then I neeeded the loo. After that I destroyed that dimension, went home and went shopping for shoe polish.- bob the beetle lover

uh...not sure- dani

in a swimming pool- stunnellowS

uhhh on an airplane- ldfjlasd

This was when I was a baby, but I heard from family members that I went "poopy" in my uncle's ski jacket once. - tinkerbelll

my own toilet- PunchJudy

a toilet. it wasn't installed or anything, just sitting in someones lawn, while they renovated.- eva psychotic

the woods- cooter

in my girlfriends back garden cos her mum was in the bath- supermandave

in my shoe- berty boots

In the bathtub. No, wait, that was my younger sister...and I said it looked like a "U". Er, anyway, I have taken a crap in the middle of a forest. I was camping in an area where there were no washrooms and no running water, so we pretty much dug a hole, put tin foil on a fallen tree stump, sat on that and aimed. Nice.- McDiablo

a babys crib!- giytuen

Once we were driving along a motorway on a coach, and I decided to moon some cars. I soon discovered that the windows slid open, so I opened it up and shoved my arse out the window. After a while I got bored and went for a shit in the onboard toilet. Come to think of it, that's not really weird.- Gibbo

In a deep dark pit- Chilly one

toilet- viciousfish

London- Delisa

I took a shit in a urinal once. - Hot Socks

in the woods at a cross country meet- KAT

shiezer!- ninja

Men's room couldn't wait for the womens to empty.- Behope

When i was three i did a shit in the middle of my mums motor racing club meeting. Right in the middle of this Huge hallway with all these posh people walking around- LJ


well, it was at this partay and i really had to go so i went around the bushes and kablamo, next mornin i'm walkin by and find out i shit............. wait for it, in the grass. - shwee

at your house.- BuRnInG

In a carpark. But I can't be sure because I had passed out. It could have happened anytime during the six hours I was out, all I know is it happened before I could get my pants completely down.- floppylobster

In the refridgerator. I knew that the blue monkeys would not look there. (they steal my poo to fling it. I am very posessive of my poo. It is mine!!!)- bluemonkeyfearer

in my diaper but i cant remember it- tooltits

in my friend's frontyard (he lives on an acerage)- Billy

Switzerland. I also threw up. Not at the same time. Although I have managed that. That was my contribution to Switzerland, anyway...- Mzebonga

I never remove shit from anywhere. Are you saying I took your shit?- another one

Uhh...i'd have to say in the woods...i wiped my ass with poison fuckin oak too...god that sucked- FeFe

Erm...in the bath and shower. And unfortunitly it was quite recently too....- EmilyTheStrange

An artificial anorack, discarded on a distamt moon of Uranus, where a miniature squid cactus stroked my tender bare flesh with its aroused sucking pores.- Evil Muffin

On the head of a pin. It is possible, if you believe it is.- tam lin

in the woods.- me

Outside. In the backyard. Behind the shed. In a can.- Syko

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