What is the last thing you spat out?

spit- Sally

Umm..I have no idea. I think it was a bit of bone i found in my soda..- CasualFatality

A chunk of cheese toast soaking in sour cream.- weirdDAR

poser frappichino. The elephants were trying to trick me...BUT I KNEW IT WASNT REAL FRAPPICHINO!- boing! boing! SPLAT!

Probably that wierd anal-prob those little green men shoved up my ass.......don't ask me how it got from my ass, up my digestive tract and then into my mouth....but those aliens can do stranger things.................ever seen someone suck their own cock while standing on their head? fucking hilarious!- Realmo-K

contact lens- Igor

i drank a bottle of nail polish then i spit it out.. or more so 'up'. Thats not a acceptable answer ..shit, the last thing would be.. *KICK myself in face* oh yes! I got a answer. blood and saliva and uh looks like some chocolate i just ate.- FROZENbRain

popcorn kernels- lucky

your mum- jimbo

my internal organs, but i got them back in again quite easily- nobody_particular

Vitamin C.- caty

sick- hurricane

A big ball of gooey, green phelgm. Phelgm is a great word. So's gooey.- Mzebonga

cornbread...- SG*

Flegm- Smarm

spit- timmy d

tooth that was not mine- the voodoo bunny

gum- tiff

Shit- Queen

Penguin sounds.- drunkennewfiemidget

A loogey. A big, sticky, nasty, jaundice-yellow one.- Okami Red

.........air?- Airetaari

dog fur- not_Synical

the last thing i spat out was half a bottle of tylenol because i never read the instructions and your suppose to swallow, not chew then swallow.Oh whoah, Theres a birdie on a ledge and its singing just for me. The sound that floats out of its beak forms a direct path towards me, i can see it. It flys away after i recieved his little tune. I now return to licking some more sticky pads laid out on the floor and clean it entirly off with my slaiva and tounge. I believe he said the computer is hurting my shins... hmmm..- spaggetttti

well i don't really know but my psychiatrist called it 'oneiric hallucination'... - soi

One of the last things I spat out of my mouth was a half-chewed spider. Then I had to eat the stuff I spat out, but I still got 15 bucks for it. -me

my bf face- untouchablelexus

If I tell you I'd have to kill you.- harbingerofhell

gum- rerun

Blood, sperm and cigeratte butts.- village bicylce

my tooth. it was getting a little TOO rough.- mmmbop

water from the shower spout.- JAG

My little sister, I didn't even know she was down there. How she got there nobody knows. Why she was there nobody knows. Maybe she was after the TV remote.- bob the beetle lover

spit- dani

teeth- stunnellowS

toothpaste- ldfjlasd

A gummy bear that I had been sticking up my nose and accidently swallowed.- tinkerbelll

Nasty Scottish Oatcakes.- sophia

a piece of my gums. nervious chewing...- eva psychotic

snot- cooter

girlfriends mums spunk- supermandave

well , i would like to say something wacky like , er the austro-hungarian empire ..or , a bucket of lepars legs , but it was probably good old common or garden snot ...sorry- berty boots

A mouthful of Slurpee. God, are they ever disgusting......................................had you for a second!- McDiablo

pancakes- giytuen

Spitting is disgusting and I rarely take part in this activity/sport/whatever. However, the other day I was eating gogs (little sweetie things)and I popped a blue one in my mouth by mistake. The blue gog is the equivalent of the black winegum, which only the strangest or suspiciously normal people seem to like.- Gibbo

flem- Chilly one

fish- viciousfish

toothpaste- Delisa

I hate snot! I hate cedar trees! I want to chop them all down! Those evil trees! Those cedar trees are all a bunch of sick, perverted denderfeliacs! Someone should invent tree condoms so that they won't pollinate all over us. It's their revenge on the rednecks that live out in the hill country. Fuckin'polyamorous whores!-Hot Socks

an ant- KAT

chunky soy milk- ninja

Mint flavored jelly bean! Jelly beans should only be made in the normal fruit flavors!!!!!!!!!- Behope


this hot dog that's been in my stomach for 7 years, i more puked it than spat though- shwee

ur mommy?- BuRnInG

The news that I shit my pants in a carpark to a room full of people. I was later to regret this.- floppylobster

The salad that you people threw at me in my sleep.- bluemonkeyfearer

a bone from a "boneless" piece of chicken- tooltits

spit, i think dead skin- Billy

I was walking home the other day and not paying attention and I looked up and this guy was just standing there in the gateway to his home not three feet from me. I was so shocked that he was there that I accidentally spat in his face. That was funny!- Mzebonga

a horse- another one

a hacker- FeFe

Oh uncooked pizza dough. I also sprayed my friends math book with spit today...MWHAHAHA!- EmilyTheStrange

An alternate universe in which my tongue is a middle aged truck driver called bob.- Evil Muffin

gum. But it was at the end of a loooooong black string. at the other end of the string was a different piece of gum-I don't remember chewing that piece.- tam lin

a hocker.- me

The last thing i spat out was a piece of disgusting peppermint gum. i was yelling at someone and it got lodged in the back of my throat..panicking i coughed as hard as i could and the gum went sailing across the room.- gorjess

Listerine.- Syko

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