There are people going door to door selling salad dressing,
when they get to your door, do you buy some?

No I hate salad dressing, plain salad for me.- Sally depends on the type of salad dressing. If it was something lame, then no, I wouldn't buy it. But if it was something like that vinigrette stuff, then I would buy lots of it, so it would burn when I turned around and threw it all in their eyes.- CasualFatality

I usually don't answer the door because I'm busy filling these things out.- weirdDAR

NOoooooO! They are most likely in conspiracy with the pink elephants and are planning on poisoning me. I then of course will capture them and brainwash them...forcing them to take me to the pink elephants lair.- boing! boing! SPLAT!

I would politly ask them inside so I could sample the salad dressing. Mean while, the salesmen sit unsuspectadly in my lounge room. While they are sitting there, I race into my bedroom to fetch my bondage/dominatricks uniforms and some sedatives. I hide the clothes outside the lounge room where they are out of site and during the tasting of the salad dressing I give them a taste of my sedatives.....then obviously put those ever so sexy leather clothes on them............then when they are awake I make them have sex at gun point and broacast it live over the internet........oh shit!!! I've said too much......why does that always happen?- Realmo-K

I might buy it.....Id answer the door in a tube sock and a bondage mask and pull a five out of my ass to buy it ...then Id dip a fresh pork sausage in it right there and take a bite...I would then spit it out all over them and demand my money back so I could lure in the girl scouts coming by later- Igor

This salad is mighty bland without some nice sauce... *munch*.. *munch*.. *Swallow*.. yummmm ALTHOUGH TASTY!Do i need sauce?. But there should be some dressing, it may get better umm... or worse. What does it taste like? ranch, italian? Never tasted door sold salad dressing before.Although there was that one time.. *munch**munch**munch* mph and itmph with uhhh gumhuu humplo *Swallow* and it never tasted all that good... more like uncarbonated fish flavoured pepsi and it was pink with white slivers of something.bbrrrrr,, As long as its not labeled french dressing and it comes in a squeezy bottle..yes, yes i think i will.munch.....chhew.... crack...shred... drroool...GULP, hit upper back.. chug a glass of water.. cough..swallow..ILl have one ..yes...thank you... - FROZENbRain

no- lucky

no- jimbo

only if they call on monday- nobody_particular

No.- caty

no- hurricane

No, salad is better without dressing. Taste more crispy and like salad rather than vinegary shite.- Mzebonga

no..I take the dressing and shove it all down their throats till it comes out their asses- SG*

If they were hot.- Smarm

no- timmy d

yeah, ranch kicks ass- the voodoo bunny

depends on what kind of dressing it is...... and how much it is.- tiff

No- Queen

Probably not, I'm convinced I'd have a brain hemmhorage on the spot.- drunkennewfiemidget

If it's Italian, then....YES! BY ALL THAT IS HOLY AND GOOD, YES!- Okami Red

no- Airetaari

fuck no i tell them to piss off- not_Synical

Having been forewarned, I'd run and go get the necessary tools to carry out my plan: a bottle of anthrax powder, a time machine, and some paint. When they rang my bell I'd open the door and quickly use the time machine to freeze time. Then I'd take some brushes and paint moustaches and scars and stuff on their faces. Then I'd open each of their bottles of salad dressing and sprinkle in some anthrax, and then close it up again. I'd let time go again and tell them I'm sorry I won't buy any, but nowadays you just can't trust strangers. - FartMonkey

Id buy some.. if you mean by some, none and if you mean 'by people' you mean 'by elephants' and if you mean by salad dressing you mean pink feathers.I already have enough, thank you.- spaggetttti

of course i would save time..i still had to get a hand grenade from somewhere..well...god save the door to door selling..- soi

I think I would buy the dressing, but when I did, I would ask for his name, adress, ect. and i would wait untoill it all expired and got nasty and chunky. Then i would put the goop in a giant bucket, go to his house, and throw the dressing on him. Serves him right. -me

ya and then fucking open the bottle and throw it in the fucking face- untouchablelexus

depends if they have any ranch. Ranch makes me go insane and I commit random acts of violence if I even think about ranch.........................oh shit I think she's dead. dammit I knew this would happen if I answered this question.....shit......what do i do?.....anyone got a shovel?? how about a hacksaw? cmon I got to put the body somewhere......- harbingerofhell

no- rerun

I'd have to put the pricing into consideration. Then I would travel to the leading contenders, to make sure I won't be ripped off. As soon as I get back, I realize I left the actual Salad out, it's rotten, I don't need dressing anymore. - village bicylce

of course! but only after they drink a whole bottle (of my choice) to prove it isnt laced with cyanide.- mmmbop

i dont care for salad so i would most likely not buy any.... although, if it was a cute girl selling i would not only buy dressing, but the salad and entree. heh. if i had money. On the other hand if it was a guy i would probably kick him in the shin and curse his stupidity for not noticing the invisble no solicitators sign. that'll teach 'em. - JAG

Well first of all I'd say to the salad-seller "Hey how ya doing, getting on well with the salad?" You know just to ease into the conversation. Then I'd asked: "Excuse me can you take over the world with this salad cream because I'm planning on world domination using salad cream, a mothball and a pair of rusty tweezers. MWAHAHA!!!! Will you join my quest or must I defeat you in battle? For those who are not with me are against the Acorn Overload? You're not wih me? That's such a shame. Well good day to you." Then I'd close the door and continue with hypnotising my pet muffin, Frank.- bob the beetle lover

it depends on the type- dani

no- stunnellowS

not a chance- ldfjlasd

Heh. No...Unless I needed some.- tinkerbelll

offer to sell them some veggies instead- PunchJudy

I could never imagine myself buying salad dressing from someone who just knocked on my door.- sophia

yeah, salad dressing is always in short supply around here, and if it sucked, we could always soak them with it later.- eva psychotic

no- cooter

only if its caesar dressing- supermandave

depends if she's cute or not - berty boots

It all depends on what kind of salad dressing it is and how it's bottled. See, I like these new squeeze bottles so you can actually control how much dressing comes out. Also, those "calorie wise" dressings are so liquidy, it's ridiculous. The other day I was pouring some out of a regular bottle and had a salad dressing lake on my plate. No one needs to put up with that. No one.- McDiablo

no i got my own!- giytuen

I do not associate with salad, in any way, shape or form. Neithe do I find it's appearance erotic. Therefore I have no need for salad dressing. Why would salad need clothes anyway? I'll tell you why. It's a conspiracy against the good working people of Azerbaijan. Think about it.- Gibbo

Yes of course..who doesn't like salad dressing? I mean it has a number of uses..- Chilly one

no way- viciousfish

Hell yes, I love salad dressing!- Delisa

It depends what kind and how much it costs. If it's ranch dressing then I would buy some just to sqirt it on them. It tastes great on everything! It tastes great on salad, pizza, carrots and humans. And if you are ever having sex on someones couch and happen to get some jiz on the seat, you can say that you accidently dripped salad dressing on it while you were eating pizza. - Hot Socks

heck yes salad dressing good looks like...........ahaha- KAT

salad has no dressing salad needs no dressing!- ninja

No, and buy the time I fight my way to the door through the head of dogs they are greatful I didn't invite them in.- Behope


i'd first have to ask a series of questions including: "how can i dress a salad if i don't have one", if a salad was provided i might be tempted to buy- shwee

no i dont. it could be laced with some kind of mind controlling monkey piss.- BuRnInG

No, but I'll ask to keep their number in case I need some later.- floppylobster

Yes, but not for any real use. I would resell it to the blue monkeys so they have something to eat.- bluemonkeyfearer

i wouldnt buy anything people are selling door to door - tooltits

no, i kick them in the balls and giggle like a little school girl while i staple them together. - Billy

Due to the fact that I have no money, I would take of all my clothes and offer my dressing in exchange.- Mzebonga

depends what the salad is wearing- another one

No...why the hell would i buy salad dressing from a fuckin door to door bitch?...that shits probly spoiled or w.e already.- FeFe

Depends what sort it is...i like those kind of light vinegar dressings...not the ecky mustard ones. However would i trust someone selling it to me on my door step? Probably. - EmilyTheStrange

No, I use the power of my magical jehova witness seamonkeys to repel them!!!- Evil Muffin

I've never known people who sold actual salad dressing door to door. I'm assuming that by salad dressing you mean encyclopedias. I'd only buy the volume that has E-EG, because I'm missing that one.- tam lin

yes. i buy italian dressing.- me

Hell no. I'd yell at them about how the world has enough of this 'salad dressing', take a marker, write all over them, slam the door in their the door, open the 'salad dressing' bottles, pour it all over them, then slam the door in their face again. =)- Syko

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