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september 2003

if you walked into someones back yard and they were hovering above the ground?

If I lived next to David Blaine, this would be perfectly normal and I'd have tea with him. Since I don't however, I'd have to say I'd be pretty skeptical. I'd search for cables and strings until they filed a restraining order.- Kitten

id say hi and go on my merry way.- pinkepiphany

i'd hit them really hard with a baseball bat and then fall to my knees, praising satan and the insane domain.- irish psycho

Oh, I'd probably be like, Oh sweet, how are you doing that? Then they'd tell me some crap like its all in your mind and then I'd be like Oh I see how it is..then in my mind I'd haul out this huge shotgun and blow him away..see how he likes those little mind games...- FartMonkey

is NOT APPLICABLE ok for this question coz i never walk to someone elses backyard unless i receive an invitation...- leigh

i would naturaly assume that they were standing on an invisible naked midget.- Bill Clinton

Use them as target practice. We've been waiting for years for humans to fly so we could shoot them like Pheasants or Pigeons. It'd be great news. Let's make it an Olympic sport!- Mzebonga

wow, can you teach me that? so that i might fly (yeah, i'm superceeding them...) and then watch for real, all of humanitys' time and effort are wasted on little things that they call 'the utmost priority'. when thay don't even know the meaning of important-needs. and then i would shout to the whole world (hey, if those buggers can teach me to fly, they shouldnt have any problem in harnessing the power of the voice, would they...?) and i'll fall down back first arms apart to the ground so that the whole world would know. ( maybe on the white house??? )- hill

I'd kick him in his balls to see how he would falls to his knees....- SlaveScream

Cool, so I will HOVER up to them and say "what a nice day" and they would say "yes" and then I would ask "how do you like the view from up here?" and they would say "it is wonderful" and I would say "good" and then "Now could you come down and get back to WORK!"- DZ

stop taking drugs- evilwalnut

ask them where they got such good weed and ask if i can get a hit.- skulleosis

I would wonder exactly why it is that I'm walking into their backyard in the first place. I would then proceed to grab my frisbe, then go back home where I was teaching my gnomes to fetch. Although on the way back, I don't hink I would be able to resist running up and waving my hand underneath the hovering figure in question, emitting a girlish squeal in delight when they fall over.- Nelson

i would ask them to teach me how, and if they said no i would immerse their head in a solid block of unedible cheese and nevr let them out- sexy leXXXy

wait..that question doesn't make sense... shouldn't it say "what if you walked into someones back yard..."?'t mind me...- SG*

I'd crap my pants- dolly

noone has time to be a sailor. good luck.- s.j.m. no. 1

prob some satanic person gettin into their rituals- Germs

I'd be very quiet so I wouldn't break their concentration.- Enfante Terrible

Run into their knee and then fall down and pretend to be unconscious. Then, when they stop hovering to see if you're all right, pull their ankles out from under them and jump on their face. Demand that they then float you to someplace cooler, like Denmark, before you'll get off...- --G.Rasputin

I'd use them as a limbo stick until they got the point.- weirddar

Now, that question does not sound grammatically correct to me. That might be my inner English Geek talking, but a word is missing there. Hmm, that being "What". So, then it would be: "What if you walked into someone's backyard and they were hovering above the ground?" That makes a little more sense. But then...this question is in the wrong section of this website. I think you should leave the organizing to me from now on. - McDiablo

i'd say, 'hi-didley-hey' and steal their shoes.- SiNiSTaR

Listen road, first you get up and tell me not to cross you, then you dog, tell me that you have buried treasure and a stock pile for the apocolapse, but this I refuse to believe! *Holds head in hands* This is the last time I trip on acid. I don't care what you have to say, dog!- Doegs

I would unplug the giant economy-sized fan and laugh as i watched them hit and splatter in the slowing blades. Nothing to keep you up now, huh bastard?- ferretchick

Learn to fly buddy.- patty

Hover. Check. Alive. No. Experiment was a failure. Next time use less helium.- Oopa


Aziraphael! Get down now! I don't care if you were taking the cat out of the tree, the Almightly'll throw one of 'er hissy fits if one of these humans decide you're the messiah or put you in a tabloid. You do remember what happened with Lucifer, right? Good boy. Go have a cookie.- Angel

"Ommmm" "Nam yoho ko rekign kou..."- Boonchandi

The Hoover only works when it's on the ground. Duh.- Trixie

I would ask them how the hell they do that because it would be a cool thing to learn.- harbinger

Holy Shit! Your hovering over the ground! *tries to hover over the ground* *finds myself not being able to hover over the ground* *finds myself looking very stupid, tryin to hover over the ground* *stops trying, falls to the ground, and cries, bcuz i tired to hover over the ground* For the safety, and to prevent humiliation from ANYONE, EVER.... please please, if you ever see someone hovering over the ground in their backyard, dont try to hover aswell... atleast wait until your in your OWN back yard.....- JimBoBob

i will start peeing- abdu

After performing the various tests for lucid dreaming I would either soil myself or join them.- Truly Pathetic

I'd ask them if I could join.- Aimee

i think it would be cool, i'd hover if i could, and you know you would too. just admit it.- duch bag

I'd wonder if they were that guy from Mary Poppins. If they weren't I'd help them get their feet back where they should be. If it was, I'd join him.- frolic is a funny word

i would ask to join them- Keli

well i agree that would be odd.If it would happen...- Spaggetti Is Better ThenMacironi

i would leave- me

id shout" can u pat ur head n rub ur tummy?"- keli_x_james

I can hover, too. I'd hover race them and then brag about my xray vision while I laughed at their undergarments. HA! - mahatma

id join them- Me

i would walk up to that bitch and slap him in the balls and ask him for my 3 dollars 50 back and then i would steal those goddamn mushrooms offa him and eat the mushrooms and then i would join him in the air and then i would have sex with him and a gerbel may or may not be involved.- Britney Spears

Shoot them down. You can never be too careful.- EP (back after a very long break)

Turn off the fan they're sitting over so they're diced into bite sized bits by the blades.- ferretchick

behold its jeebus the new suicide/krishna/christian cult leader- ninja

If i saw such an act, i would hover with him. I wouldn't want to make him feel alone.- -Me

I'd put a horrible curse on them only to discover that it was really MY yard, and a big mirror, and it was me that was hovering. The mirror reflected my curses back onto myself and I shall now live out the rest of my fruitless life cowering in a dark cave somewhere. - FartMonkey

I'd wonder what they sprayed their grass with.- Babyfreak

id put a rug on them and pretend i was riding a flying carpet- asmodeus

huh, thats the stupidist thing i think i've ever been asked.- BritneySpears

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september 2003

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