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september 2003

if you could give anyone (besides yourself) a million dollars,
who would you give it to and why?

What form of dollars? Many many many countries call their currency "dollar". You should specify so I'll have a better idea of what they'd purchase with it. I don't know how well DC handles his money.- Kitten

bob. see hes my husband. And if i give him the money then assentialy the money will soon be mine. See bob has a bad habit of hanging out with ... HOOKERGIRLS!!! and so i tend to hurt bob but i swears if he goes to a HOOKERGIRL one more time... im gonna... im gonna... O DEAR GOODNESS!!! So if bob dies i get the money! :D - pinkepiphany

the guy that doesnt shut up.- irish psycho

I'd give half to George (my sock monkey friend) because he'd have to give it back to me..or at least some...I'd take funds out of the other half to join my.theinsanedomain and then prolly donate a lot of the rest to you too I hate getting all sentimental site rocks my freakin socks.- FartMonkey

silence please...i'm trying to emote...ummm...i'll give it to my parents...why?...well you cant very much keep it in the family if you give it to others, can you? hello! 1m is 1m, ok!- leigh

i would give the money to Egor. Egor is an impoverished Ukranian midget who has brought tremendous joy to myself and the lives of many others. He has touched me in a very special way. Last april I gave birth to his child... through my anus... we named him Ass Gnome, its a ukranian name which loosely translates to "midget who hath, through the joint union of man and midget, entered this world via the rectal passage of Bill clinton." I love my urkranian love child. i like children.- Bill Clinton

JCP or DC because they'll give me a good answer award for putting it...- Mzebonga

to the hottest babe i can find and make her my sex slave and my care taker, under the pretext of she would get at the end of the 'relationship' at least $100G for herself or any balance left after i had sex with her all over the world, traveling first class and all and before i fly high to the sky and and say to the world bye bye.- hill

My worste enemy because I know he would kill himself with it because he is a crack headed fuck up and it would save me the trouble...And maybe he'd give me a little rock before his over dose for being so generous......- SlaveScream

I will give to you guys so that you could start your own politictal party and run for the elections with DC as president and call it "theinsanecampaign".- DZ

my turtle. he has the most noble ambitions- evilwalnut

a baby. that way i could kill it and take the money- skulleosis

Most definitly someone who doesn't deserve it in the least. Probably Vanilla Ice. Oh wait, perhaps George Bush is less deserving. Yes, that will do.- Nelson cat, cuz shes a great cat and she really deserves it. i mean, she did eat my sisters annoying little canary right? u gotta give her props for that. if i had found the time, i would have eaten that bitchy, chirpy, yellowy little bird myself. rosie, u mah gurl- sexy leXXXy

does my twin count?...if so..i'd give it to my twin...- SG*

my they could leave me the hell alone about money- dolly

the other me. can i say fuck? fuck. thankx - s.j.m. no. 1

i would give it to you, because i LOVE how you think and I know you would do a lot of good stuff to our world with it...- Germs

The correct answer is The Insane Domain. Why? Because you're cheaper than crack and more fun than therapy. And because we are your totally pathetic slaves.- Enfante Terrible

Give it to that evil sock-monkey in the white house's secret service agents, so that they'd look the other way when I walked into his room at night and shred him to ribbons with my toe nails. I'd then replace him with a blown up, pixelized, cut-out image of one of those big pink naked monsters from DOOM™ that run around and punch you; Except, I'd dress it in a nightcap and trousers and strap a tape recorder on the back that loops the song "Louie Louie".- --G.Rasputin

Actually, I'd try to have fun with it. I'd go into a crowded area and announce I have the cash. Then I say, "Whoever gets it...gets it." throw it into the air and step back.- weirddar

I would give it to my Granny and her knitting group, the Happy Hookers. Now, I know what you're thinking, but no, you won't catch these ladies on a street corner. Well, you won't anymore seeing that they now have a million dollars.- McDiablo

i'd give it to kermit the frog cuz it ain't easy being green- SiNiSTaR

I would give it to a tree-hugging hippie and say "You could have saved 10,000 trees had you not accepted this money."- Doegs

Someone I really hate. That way it would lull them into a false sense of security. Once i had discovered that they'd put me in their will, I wouldn't feel bad about killing them, I hated them anyways.- ferretchick

my cat....... since she is in my custody.- patty

I would give it to you because my lips are permanently attached to your ass.- Oopa

The Church so they can afford to get new priests. Or at least entice them with the free education they used to offer.- Oopa

One of those book burning Christian groups as a test to see if they'll spend the money helping the needy or waste it on censorship. She hasn't smited someone in the longest time...- Angel

My spouse, because then I still get the money.- Boonchandi

my other personality because she shares.- Trixie

I would give 1 dollar to a million morons just to see what they would do with their dollar.- harbinger

I would give my million dollars to Mother Theresea.... bcuz then i wud tell her im poor and schmo, then shed have to give it back to me... hooray for people like mother theresea that r nice and stuff....and give people money for no reason....yea!- JimBoBob

to the pimp for chelsy clinton- abdu

I would give it to this old lady who lives where I work. She is old and crippled and can't talk, (but can communicate) has been diagnosed as and treated like she is retarded just to get the services she needs from the state, although she is not retarded (although iliterate), is smarter than most people and has a wonderfully dark sense of humor. She has been in wretched institutions where she received a lot of verbal and physical abuse and has very little tolerance for anybody who is the least bit stupid or fake. Our cheesey agency congratulates itself for not being an outright dungeon and condescendingly tries to force her to deal with the endless litany of complete fools that they regularly hire out of cheapness, stupidity and indifference. These are people she has to have in her home twenty-four hours a day. Most of us are ready to kick our best friends out the door after a couple of cocktails. In protest against her situation she screams the entire shift, throws herself out of her wheelchair and pretends she is having a heart attack and needs to go to the emergency room in attempts to drive them away. The administration hates it and I feel sorry for her when she's that upset but, her and I secretly laugh together about it, especially the fake heart attacks. I would give the money to her so that she could spend the rest of her life firing people, at whim, every day, just because she doesn't like them. She is the person that I can think of that most deserves to have her ass kissed besides you guys and I already gave the mandatory insanedomain slave-response. Plus, she would probably will the money to her cat when she dies, which I know would please you, master.- Truly Pathetic

Some one I was best friends with so they could buy me a really big Christmas and birthday present with all the money I just gave them.- Aimee

a homeless person, not any kind of homeless person, they would need to be criminally insane or have severe ticks, both preferred. i would just wanna see what they would do with all that money, it would be great.- duch bag

My cat. Because he couldn't really use it and I'd have to spend it for him. No actually, I'd give it to Fred. Fred is cool.- frolic is a funny word

jon cause he is poor- Keli

I should say you, for the green face but im not puting my face anywhere near your ass.So, i have to say i would give it to, he is my childhood hero afterall and for all that endless entartainment he gave, id shove all that money in his cold dead mouth to show much he meant to me.- Spaggetti Is Better ThenMacironi

my dog....wat the hell is it gonna do with a million dollars...he'll just give it to me- me

my best friend rodger......hes been my best friend since i was like oooooo 3.......no1 else knos him n i luk afta all his important stuff lke his money n erm otha important things e as,id give it him cos ive known him for ever n i kno he loves me cos hes always with me 24/7.its a shame no1 knos him except me.hes soo cool.but my mummy sed i shud stop tellin people not to sit on him wen they sit dowwn.cos she sed mno1 else can cx him other than me and i cried when she sed i shud get rid of him becos im too old......i mean i have known him since i was born n now im like 34 but hes still my friend - keli_x_james

I'd give it to whoever is the head of the Society For The Prevention Of Any More Jacksons. I know the rules are to give them all of the million, but I'd keep a couple of dollars for a Biggie Sized order from Wendy's.- mahatma

my imaginary friends so they would give it back to me. haha you suck.- Me

i would give it to cristina agulara so she could buy some new cloths and not have to shop at the Harlem Hookers oportunity store anymore...i really feel sorry for her... it must be hard being such a skank.- Britney Spears

I'd give it to the Vice Chancellor of my unoiversity, in the hopes of actually being able to graduate with a decent class of degree.- EP (back after a very long break)

I'd give it to Gretchen, my sock monkey, in hopes that it will help her through her travels in hell. - ferretchick

my modem, so it can buy a new hip- ninja

if i could give a million dollars to anybody, i owuld give it to my father so he can put it in the bank, and when he dies, i will get all of it. In that time it should accumulate into a bit more that a million dollars, and it would still end up being MINE !- -Me

I'd give it to my bestest pal in the whole world. I t- oh wait...that was just a wonderful dream...I don't have any friends...anyway not since..the I forgot to put some airholes in the jar. So what?- FartMonkey

You people who make this site possible. I've been visiting it for about 5 years now.. (seriously..lame, yeah, well, whatever) and it's really improved. Kick ass.- Babyfreak

id give it to my proctologyst. he really deserves it.- asmodeus

shut up, i give it to me motherbitch... ME - BritneySpears

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september 2003

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