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september 2003

hell has frozen over and now the shit is hitting the fan...
what sort of things to you expect to see?

Possibly alot of flying, frozen shit. I'd also expect to see the greater part of the music industry finally opting for talent over image. I doubt anything that wonderful will ever happen in our lifetime but I'll start knitting shit-proof sweaters anyway.-Kitten

i cant see anything ive got too much shit in my eyes!!! IT BURNS!!!!!! AHHHHHH!-pinkepiphany

ghandi, hitler....what was the question again?-irish psycho

If hell has frozen over, I'd expect to see my room covered in pink stuff and britney spears posters. -FartMonkey

well aside from the...and the...a frozen hell i guess-leigh

I would expect to see naked homosexual midgets smoking doobies with George W. Bush whilst holding hands and froliking on the white house lawn. -Bill Clinton

Flying frozen chunks of shit. And flying pigs.-Mzebonga

angels mingle around with satans, good and evil intertwined till it's impossible for any mortal to differentiate which is which, as i do now when i see them (mortals who thinks they're LOT better than the rest of the mortals! self apraising, holier than thou assholes!) -hill

Wait a moment.....You mean this is'nt hell?........-SlaveScream

Well how could hell have frozen over? I am not stupid because hell is HOT, not COLD, so whats is with the frozen over routine... Blah Blah Blah... oh and when shit hits the fan, it goes every where... well it depends what type of shit it is.-DZ

smelly walls. elton john married. Israel and germany unite-evilwalnut

flying dogs with tales made of fire.-skulleosis

I expent to see mostly old people who use that term frequently, doing most interesting things. Indeed I can't wait to see that fat BLEEP from down the read who ran over my garden gnome collection, fatally injuring 12 prized gnomes! I will have my revenge upon you YET!-Nelson

my old bitchy social studies teacher fucking my disgusting fat principal....ARGHHH! BAD VISION! IT BURNSSSS!-sexy leXXXy

i guess alot of shit hitting me...and other things..-SG*

frozen shit-dolly

when i read this question i thought about a story i starting writing a while ago. im gonna go finish it now.-s.j.m. no. 1

the shit is hitting the fan? i think u got me confused...-Germs

Looting and bloodletting. Fire. People eating rats. Of course, we see all that now. Maybe nobody will notice the frozen demons popping up through the pavement. They'll probably just drive around them and keep shoving doughnuts into their faces and crank up the wipers when all that shit splattering off of the fan lands on their windshields. -Enfante Terrible

The US will be taken over by a really ugly shaved chimpanzee, who will cut down all the forests and turn them into strip-mines so I can't make-out with anyone, anymore. Then he'll endlessly harass all the other, cooler, countries of the world, and sodomize their children with 2-ton bombs, all the while making smoochyy faces at TV cameras while under the table hes obviously masturbating, like it was more important at the time. Hell then set up a network of small-penised assholes to make sure nobody is making fun of him in the newspapers. But, nothing like that would ever happen...---G.Rasputin

Frozen fire and shit slinging from the fans...that wasn't so hard.-weirddar

I'd expect to see a lot of shivering, parka wearing and, for some reason, shit covered demons emerging from Hell and going to Florida to hang out with bitter old people and stupid kids who know nothing about Canada.-McDiablo

way too much frozen shit for the fan to take, which will lead to the fan going kaput and then the shit will just keep hitting it and everyone will start picking it up and flinging it at each other in an eternal shitty battle called life.-SiNiSTaR

A bunch of hockey players using froxen manure as a puck. Satan always liked a good game of shit-puck-have-to-do-something-to-keep-the-demons-entertained.-Doegs

Leprachauns running across my floor, no one else sees them though. Oh wait...thats just the drugs...-ferretchick

holy shit......... eeeeewwwww.......... what is that?-patty

Shit filled snowballs that people will mistake for Cookies'n'Cream chocolate.-Oopa

Many classical figures chasing down and beating the shit out of Dante. While this is happening the three headed Satan is in the bottom pit screaming "What about me! You fucktard! Get me ut of here!"-Oopa

Repenting sinners screaming and crying while the four horsemen play polo and God is off in the corner sucking face with Lucifer.-Angel

Crowley and Aziraphael looking at God and the Metatron going at it. "I told you that humanity was to remain alive!" "I am God and I can do anything I want." "I am the PRep and you now lost your main following!"-Boonchandi

raining chocolate-Trixie

I expect to see a shitload of morons running around not knowing what the hell is going on, and another shitload of even bigger morons who think their "God" is coming to pluck them away from this shithole of a world.-harbinger

Hell has frozen over....nothing good still exsists...and what do i see? I see a humungous hand reaching down to pick me up out of my bed, then it takes me to a bowl.... a huge bowl, filled with boling hott cheese. It the bowl, i will good, and be made into a cheese-covered (and very tasty)JimBoBob. Hooray. After im done boiling in the hot cheese, im taken out, and set on a huge peice of wax paper, next to all the other cheese-covered people. There we dry, and become delicious cheese-covered people. After about 20 minutes, the taste of cheese has sunken into our severed skin. Yum. "Time to eat" says a loud, deep, hungry voice near by.....up goes the wax paper.....*shake shake shake* and fall? yes we do, right into the evil giants mouth. Crunch Crunch Crunch, i am chewed into a billion different peices......then i take a dive down his throat, and of the the stomach i go. With in that period of time i spent in his stomach i really just sat there, floating around and dissovling in the giants stomach acid. Fun. But it wasnt much longer till i had to pass through the small and large intestines, and then.....well.....yea thats where hell really started to take over....ha!-JimBoBob

i m tryin to found my shit hole-abdu

Something like a David Bowie song through the bottom of a liquor bottle.-Truly Pathetic

Lots of preppy people and American Eagle and Abercrombie stores on every corner.-Aimee

legalization of marijuana, bush steps down from office to pursue a gay porn career , and i stop attracting crazy girls.-duch bag

Lot's of crap stuck to fans. Poor people who can't afford real airconditioned covered in poop. It's a sad and smelly time. Also lots of frozen things everywhere.-frolic is a funny word

my brother telling me he loves me-Keli

I expect to see lots of money being given to me and a new town named after me, ah yes "Spaggetti is BetterThen Macironi Town" i will live as a queen while I watch shit spalter all over your cold faces.-Spaggetti Is Better ThenMacironi

shit ofcourse....what else would u see if shit hit a fan-me

u wna run tht 1 past me again????-keli_x_james

I would expect to see Fred MacMurray buying drinks for everyone.-mahatma

me killing you.-Me

Im high, i dont have a fan, i have ducted air condidtioning, if your shit gets within ten feet of my air conditioning all fucking kill you.-Britney Spears

People not laughing at Eddie Izzard, a death metal band being given any musical award, bicycle shorts becoming fashionable again, myself admitting that I fancied X, intelligent day-time tv, normally proportioned women being famous, abnormally thin women being sent to get help, Dub-ya scoring 100 on an IQ test, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Charles getting married, and my brother and I agreeing.-EP (back after a very long break)

Snoop Dawg and other various random celebrities running the government and making rap the official music of America (not just the U.S.) All books have been burnt, but people don't care because they were too dumb to read them anyways. The I.Q. of North America equals about that of the common house plant which leads to the Japanese take over and enslavment of everyone. Unfortunately their ingenious plan forgot one thing...the cats. Pissed off, they gathered together and overthrew the Japanese becoming the supreme rulers of the world.-ferretchick

a fan hitting the shit.-ninja

Well, i exepect to see flying pigs, raining cats and dogs, god, dead fish flying out of my toilet, the sky to turn green, my hair to turn red, me to get better at skateboaring( which I have been told will not happen untill hell freezes over), Micheal Jackson to turn white,oh wait, that already happened, I should hear Good music on the radio, and lastly , bill gates will die. Rhan and ONLY that should happen. even though all that i have listed was completely random, i KNOW this is what is going to happen.--Me

Lots of frozen airborne feces. Hey, wouldn't Frozen Airborne Feces would be an excellent name for a rock band?-FartMonkey


bill clinton is gonna go on tv and admit to smoking pot and that he also drank the bong water.all the religeous people are gonna drink the poison koolaid or there religeons version of it.some one is gonna knock on my door and its gonna be publishers clearing house with my ten million dollar prize. everyone in hollywood is gonna come out of the closet.gas prises will still be expensive. the star trek guys are gonna run out of ideas and start to recycle stuff they already did..oh wait that already happened. and most important traffic is finally gonna stay not hittin the brakes i got things to do before i die.-asmodeus

frozen flying faeces. -BritneySpears

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september 2003

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