who sucks more & why: daffy duck, pingu, minnie mouse, aladdin
RESULTS: Minnie Mouse has been voted to suck the most with 17 votes.
Aladdin was voted in second at 14 votes.

Pingu fuckin ROCKS man, i luv that little dude, me and my midget watch that show all the time... we especially luv the little song at the end... "piiiingu piiiingi, pi pi pi pi piiiingu!" I sing it with my midget and he smiles and it brings such joy to my heart to see his disfigured little face light up.- Bill Clinton

Minnie Mouse. That's what Donald, Goofy and Pluto told me. But Mickey doesn't want none because he's very very gay.- Mzebonga

mickey mouse because she wouldn't screw with me- irish psycho

who the hell is pingu?- sweetsie

Pingu. He can't talk.- Popo

Daffy duck is a pompous oaf. He reminds me a little of the pompous oaf at school whom we lovingly call "pompous oaf." It'd be easier if we called them both daffy, perhaps it could be a new universal word for jackass. Yes, I like that.- ferretchick

Oh definitly pingu. Most obviously becuase he has the most elongated, tube like mouth, thus the most successfull sucker. Hrmmm I wonder if the have a line of pingu shaped auto-blow-job machines at the naughty shops. Someone should look into this. If they don't, then I'll allow theinsanedomain to develop and market them to the wider public. It'll be great! And we can even market them as vacuum cleaners as well so the ladies can also enjoy them! See! something for everybody. Except for the feminists.......- Nelson

Aladdin could be associated with the Taliban, so hmm. tough one, but I think minnie mouse cause she's a slut.- stalkerchic

aladdin becuase he refuse to edmit to being gay - uglybutface

pingu?...who is pingu?...i guess pingu sucks...cuz i don't know who...or what!the hell that is...- SG*

minnie mouse.... shes a BITCH!- pixi

Minnie Mouse, because she's behind on her payments so she's sucking overtime.- weirdDAR

Daffy duck is cool for an old cartoon character so he should be excluded from that list. Who the hell is Pingu??? Minnie mouse sucks( but only Mickey), so that just leaves that fake ass rajah piece of shit aladdin. I guess he sucks the most.- harbinger

Who: Aladdin Why: He was the poster child for every little boy who wanted to be gay and play with monkeys all day ( not sockmonkeys of course, they rock) and just be a homo. And he's wearing a friggen skirt now cmon how queer is that?? What would I do to him: Drop kick him repeatedly in the chest until he finally started to cry all over his bruises like a little bitch. Then I'd kick him in the face when he was crying. Psssh showed that little animated bitch!- your grandmas moth balls

Daffy Duck--ah, he's okay. Sure, he spits when he talks, but what can you do, right? Pingu--if you're talking about that claymation penguin, well, I've got his back. Minnie Mouse--I dressed up as her for Hallowe'en for years and years. What do you think? Aladdin--He has one cool pet monkey. So, naturally, he sucks the most.- McDiablo

they all suck..- SliverJackal

how can you say one of these suck?HOW CAN YOU SAY IT????? I cant take it.im not listening to you anymnore**sticks fingers in ears**"la la lalalala la la lalala la la lalala la la lalala, i cant hear you la la lalala" Geeze i dont kno how you people sleep at nyt.- keli_X_james

Minnie Mouse: I hate her stupid little shoes!- Bawk Bawk

hmm...that's a toughy...I'd have to say minnie mouse, she just..sucks, she's a whore.- SxyPorkChop

pingu? what the fuck... umm well... daffys cool cuz he always has a bad attitude, minnie mouse is really fuckin gay with that polka dot thing she wears and shes all goody goody which annoys the hell outta me. and aladdin is just a gay fucker... so its a 2 way tie cuz i have no fuckin idea who pingu is.- Freakshow

Aladin, because it looks like he lives in a giant dick. -LB

Aladin sucks, i hate aladin. I hate him because he doesn't wear a towel on his head, and if he did, i would like him jusyt fine. -wEEly

daffy duck because he has that lisp...it pisses me off when i hear him- BlueRaven

Now seriously, this is a question that can not be anwered truthfuly because they all suck so hard, it can't be measured , and I think we both know that. You just posted that question to dick with our heads DIDN'T YOU!-off

Martha Stewart. That woman needs a good thrashing!- Tash

minnie mouse...simply because her name is minnie- shari baby

damn this question is stupid! theres a fine line between absurdity and stupidity my friends and this question lives in stupidland.- cy


Pardon me, but in the past 17 years, the course of events that were laid before me didn't allow of information status about pingu, so without knowing all of the canidates one can't give a true response. But, based upon what I have already percieved from the many years of knowing what the other 3 are about, my humbl evote would be against minnie mouse, she is an annoying slut.- Freak Ninja

pingu, i don't even know what it is it's so sucky - ria

Minnie mouse is lame. Who can wear high heels for 40 years and be so cheery? The Devil, that's who.- evapsychotic

Aladdin. He had three wishes that he blew. "I want to be a prince" what kind of shit is that. Jafar had an idea, most powerful sorcerer in the world. He was recking every bodies day. Aladdin washed his wishes and didn't even get X-ray vision for all his troubles. Lame Ass.- Radnor the Crippler

what the hell kind of question is this? aladdin, of course! he's a dumbass sap for princess jasmine! i think he should be shot..i wanted to vomit when he was acting like a prince and took her on the carpet ride...the song alone makes me nauseous <gags> oh great, now look what you've done.. <vomits> you've made me sick..<vomits again> thanks a lot - Ripper

THERE CHARACTERS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT HATWEAR!HAHA I FOUND THE CONNECTION!I WIN!I WIN!...what do i win?..and whos pingu?..does he wear a hat?..oh thats not the question... do i still win somethin?..pingu sucks more if he doesnt have hatwear making up his character.aladdin anoys me...............- KeppyKerryKessyThe KKK

Wtf are you on? THEY ALL ROCK!- Loshi

aladdin, that guy is fucking stupid and he sings dumb shit songs.- mariedk

Minnie mouse sucks the most because she has to take it from Mickey...Just imagine Mickey at climax with that damn high pitched voice....ouch- tater

aladdin cos of those gay clothes he wears- xXDARKSTARXx

minnie mouse..its just mickey in drag. I never liked aladdin eithar, hes just to dependant on that stupid genie plus you can tell he totally hogs him.aladdins a selfish bastard.daffy...uh he needs to work on that speech impedament and pingu, who the hell is pingu?they all suck...that is right, but aladdin sucks the most.- SupaDingit

daffy duck has an annoying lisp...i have no idea who the hell pingu is...minnie mouse gets on my last nerve and i have a friend that looks like aladdin, so im gunna go with minnie mouse bcuz she is a representation of every chik that i hate on this world... die minnie mouse!- JimBoBob

well my 1st guess would be minnie mouse cuz shes a chick, but i dont know daffy was kind of a werido, and aladdin hung out with a monkey...i dont know who pingu is but i will say no way jose- the voodoo bunny

aladdin sucks because the bastard has a flying carpet..........hahahahahaahaha- j.mo

pingu because i always wanted him to talk and he never did - Satan

Minnie mouse sucks because she is a hoe i know a joke about this.- Pink

im'not a judge,but,,,if i had to make a choice,it would be based on why--,-not who.so i go with minnie. she sounds better than those other guys.rayyo77

i do believe its time to dance. so every one dance.- nailbomb

pingu sucks. have u seen his mouth? made for sucking- big dave

daffy duck cause he's duck- Gidget


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