so you're working on the Death Star and you see incoming rebel ships,
do you escape? fight? join the rebels or ?

i would run, actually i would probably ride my midget away to safety... if that did'nt work i would use my midget as a human shield.- Bill Clinton

I whip out my lightsaber and hack everyone down. Then I steal an innocuous looking ship (because the Rebels'll blast a TIE fighter) and I make a hyperspace jump to Tatooine because ti's like the centre of the galaxy or something because every story arc ties that pissy little planet in. Then I hack all the Imperials up and become King of Tatooine and get one of those Twi'lek dancing girls... Fuck no.. 7 dancing girls ALL IN GOLD BIKINIS and the Sand People and the Jawas will bow before me and I'll kick everyone's ass. Except for Luke, Han, Leia, Lando, Chewie and R2D2... Oh and Wedge Antilles. Wedge was cool...- Mzebonga

eat a sandwich, and go to sleep.....and never wake up lucky u.- irish psycho

i escape through my invisible portal with my ham sandwich.- sweetsie

Join the rebels. And I'd give away all the secrets of the Death Star and its allies because I'm a wimp and won't stand up to much pressure. I'd keep switching sides depending on what suited me.- Popo

I escape like the coward I am. No point in me dying, thats why God made other spare my life...- ferretchick

death star? is that in space? well it sounds like it so I'm going to assume it is. Facing a situation like this, like many other sci-fi nerds have in their fantasies, I would don some really cool looking gear and lead everyone into peace and happiness all throughtout the galaxy. Then legions of humans would create little action figures in my honor, and wear their own cool looking gear that will get them beat up by various drunkards. Damn those drunkards, they just don't understand the beauty of the sparkly cape and undies on the outside fashion.- Nelson

Run!- stalkerchic

smoke a big one and try to feel the force - uglybutface

wait...i am a rebel...why the hell am i on the opposing fleet!?what the hell?who tricked me!?wait...i think it was sexy luke...and his money..*shifty eyes*wait...wrong team...AGH!*falls off death star*- SG*

join the rebels- pixi

I'd get in a nice big orgy with all those robots.- weirdDAR

Why would I want to run when I could help someone kick ass. I don't know whos side I would take, but I'd probably wait for a while and see who's winning, then join them and kick ass- harbinger

Jeez! How many times have I got to tell you people? And fuck it I may get a stinky monkey award but i don't care. Star Wars is shitty! OOh i've got a light saber,. well ok bitch i have a gun jeesh. And cmon, theres nobody else out there who can't say that the little talking robot shits don't scare the crap out of them! it should be called a horror, those things are so scary, aaah getting the heebie jeebies!- your grandmas moth balls

I'd do what someone should have done long ago--give Darth Vader an inhaler.- McDiablo

get a soda and watch the battle- SliverJackal

i wud probably just stand still nd watch evry1 else around me....or id rub my hed n pat my belly bevcoz im aa magic moo-cow n if i do tht then time reverses itself so i wud be able to c the enemie from further away, fire 1st, winthe war, take over the world......Hmmmm...not a bad idea!- keli_X_james

Run and hide in the bathroom.- Bawk Bawk

Fight, why not, it's killing people. yay.- SxyPorkChop

I didnt really understand the fuckin question, but triple hell yeah with the rebels!!!- Freakshow

I'd shit in a lil' bag aand i would throw it at the in coming ships. -LB

Well, considering that i'm an idiot, i would have to go with joining them. Also considering the array of choices i have otherwise. Besides, the badguys always lose in the end anyway and i don't like to lose. -wEEly

i would probably take lots of pictures or get some food and watch the fight- BlueRaven

In this exact scenario, i would join them. Why ? Because in every movie(almost) the protagonist(s) always seem to win, so i would definently screw over Darth's boring'ol' flyin' sphere and get into a X WING ! Besides, an X WING actualy has deflecter shields, while T.I.E bombers have to rely on speed, you have much more of a chance to live in an X WING. Me=Dork.-off

I would start a conga line ... OF DOOM!- Tash

i join the rebels because my commanding officer is a bastard. i get to kill him. then we go partying all night with the dudes from la guarda...ahhhhh....- shari baby

i would probably just take a few deep breaths and wait for the shrooms to wear off.- cy


It all depends on my current state-of-mind and what position I'd be working in. In a general form, though, Iwould fashion a large sheild out of materials around me then commence to shoot anything and everything that tried to inflict any kind of pain or misfortune upon me. I would die trying or it wouldn't be worth it. And I have to kill someone important so I'm not just another statistic for the mindless drones to count up.- Freak Ninja

join the rebels, they win- ria

I stand patiently behind Darth, look productive, and as soon as all the storm troopers are busy with the rebels, i sack him....and steal his helmet, and maybe pretend to be him.- evapsychotic

Fuck those rebels, they're going down. We have a nice galactic order going on, and these rabbel rousers are coming in messing up everyone's shit. Someone's gotta do something about it.- Radnor the Crippler

first, i disable all but one escape pod. then i tell the invaders all i know and tell them where to find my leader. then i grab some food and a drink and watch the battle, laughing hysterically whenever someone gets fried or cut in half by a light saber. then i get bored and take off in the one pod, leaving everyone to their doom- Ripper

I fight until i accidently step on the death star and cry over my loss.- KeppyKerryKessyThe KKK

Beat up Darth Vader, and then pilot the Death Star and crash it into Tatooine ^.^- Loshi

i escape- mariedk

Fight the fuckers...the empire wears much cooler clothes- tater

carry on working...if i cant see them they cant see me- xXDARKSTARXx

join the rebels and get killed by luke because who wants to keep on living as a starwars fan...thats depressing... i feel asleep during that movie.- SupaDingit

Join the rebels... i hate working on the Death Star...i mean its the fuckin star of death for gods sake... of course i proceed to join them...- JimBoBob

i join the rebels, then turn on them and kill them all...muahahaha- the voodoo bunny

i would run and hide under something. after that, i'd immediately shit my pants and start screaming.-


I join the rebels- Pink

make my mind up,,,,and fight against whoever is for the death stars survival...rayyo77

rebels eh? i had my fair share in my days, i would probly ask for some sort of cheese based snack.- nailbomb

i only clean the toilets on the death star so that's not really my decision to make- big dave

join the rebels- Gidget


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