what was the worst costume you ever had to wear for halloween
and why did you have to wear it?

A blue dress that my lovely wife insists that I wear each year as punishment for past crimes. It's no so bad but i wish i could get that god damn stain out.- Bill Clinton

I tried to dress up as a Ghostbuster one yeah and it consisted of a Baseball hat, a few cardboard emblems and a toy I borrowed off a friend. And I did it to get chocolate, okay? CHOCOLATE!!!!- Mzebonga

i've never worn a bad costume......not one that i remember.- irish psycho

well.....saran wrapped....with a pink toque on my head...need i say more?- sweetsie

Nothing happens at Halloween where I live so I've never really dressed up for it. Aren't I deprived? At least I won't get a razor blade in my apple or something like that.- Popo

A spider with huge growths assumed to be legs for my parents costume party. Apparently a bloody mask wasn't 'appropriate' around their friends. Oh I'll show them ALL! - ferretchick

We don't celebrate halloween here in australia. But we have this great thing called 'christmas'. (and if american television has taught me anything, canada is only inhabbited by incoherant savages so you guys pobably wouldn't know what christmas is. but just bear with me. And at christmas time, we have hossible things called 'presents from relatives'. And if you're anything like me, these presents will usually contain any number of awfull looking clothing, which you will be forced to wear for the remainder of the week, just to let your 'family' konw that you love them, and are appreciative of their thoughtfullness.- Nelson

It was a sheet. I was supposed to be a ghost but too poor to buy a real costume. Embarrasing.- stalkerchic

my birthsuit - uglybutface

NOOOO!!...NEVER!!!DO NOT REMIND ME OFF THIS DOOOMMMM!!!!*falls over twitching making a carpet devil*AGHHGHG!G!!*demonic voice*GRAAGHHH!!*raises flames of Cyn and gets dragged off by mini-Cyn minions still twitching and raising cardboard flames*- SG*

naked!!! no not really i dunno- pixi

I went as the Human torch, using inflammed "bathroom tissue" wrapped around me. I didn't HAVE to wear it, I wanted to...and I thought it'd be cool, but it wasn't. It was very hot...- weirdDAR

I actually cut up a t-shirt a little and covered around the holes with fake blood then I bought some dumbass mask...kinda looked like a zombie. I was just too damn lazy to really make an effort that year, and I wanted the candy.- harbinger

One time at Halloween I wore an outifit made of complete peanut butter. Ok so it wasn't an outfit, I just smeared peanut butter in every crevice of my body. And to tell you the truth i didnt think it was horrible, i rather liked the squishy feeling between my legs, but for some reason when the policemen started me with big ass sticks they said it was horrible eh. yadda yadda yadda spent two months in jail getting butt-raped by Jerry the Sodomizer and eventually came here to tell you this story. Man that was that butt-raping was the worst.- your grandmas moth balls

Okay, when I look in my picture album I see these photos of myself at a Hallowe'en party back in, I'd say, 1988. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be. I was five years old at the time and I was dressed in this white shirt with a blue turtleneck underneath. I also have a lot of make up on my face--like, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and all that. What the hell did my mother do to me?! No wonder why I was Minnie Mouse for eight years after that.- McDiablo

i once wore a pink fairy princess costume on a dare...i was paid in 10 dollar bills and lots of candy taken from various children.- SliverJackal

if it was my worst im not likely to tell you bout now am i?tht wud b b'coz it ws a highly embarraasing time no doubt and i really wouldnt want to remeber it or ne1 else to remeber/bring it up in a conversation.im repressing a horrible childhood memory!just leave me, leave me alon ein the corner to sit rocking gently forwrd n bckward in the dark.- keli_X_james

A bride: Because my mom made me wear it.- Bawk Bawk

pirate, and I don't know, I was little- SxyPorkChop

A mother fuckin angel costume. With the goddamn wings n everythin. My grandma made me wear it when I was 11, and it has done sum damage to this day. She's all fuckin Christian n shit and she's always talkin about God- Freakshow

THe costume my mom boughtme when we were going to the holoween party, i was 7. It was a power rangers costume and it was small. I got angry and tore it up. -LB

One time, my annoying mother made me dress up like a friggin pumpkin. It was pretty degrading, considering i was 3. -wEEly

i once dressed as tinkerbell and almost got arrested for harassing people. it was a bet and i won almost $100- BlueRaven

I faintly remeber being verry pissed at my mom for dressing me up as a clown for Halloween when i was like 3 or 4. She said something about it being the night of the "devil" or some bullshit and that i couldn't dress up as anything "evil". I didn't feel verry frightening or scary, and this had made me fell verry upset. To my dismay, my classmates made fun of me and when i went Tirck-or-Treating, everyone said "Auuwwww" and pinched my cheeks and all that shit. After that halloween, i stopped talking to my mom, but that lasted like 2 hours.-off

Last year I wore some invisible clothes that a friend gave to me. He said that they had previously belonged to an emperor, or some such nonsense ... - Tash

i once went as a vagrant because we're kindda last minute at our house and i didn't have a real costume. to be honest..i just looked like a skinny girl in her pajamas with a tea towel on her head. the giggling that followed me that night wasn't too nice. my neighbour was a pirate. his mom made his costume. the little bastard. i kicked his ass and took his candy...that showed him.- shari baby

i think the worst was when i went trick or treating as a guy on fire. - cy

One year I wanted to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween,my usually insists on making make shift costume instead of just buying the darn thing from the store for 25 bucks :/ .She made it behind my back and popped up with it one day.....ok a home mad princess costume-fine- BUT!...it was peach with blue stripes instead of all blue,she forced me to wear it at the school halloween party and covered my shoes with tin foil the make the pointy shoes....I hated it very much.- Clowny

Sadly devoted to my step-dad, my mother banished me from going with my friends and forced me to wear this freakin' gay-ass bird mask and a black sweater. It was horribly atrocious and I'll thank God if I never have to wear that miserable piece of crap costume again!- Freak Ninja

cookie monster- ria

my mom dressed me up as a butterfly when i was 10, and my wings were made out of coat hanger and panty-hose. My mom put so much time into it, and even sock-monkeys can't stand to see their mothers cry....- evapsychotic

I was "cancer" this means I had a cigarette in my mouth, and a dirty brown shirt with a coughing frowny face on it. I wore it because my friends were going out for halloween and I had been to damn lazy to get a real costume.- Radnor the Crippler

hmm..mine really isn't a costume, and i got lots of money..i ran around the streets (which were full of small children) butt naked for almost 2 hours. i got almost $300 for it.- Ripper

A bottle of ketchup isnt a technical costume but it was mine for one christmas..yup about 5 years ago i was working at mcdonalds scrapping the lard off the french fryer... tough work man, cus these people only clean that once a month and man the lard is like 20 inches thick... and tasted like french frys.. nvm anyways i was all alone waiting for my shift to end, it was halloween and trick or treaters where at the door (not 24hr place).. they wouldnt stop knockin so i came out and told them to leave and said if they didnt id call my mom.. anyways the goblin with red pants and one the members of zztop wouldnt go... so i took a bottle of kethup covered my self with it came out with a knife and tryed to chase them away..i went OOO!!!GRRREEAAGG!!!but they didnt budge and started to demand i open the door so they could "make the blood real"... that wasnt funny.I started to laugh anyways just to lighten the situation but they didnt lighten up, the goblin ripped of his mask and charged at the door(it was actually a little boy about 13)BAM!he smashed the glass door with his skull.!zztop member stepped in and i sped into the kitchen and began dialing my mom's number... she didnt answer.DAMN!!..i screamed as he walk into the kitchen (zztop he was old, i think the beard was real)he picked me up by my neck and i felt my breath stop..It REally fuckin hurt! he carried me this way to the door then threw me out hard on the parking lot.i ran off and with not much else to do i went around trick or treating in a coat of ketchup...thats why it was my costume.- KeppyKerryKessyThe KKK

I went as you. I think the drugs have something to with it. You know what I'm talking about. Don't look at me like that, bastard. Stop it. Fuck yoU!. . . Oh shit. Put it down. Put it down, don't do this. AAAH! THE CRAZY BASTARD IS TRYING TO KILL ME! AAAAH!- Loshi

i liked all my costumes...- mariedk

I dressed up as a nun wearing a strap-on dildo, garter belt and stilettos under my habit....I wore it because my mommy made me- tater

no costume because i didnt have any money- xXDARKSTARXx

100 condoms, i was safe sex woman!you know she was that superhero in the 70's actually it was a man but i like to put a spin on things.well anyways it sucked because the condoms wouldnt stay on and some condoms were cheap, so the lubercants stunk BAD!I stunk bad... although i did win a reward on creativity at a contest,.. i droped the trophy and broke it, with a condom on every finger things got sticky and slippery... oh well... i had to wear it, who'd pass on such a cool idea?- SupaDingit

I was a hippie.... sadly by choice- JimBoBob

i had to dress like a monkey i had to wear a leatard, and a monkey mask, wore it for my girl who likes that sort of thing- the voodoo bunny

man........okay, when i was about 5.....i had the most horrific costume. we were living in hawaii and we were kinda broke. my mom told me that the scariest thing that she would ever see in her life was a pregnant five year old. i had a rob and a pillow. she even dabbed some flour on me to make it look like baby formula. i didn't even want to go trick or treating. all the little kids kept asking me how i got pregnant, and i was so young I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! isn't that just about horrible!- j.mo

liquid make up all over my face trick or treating for 5 hours in the pissing rain and coming home with it all over my and my hair it was a bitch to get out so was the dry crusting hair dye wore it because i wanted to :S- Satan

Barbie or a hippie my mom made me - Pink

i went as myself.2-because i chose to.period- rayyo77

halloween? what are you talking about?- nailbomb

i went as myself cos i'm so ugly i can scare little children- big dave

i was a magot (my mum designed it)- Gidget

hmmm the worst costume i ever had to wear??? well it wasnt really a costume but one halloween i was dared to go trick or treating in nothing but a towel! and i did! only 10 houses tho! lol - MeGgGeRrZZ

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