there is a fight to the death between he-man, smurfette and DC,
who would you put your money on?

smurfette cuz shes a kickass bitch slapper- irish psycho

None of them...intergalactic space worms would come and kill them all...- Siderea

Considering that He-Man is a friggn' quire who in every episode states " I HAVE THE POWAAAAA!" , Smurffette would most definently have the upperhand. -me

DC, he man dont got no tail, and smurfette is a girl, DC would just bitch slap her and request that she' give me my money blue bitch'.- the voodoo bunny

DC! woo!!GO DC!! OHH YEAHHH! *bets all she has which is 40 cents*- SG*

DC, but secretly I'd be hoping Smurfette would win. (Stab him in the EYE!!)Heh heh...- DecreasinglyMe

Smurfette definitely. Just kidding! Hahaa Bet that shocked you for a moment. Of course I choose DC, because even though I've had no real experience with the other two, they sound pretty lame. I mean honestly, what kind of a name is he-man? And I don't think anything with "ette" in its name is gonna win over DC. Duh.- FartMonkey

Smurfette, she's slutty enough where she knows that one swift kick to the balls and both DC and he-man are sterile and on the floor crying in fetal position while she cackles supreme ruler of all.- ferretchick

DC... smurfette is probablly in-bred and...well... he-man is probablly lacking brain. Sock puppets are much smarter- boing!boing!

smurfette! all the way baby! she is a woman who has lived in a village of men all her life! after he-man kills DC she has the "wits" to get him to drop his sword and then knock him off!- Scooby

DC of course!! he could kill anyone/thing with that sexy tail of his!- Ripper

id probably bet on the smurfette....only cos dc is a sock n u only ave to put im in the wash to get im down n out n a he man....wel ya no.neva did trust that Maggy Thatcher! and sh was a bit of a he man/she man dont ya fink?lol- keli<3james

i would put my money on the he-man, only because i happen to have insider information that the he-man is a very close friend of the leprachaun and the leprachaun is one of the most EVIL, SNEAKY, CONIVING, little bastards this world has to offer, so therefore without a doubt the he-man would win....this is of course considering that the he-man actually has his own brain and that it is not just simply a body being controlled by a leprachaun.....keeping this in mind the winner would definately be the he-man.- Shwee

it'd be a great fight. First Smurfette would drop her smurfing dress, and He-Man would go smurfing nuts. Smurfette would then slit his throat and DC would win by default cause nothing is more powerful than a smurfing sock monkey.- Anthraxboy

heman...smurfette and DC would be fucking too much.- spazzattack

Smurfette. She's gotta have a lot of strengh and stamina to be the only girl in the whole smurf village, eh? Eh? ;)- SiNiSTaR

i would declare dc as victor. i'm not creative enough to create some witty response, but if bets were being placed i'd put my marbles on monkey boy. give em hell.- duch bag

DC, no contest. DC would kick he-man's and smurfette's asses! see, it's all in the tail. do he-man and smurfette have long tails they could whip, maim, and possibly even strangle someone with? nooo, they dont. but DC does, clearly giving him the advantage.- Asylum

GO DC!!! I don't mind losing money hehe. - sniff

DC only 'cuz he can out-Smurf Smurfette any day ... and would expose He-Man's identity to the world. He's PRINCE ADAM, okay?!!???- McDiablo

Is this a proper fight or a WWE fight? I mean, if it's a WWE fight I'd expect the person wth the tightest underpants and most ridiculous moves to win. In a proper fight, I suppose Smurfette would win because He-Man would get pummeled by all the other Smurfs for hitting her and DC would sit there and cry as soon as anyone touched him in a non-sexual way... Which probably means that Smurfette would make him cry and definitely not He-Man... I mean, he has "He" and "Man" in his name, he's clearly trying to assert his manly image to spare the blushes of the rest of the Master of the Universe who he is clearly shagging (except Teela - I'm shagging her).- Mzebonga

what money?- chuckroast

Smurfette, she's an awesome lay.- Goon

Thats a Stupid Question! DC, OBVIOUSLY! no one can beat a sock monkey!- Franky_TooCoolo

DC coz he fights dirty.- ammeg

Defintly smurfette, i mean come on, its always the quiet ones who youd least expect. *evil gothic bunnies*- DeadlyNightshade

smurfette....shes a beast- JimBoBob

smurfette - sexychicken

DC of course! Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword my friend.- *Realmo-K*

hmm..DC. DC would kick ass because he has a tail. also, he doesnt look like he takes steroids for breakfast, and he's not blue. anyone who is blue or hideously overmuscled deserves to have their ass kicked by a sock monkey.- CasualFatality

Smurfette. DC would fall in love and he-man would take too long with that " by the power of Greyskull, I have the power" shit- harbingerofhell

Using money in this bet i would create the devious plan of putting all my money on smurfette, then using new age technologly and vast recources and LOTS of drugs, i would fashion a suit that allows smurfette to destroy he-man and even the god-like power of DC (sorry). But after all is said and done, i would end up 3,000,000,000,000 in the hole because i would forget to place a bet, then I would move to france and change my name to Cloe.- Freak Ninja

need you ask? *shoving a sack of gold coins in front of a sock monkey in blue jeans*- leigh

smurfette- bubba

Didn't he-man get arrested last week for poking gerbils where he shouldnt be pokin em?- Ho Chi Minh

smurfette- piukl

HE-MAN all the way baby we go wayyyyyyyyyy back- jazzibel

he-man. he has the power y'know.- supermandave

smurfette- silkmaid

Let me size these contestants up hmmm, nice choices by the way. he-man the boy who magically goes through puberty in a spilt second(and what a puberty it was!... it did good)but sadly its not permenent but a smurfette is always a smurfette and dc is always dc, except of course after his baths. He gets so hyper when his wet.. that silly dc.. jumping and frolicing naked through the house splattering water everywhere all excited...hehehe good times!now our female battler my dear smurfette, shes blue and this classifies her to be kick ass awesome. Now dc's got brains hed knows to kick he-man as a boy and not 'he man'... yep he'll whip him after his bath with his wet tail ...WWHHAAP! WHHAAPP! right on his fresh baby boy face. ...and he go down, faint from shock and confusion.. well hes excited now and smurfette jumps into the ring ..wwwhhhiippp whhhaapp !!!AHHH!!smurfette gets whiped and red soars form in purple(shes blue)but no no shes not gone yet! angered and annoyed she whips out her own weapon a blue pocket knife AHH!! stab!stab!swing!swoossh!aarrggg..whhhyyy???!!she missed dc and stabbed lil'he man in the back while he was passed out on the rings floor.. HE MAN IS OUT!.. his commrade,teela runs to his side and screams to god in his mourning agony.. oh why!!, he whimperes... ill miss u.. (skeltor steals his sword and rules eternia)NOW the battle stills rolls along like a granny having a seizure while driving a oil tank. Dc flying and swinging around dodging smurfettes attacks...oohh smurfette.. she hopelessly flings and attempts attacks at dc like shes the monkey in the middle trying the catch the ball..the match is inthralling and dc seems to have the upper hand. OH!DC runs!what plan is up that devious monkeys sleeves?.. smurfette storms behind him right on the tail of smoke he leaves behind as he runs out pizza hut into the streets, he starts to dance???..right on the road separater playing the most awesomeness game of chicken!!!smurfette is taunted by the man dc whos just to much sock monkey..oooo sshes purple!the blue gal ripps off her hat and nows what time it is!"ITS TIME TO SMUUURFF you!!"she screamms! and speeds out at dc, to make it only as far to dcs greatness as to touch his footstep and get hit by a fuckin car!stupid smurfs. guts everwhere... dc grins and dances a little jig some tango and air guitar then *beeep* *beep*... his watch alarm goes off.. he strolls back to the sidewalk..hops into his jeep and drives home to answer the Q&A... "just another day..." he sighes then lets out some gas in the form of the most loudest naistiest sound,his colon freed out the rancid smell through his buttock, he then burped and screamed "MAMA GOT A HAIRY BACK"and went home.My moneys on dc... always is... - ghti,KEllE,spa

smurfette...- manni

smurfette, that bitch got attitude!- I Depend on Wit Thats why theres none in these answers

smurfette for she could use her blue booty to scare em off- bungholyslug

He-man, though it would be cooler if they worked together and prostituted Smurffete out to the porn industry and forced her to screw gerbils or something.- Asshole

Smurfette, hands down. - janx

Smurfette- she could scare em away with all that love shit.- butterfly-flavoured-pancake

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