what body part do you think you could do without?

um, my mind? - irish psycho

foot...i don't *really* need two- Siderea

Y'know , i'm glad you brought that up. I and every other man on earth could live with out their NIPPLES ! What in the name of tapdancing jesus do men have fuggin' nipples ? I'd actualy be happy to get rid of the nasty lil' nubbs on my chest... they're gettin' pretty hairy. -me

pinky toe, i dont really use mine seeing how its kinda hairy- the voodoo bunny

my nose..i don't need to smell alot of things...and i don't want to..- SG*

I could do without my tonsils and my apendex. Anybody want em?? Real cheap!- DecreasinglyMe

Teeth. Teeth are just trouble from the moment you're born. I mean kids are cranky little snots for ages while they're "teething"..then they're cranky for ages while their teeth fall out..then they're cranky while new teeth come in...then their new teeth are crooked, then you gotta pay thousands of dollars to hear them complain about their braces, then they complain about cavities and then when they're 80 they fall out again and they have to get dentures. So I say why not skip all that crap and just get all your teeth removed and get dentures right from the beginning? - FartMonkey

Well, my head, it'd make life a lot easier...wait no, I'd be dead. But for others it would be easier. Besides, I could get a prosthetic head, perhaps with lazer vision so i could melt things and light small dogs on fire...- ferretchick

My baby toe(s)-they're such a waste of flesh.- boing!boing!

Hmmmm well i could go without....wait, No! i need everything man! But if you must, you can have.....wait not you cant have anything!!! :-P- Scooby

i think i could go without my ears. that way, i wouldnt have to listen to screaming brats when i go outside, and i wouldnt have to listen to stupid people yammering on about nothing in particular- Ripper

ya toes!duno y....but they ugly!- keli<3james

I could do without my nose.....no really who needs a nose.....half of what you smell smells like ass, so why not skip the trouble.....as a matter of fact i might just do that......no more assy smells for me- Shwee

Well for me personally I could go without my left foot. I mean it just sits there and mocks the love me and my right foot share. I curse my left foot.- Anthraxboy

George Bush's mouth.- Tash

my left buttcheek.- spazzattack

i think i could do without my horns... i always thought they looked cool, but people are always coming up to me and going "whoa! you've got horns!" and i'm like "whoa! i know!" Why are people always pointing out the obvious??- SiNiSTaR

first things first, how exactly would i be losing the appendage? would it be done professionaly? are there professionals in that field? geez, i can't do this right now. i'm really straining myself.- duch bag

<sniffles 'article survivor'> meh..anyway. i think i could do without my toes. that way, i would fall down all the time and i could blame people for tripping me. then i could sue them and win lots and lots of money, which i could send to DC and everyone at TID!- Asylum

Ummm, that would be my... siamese twin. - sniff

My boobs. Well, actually, all girls just shouldn't have boobs. It'd make life free of teasing. If you have small/no boobs, you get teased. If you have large boobs, you get teased. I mean, they're just mounds of fat anyway and who wants to breast feed their kids, anyway? (Let alone HAVE kids??)- McDiablo

My appendix... I mean, it just sits there and does bugger all except get infected... I think I can live without that part, cheers. Otherwise, I choose EmprissNikon's head.- Mzebonga

my brain. i dont use it anyways.- chuckroast

My legs, so I could hava a cool wheelchair like prof X and superpowers and my own personal army and I could use those awesome busses with the elevator.- Goon

My nipples. Although I lived my whole life without a butt, and never complained but in the long trips.- Franky_TooCoolo

the finger next to my little finger.- ammeg

Urm .... i spose i could do without my left ankle, or maybe my colon as im not too sure what that is. then again, theres always my liver - its probably nearly dead already at the rate im going .... my little toe dosent do much realy .... although im rather fond of that actually.- DeadlyNightshade

i cud do with out my nose...i mean smelling stuff thats nice is cool, but i cud sacrifice it bcuz the nice smalls cud never equal up to all the nasty smells hahaha- JimBoBob

little toe- sexychicken

Ass hair (if that counts as a body part)- *Realmo-K*

erm..i would have to say my big toes. if i could get rid of my big toes, i would want to keep them preserved in a jar so i could go out to a fancy resteraunt and put the toes in my soup. i could then complain to the manager and get free food. i could also sue and become very wealthy..- CasualFatality

Depends on who you are I guess. Many people could go without a brain, since they don't use it anyway. But me personally, I think that I could sure go for a foot amputation.- harbingerofhell

the dead fetus attached to the side of my head- Freak Ninja

what exactly do you need? you have to be specific? i wont chop off any part unless you tell me. Oh i got it! you wanted to be human dont ya? you'll gonna ask everybody and put the parts together!!! Brilliant!...- leigh

penis, cause ive also got a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time- bubba

I coud do without the part that controls my girlfriend's bitch factor (you didn't say it had to be MY body part)- Ho Chi Minh

appendix- piukl

As of right now I would say my VAGINA because I don't need any kids and I'm tired of having sex- jazzibel

My penis. Ive not yet found out what its for.- supermandave

cellulite- silkmaid

my ass.. not my asshole .. i need to shit but ass cheeks??nah eye candy along with my breasts, hell im already a freak and why not cut it off.- ghti,KEllE,spa

toes...- manni

the legs, yes sure id have no mobilty but... free wheelchair and im tired of doing without that.. hm..yes- I Depend on Wit Thats why theres none in these answers

my head...i could live 8 seconds without it ;)- bungholyslug

Does a toenail count? Or a pinky toe.- Asshole

Left pinky toe.- janx

my brain. Don't need it for nufink.- butterfly-flavoured-pancake

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