when it all gets to be too much... what do you do?

When it all gets to be too much, i drop to the floor, thrash around a bit untill it all goes away. -NNY

go outside and find a place with no people and sit there- sxkittie

Read porn because downloading it takes too long.- Anazi

jerk off- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

Watch gay porn- Homo-man

sit around and dont talk to people and bitch when people talk to me so they will leave me alone- Lazy

sit in a corner and just stare into no-where and continuously laugh.- TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface

attempt self-felatio- Bill Clinton

seek counsel in a midget..... ah midgets...is there anything they can't do...- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

sleep- me

I lock myself in my room and cry, punch things, break things, stomp around, strangle pillows, throw things, and rip and crumple paper, and pace back and explaining my situation to people that aren't really there. I may also draw pictures of people I don't like dying in violent ways. After I calm down I clear the evidence of my little rampage and come out again. Then I get in trouble for locking myself in my room, and I have to repeat everything.- FartMonkey

I come here.- Syko Morgana

i play my guitar until the amp blows, then when thats blown i lock my sis in the closet and laugh while she bangs on the door and cries, makes you feel a lot better you know!- monkeeskittles

cull. violently. with a chainsaw. 'it all' gets hacked into teeny tiny managable pieces.- frazicus

Smash things then sit in the corner and cry. Then they show up and put me in one of them tight jackets and give me a soft bouncy room to play in.- Mzebonga

I reward myself for putting up with all the shit going on bye going to the movies and abblebees with all my moms money.- NSuxbum

I get some glue and i stick to someone else..hehehe fun for everyone!- SG*

scream..- Sally

Committ suicide in my parents house.- Fresh Fruit

get stressed out and depressed. i get drunk sometimes and write in my diary. sometimes i look up poems on the internet on depression. i try to talk to my friends about it. i like having physical contact when im stressed out.- bityjo

I get realy stressed,which gets me moody and argumentative. I also get very deppresed and read a book to escape from reality.- nympho jo

sit in a corner and cry- april

Work out- Josh

take another xanax and ask for 2'nds.- rayyo77

I have really great sex with my boyfriend or i watch movies(the really old sci-fi ones)until i cant think of anything else. But mostly the sex!- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

Smoke a joint ;)- Allie

when what gets to be too much? masturbating? well, how did you know i maturbate too much? are you looking at me? im never gonna stop, so there- monkie boy

chew on razors.- Pancake

usually, i lock myself up into my head and cry so hard it hurts... i wish i was somewhere and then i think of death... im weird...- satan dudette

Personally, when it all gets to be too much I get online and delete a few things, if you know what I mean... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! ............ what??- KellyBean

I go onto the Interent and purchase some slaves from Saudi Arabia to help me out.- DZ

scream, listen to the red hot chili peppers- Skiddo

Duck out and leave someone else to pay the bill- Riku

Well...I'm normally pretty good with my stress, or so I think. My shrink doesn't agree. He is proabaly just referring to an incident that happened not too long ago when I went on a rampage in the mall and shot a bunch of people and then went to purchase a tooth brush.- Josephine Stalin

Squeeze my spots and save the puss. (Great in Sandwiches)- Lucid Lupin Loofah

I sit back, enjoy watching it all burn- lexorousmith

scream!- Willow

I behave properly and act insane and am insane... I scare people by acting like that, I don't want anything, don't do anything, scream, break stuff, lock myself in my room...- Omuletzu

Sit in a crner and rock back and forth...then drink way too much coffee- Jazz

ritual suicide, or coffee and sushi.- Ninja

Drink wine and chill.- Shavonney Doll

go in my room and sleep- bill

buy a new basket and put some stuff in that- flowerpot girl

drill a hole on both sides of my head to let the pressure out.- SiNiSTaR

kill kill kill- kill

You attempt to drown yourself in the shower. Well, I've tried doing that before, but I've found that it doesn't work too well. I'd suggest wearing cement shoes and sinking yourself at the bottom of some river with a cool name.- McDiablo

Summon my one and only true friend, the infamous Sock Monkey, and discuss substantial, world-concerning issues, such as the strange little communities of Britney Spearses with lobster claws found under the fridge, and how to save hamsters from natural disasters. Hamster rights are important you know, and so is the cucumber that I found up my ass yesturday during bingo.- makeupfreak7

Usualy, when i get so pissed off that i can't hold it in for long, I just get a Diet-Coke,pull out my stash of hidden prtezels( they're hidden from my roomate ),Blare some Rupture Christ, and sit in my thinking chair I bought off an auction in New York( It was realy Steve's !). If that does't work, then i just write poetry/songs. If all fails then i just pull out a fattie and sit in a circle of friends and go nuts.-BLAZEMAN

i reduce the amount by doing that decimal thing i learnt at school- fluffkid

sit in eggs and hear the crunch... lovely- Herrod

Curl up in a ball and hope they don't bruise my kidneys.- Armadillo

when what all gets to be too much? if you're referring to people, and the nasty sounds they make while attempting to breathe because i'm holding a pillow over their face, then i don't know. because by that point, i'm in half-awake phase and don't really know what "too much" is. but after all this i go smoke pot and eat donuts until i fall asleep. don't worry...i always woke up in time to give my friends CPR...silly goose.- Mrs. Hoohoo

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