a man comes to your door singing about dead musicians... do you join in?

I would come toward him,while in mid song, and poor a pot of boiling water on him and take the keychain hanging from his key ring. Hey stole it from me in highschool ! -NNY

if i know the song, sure- sxkittie

Only if I can find a ladder. Because I'd take this to the roof and we could do a duet for the neighborhood. He'd also be a great human sheild because I can't sing for shit.- Anazi

no, you join in- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

no, i try to have sex with him- Homo-man

no i slam the door in his face...annoying people- Lazy

woo hoo!!!!!!- TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface

peh, i don't answer my own door, i have midgets to do that. Hang on, I'll ask my midget ..... he says he'd bite the mother fucker's balls off... Oh midgets, bless their little souls....- Bill Clinton

ohhh there's always someone whining about those damn musicians...ok, hey, I'll admit it, like many others, i may have had occasion to hide a little anthrax from international weapons inspectors inside the odd musical instrument... so what, who hasn't........ The sudden and mysterious deaths of all 128 members of the Baghdadi international orchestra is a completely unrelated matter...- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

sure- me

As long as it's about cool dead musicians, sure...either that or we kill britney, then we could sing about her...though she's definately not a musician so just forget I said that- FartMonkey

after we make a deal with the insane domain to stop asking us questions about random strangers that come to our door wanting stuff. im just going to stop answering the door for now on..- Syko Morgana

sure, then id ask if we could travel to Jim Morrisions(i cant spell) grave and sing him a song then id camp out next to his grave, for one dead musician he rocks, as does kurt cobain, but thats a whole nother story- monkeeskittles

i eat him. and there was much rejoicing. i never liked irony- frazicus

No, I add another musician to the dead ones he sang about: him.- Mzebonga

Ahhh... dead musicians... Id probablly slam the door in his face and get the blow toarch to warn him to never come back.- NSuxbum

sure,why not?LONG LIVE KURT!...*sings*I loooove Orgyyyy!- SG*

sure why not..- Sally

Only if his name is Scheppelbach and he likes cold pizza.- Fresh Fruit

no i slam the door in his face the mad freak. ican't be bothered with ppl like that there are already enuf psycopaths in my house- bityjo

no. I would ask him who he is and what the hell he's doing in my room. Also why he's singing about dead people and call him a perverted freak.- nympho jo

sure do- april

No you tell him to get the fuck away before he becomes another dead musician!- Josh

only if the song has the phrase"roll over" somewhere in the lyrics.- rayyo77

If the tune is catchy! unless he is drunk,stoned , or just really scary id probably just laugh and then shut the door really fast so he cant jump in the door and rob me or something(i used to live in n.y. and nobody comes to your door singin unless they are beggin for change or lookin to rob you)- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

Ummmmmmm NO!- Allie

yes, sorry for the uncreative answer, cheesecake!!! there i made it more creative, but dont be coming over to my house askin for cheesecake or anything, i dont have any.- monkie boy

give him a joint and pray he goes away.- Pancake

yes, then i kick him hard for waking me from my beauty sleep! dammit! i need so much of it!- satan dudette

Of course! Everyone knows you don't leave a man, who comes to your door singing about dead musicians, hangin!- KellyBean

Yeah, why not?- DZ

hell yeah- Skiddo

Yes, but first I'd ask him his name. Then I'd sing a few verses, give him the 'touch of death' and then continue singing, replacing the name of the other singer with his.- Riku

Bash his cheap guitar over his head and push him out.- Josephine Stalin

Yes and invite him in - we keep singing while he shafts my ass- if he refuses I bottle him up his- Lucid Lupin Loofah

All the time.- lexorousmith

no!- Willow

Yes, but only if he sounds horrible. That way the neighbors can come out and start screaming "stop that horrible noise" phrases and we'll end up having a wonderful singing band.- Omuletzu

hell yes- Jazz

Kill him and go to the neighbours house and sing at their door about the dead musician that was at my door.- Ninja

Maybe but I'd give him a cup of coffee.- Shavonney Doll

no not really- bill

when he shows me his ID- flowerpot girl

I slam the door in his face and yell that elvis is still alive and if you don't stop singing about him being dead i'm gonna sick my alien friends on you, and i'll call all the tabloids to tell them about it so we can laugh at that freak.- SiNiSTaR

no i kill him hahahahaha- kill

I'd blackmail him to buy me a Slurpee machine and THEN I'd join in.- McDiablo

I'm confused, I think I'll go eat a ham.- makeupfreak7

I'd let him in and get him stoned. If he's still singing, i join in.-BLAZEMAN

no because of the grey and dripping corpses emerging behind him- fluffkid

no. i add another one to the list...- Herrod

Alphabetically or by date of death? Meh, it doesn't matter. I'll just close the door and go back to watching TV.- Armadillo

if he came to the frontt door of my house, no. i would just close the door and finish watching my porn. but if you're talking about the door to my bedroom, then yes. because there'd be no place to run from the crazy man. then i'd just invite him in to watch porn with me...after i made him stop singing...it ruins the mood.- Mrs. Hoohoo

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