what is the shiniest thing in your room?

I left a peice of gum in my room six months ago and now it's glowing bright green from the radiation of my microwave. -NNY

my CDs- sxkittie

a soccer ball with sliver paint and glitter. I'm too poor to get a real disco ball.- Anazi

the top of my bald head- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

the light bulb when turned on- Homo-man

the mirror?- Lazy

:D i like shiny things.....ooo...- TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface

a greased up naked midget sitting in the corner of my room ("huh?, no naked midget, you can't have these, go find your own shrooms")...yeah, he's pretty shinny.- Bill Clinton

20,000 scud missiles equiped with chemical warheads- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

my light bulbs- me

That would have to be the duct tape and tin foil that I have lined my walls and cieling with. Aliens, you know...aliens watching..- FartMonkey

a picture of DC's greasy-ass fore head.- Syko Morgana

i have a disco ball thingy, but i hate it, it scares me, theres this thing called a mirror too, its sorta shiny i guess, but theres this odd girl in it who looks exactly like me!- monkeeskittles

me. i am the supreme being of light. worship me now.- frazicus

My ass.- Mzebonga

They shiniest thing in my room is a poofy clound like thing with a star from my last semi... i stole it out of my teachers room...- NSuxbum

my disco ball..it's kinda little bit too dusty..but my hand sinked in when i touched the dust and you can see the shiny spot now..so thats it..- SG*

my chinese balls- Sally

a sharpend axe just incase sanimal decides to stop by.- Fresh Fruit

either the sink or the mirror. no the towel rack- bityjo

my mirror.- nympho jo

cds, a bass-guitar- april

My CDs- Josh

me- rayyo77

I would have to say the shiniest thing in my room is the set of fairy wings on my wall from the rennaisance (i think thats how you spell it) festival or the tassles on those stupid mums that the guys give you for homecoming(i have lots cuz im a pimp like that lol!)- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

A button that says...Spank me its my Birthday!- Allie

my zippo, because its oh so shiny, and it burns things too- monkie boy

bodies of people who died on the Titanic in 1912.- Pancake

my sock drawer... RESPECT DC! ...- satan dudette

Me!- KellyBean

My mirror.- DZ

my shiny- Skiddo

A stainless steel shot-put. It'd be better if it was a hammer (shot-put on a wire) because then I'd have a personal wrecking ball, and it'd be shiny too. I could go to town with that.- Riku

My spoon collection.- Josephine Stalin

The Wheelchair I stole last night- Lucid Lupin Loofah

My cardboard box doesn't contain anything shiny- lexorousmith

mirror- Willow

It's the blue LED from my computer. That thing shines so much that it lights the whole room when it's dark... it bothers me! Blue LEDs are overrated, man! I spent my entire life looking for a blue LED and when I finally found one, not only it's expensive, it's too powerful!- Omuletzu

mirror?- Jazz

My sword and two of jupiter's moons.- Ninja

My jewelry.- Shavonney Doll

my t.v. screen sometimes i see myself in it and get scared because I think its a another person- bill

the eyes of a squeezy dolphin, the eyes are made out of jelly- flowerpot girl

my nose.- SiNiSTaR

my killing knife- kill

*Stares at the shiniest object in her room*...I'm sorry, I can't stop staring. It's so shiny that it's attractive...*still staring*- McDiablo

A jelly bean. It is a green jelly bean.- makeupfreak7

Probly that hole in the floor that seems to lead to hell. That seems to be the shiniest thing in my room, save my shiny metalic-blue electric guitar; i just pollished it.-BLAZEMAN

the plastic fishes i bought in cocktails r us- fluffkid

a small and negligent model clown- Herrod

A prism. Or is that 'sparkly'? Because they're not the same thing and I wouldn't want to do this wrong. Shiny... shiny... damn, all I have is a key chain.- Armadillo

my helmet. i don't ride a bike, i don't have a motorcycle, and do i really need to say i don't have an electric scooter. but i do have a slight paranoia that something could fall on my delicate head. like a rock, or a bird, or a plane engine...cuz my helmet would REALLY protect me from a falling plane engine.- Mrs. Hoohoo

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