will you trade us a gameboy color, and a gameboy advance for that new one?

There's a new one ? why do they keep upgrding these things ! Besides, if i had one then i would keep it and sell it to some rich kid for a billion dollars. -NNY

i don't have gameboys, sorry- sxkittie

To only get a new style of thumb cramp? No.- Anazi

you're a gameboy- Batman (na na na na na na na na)

no, keep your hands off my gayboy, he's mine!- Homo-man

no...dont care enough about video games, i could be doing better things that are more fun- Lazy

i dont know. maybe if you throw in some pretty tin foil.- TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface

no, but i'd trade you a midget- Bill Clinton

that depends, can i use it lanch weapons of mass destruction?- Sadam (thats right, i'm not dead)

why not? what could it hurt?- me

That new what one? I don't have a gameboy...mommy took it away cuz she said that's what made me think the neighbor's ferret was hitler...I'm not stupid..it was hitler...I wouldn't blow up an innocent ferret...she's just got a sick mind, that's all.- FartMonkey

i will trade you it for..wait...haha...PEOPLE STILL USE GAMEBOYS?- Syko Morgana

sure i will, can i see the new one? ooooh its pretty! look out big giant killer moths run run away...*runs fast and jumps onto a moped* i got a new one ha ha ha ha- monkeeskittles

sure, you can have em, but i dont want that new one. i have enough objects i suspect to be devices of the government spying on me as it is- frazicus

I don't have one and I don't want one. I have an XBox lalalalalalalalalala.- Mzebonga

Im poor... i dont have any of them... and i think they are pointless pieces of junk the waste your brain- NSuxbum

ohhh yea sures- SG*

no...hahaha- Sally

will trade it for your canadian citizenship.- Fresh Fruit

no i dn't play on them really. i'll trade u one of them for something else tho- bityjo

NO!don't be silly. 1.I don't own a gameboy. 2.One colour gameboy I have is borowed from an ex-boyfriend the other is broken and is one of my other ex-boyfriend.- nympho jo

yes- april

umm no- Josh

no.new does not always=BETTER.- rayyo77

no offense but i hate video games. i believe they are a secret conspiracy plot to brainwash the youth of america into becoming mindless fighting machines to use at their disposal .- PHOENIXcherry13 or fairy

if I had em...- Allie

umm, i also want my own hamster army, so i can give them orange soda, so they can grow to super duper size, and defeat the stupid camels that invade my dreams- monkie boy

id wait til Halloween and set out a box of new gameboys instead of candy and leave a sign that says "Kids, take one each." and hide behind a bush. and when the greedy members of the Insane Domain came(not even wearing costumes, except for Sanimal) and all took like 3 for themselves each, Id jump out of the bush and gun them down with AK-47's.- Pancake

'spose, as long as you let me mug you...- satan dudette

What new one? So.... Yes. Yes, I would.- KellyBean

Yes, Yes, Yes!- DZ

no - the classics are the best- Skiddo

If I played it more I'd consider it. Then again, I'm a gulible fool and that new Gameboy comes in a shiny platnium version, so I could just play with sun-beams when the battery dies. All I want is that new Golden Sun game anyway...- Riku

Seeing that I dont have the new one, perhaps we can haggle for something else. I've got a Mike Patton locked up in my basement. He's starting to smell. Wanna trade?- Josephine Stalin

Plus all compatible games - and main adaptors and handsets. If Yes OK no problemo. Cept I give you plastic dummies in boxes stolen from local store and when you are in the loo -legg it with the lot all yours and keep mine-suckers!At the first service station I phone the cops and grass you up for barcotic possession and supply. Neatly outa my hair for a few mean years. Fairs Fair :o) after all- Lucid Lupin Loofah

Throw in a blow job, and it's yours- lexorousmith

no!- Willow

Sorry, don't have one and don't know what you're talking about... anyway, knowing you, this would probably be a bad business for me, so forget about it!- Omuletzu

yeeeeeees?- Jazz

wtf? gameboys suck dicks in 12 pixels.- Ninja

No.- Shavonney Doll

I would prefer to trade them for an original gameboy they are the best- bill

what new one- flowerpot girl

That's like asking me to trade my eyeteeth for more eyeteeth.- SiNiSTaR

no will you let me kill you- kill

No way, I'm happy with a cabbage coloured screen *plays original Gameboy*- McDiablo

*mumbles under breath* damn,damn fools, rip-off, rip-off, everythings a rip off...government spies...damn rip-off.....*growls*- makeupfreak7

Gameboys are collor now? I'm still playing pong and Yar's Revenge. I never got into the systems with the big Three-Demensional games. I do enjoy some games that were put out for the computer... but wait, I'm going off topic aren't i? Well, i guess i would have to say no at the moment, for i am ignorant to these things.-BLAZEMAN

erm. no. sorry.- fluffkid

fraid knot- Herrod

You get two gameboys and I only get one. I don't think so. Besides, all I'd play is Tetris, and that's not really fair, right?- Armadillo

i don't know what new one you're talking about. i dont have a gameboy color or a gameboy advance. i have my atari that i love with all my heart. but you can't have my atari...so there's no use asking. i dont wanna hear about your lack of sufficient gaming material...it wont change my mind...i love atari far more than i love you...pac-man...space invaders...i love you guys...- Mrs. Hoohoo

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