what is the last strange thing you did while alone?

heh.. uhm.. i dont know if i can say really.. its sorta naughty and theres small children watching.. ok well it has to do with a pool of jello, some cucumbers and a pool of scantily clad midgets- anti-you

I smoked a massive amount of marijuana last week and got really hungry for a steak. I cooked up a steak and sat down on my bed and played with the steak for about 45 minutes before I actually ate it. I wasn't really alone, technically. Pete was with me. Pete was the steak.- Syko Morgana

i dont like being alone that much, so i keep a jar of my semen with me at all times, i can always say im hanging out with all the guys if i ever get a date- monkie boy

ran around and flashed all the fire alarms...cuz you know there are cameras in those things...- SG*

You mean like the whole activity or the last one in a series of strange things I did while alone? I'm going to answer for column B and say that the very last strange thing I did when I was alone was fall down. And just admit it, now you want to know the previous things I did while alone that led to my falling down. Not telling..hehehe- FartMonkey

set myself on fire while doing the hocky coky- Lithanial

I ate 12 packets of crisps in a day. They don't leave me unsupervised anymore.- Mzebonga

threw sand at a squirrel- pixie

The last strange thing i did when i was alone was finish a project... I mean what the hell posessed me to do a thing like that?- NSuxbum

I belted out some tunes and pretended to be awsome!- ~JeEpY!

Hehe, in the last 5 minutes?- Jugalo night walker

masturbated while imagining myself as DC's bitch- communist queen

Strange? I'm not strange and I don't do strange things alone or otherwise- Sally

I filled about 5 or 6 glass cups with water in different quantitys and tried to compose beatiful music. I woke up my roommate and he asked me what the hell i was doing.-NNY

talked to my cats about...stuff- buddha

uh,.....i stole someones pants then went to a bathroom and put them on. i'm still wearing them- irish psycho

watched a porn about a sock monkey roaming Washington D.C. having sex with anything upright.- Anthrax.Boy

i stared at a pucture of my boyfriend and cried.- irish psycho

why would you wanna know?....I'm not gonna fall into this trick....i remember last time....GOD DAMN BUNNIES I THOUGHT THEY WHERE LOVABLE LIKE THOSE SOCK MONKEYS....oh well... wouldnt hurt to tell you ...considering your a sock monkey... *whispers* dancing around nude in my house (yes tail hanging to the side and everything) to Disturbed. .....oh wait was it the bunnies who where loveable....uh oh- samperson

I really like to masterbate while standing up and I like the smell of my own farts so it would be masterbating to the smell of my own fart while standing up- aire

I'm in prison... You try to have a shower while you're alone. The only other time I was alone was after I decked the commandant. They put me in solitary confinement for a fortnight.- Dave Dingle

danced the hula whilst signing 'ave maria' backwards.- frazicus

Everything I do when I'm alone fits into "strange" (like talking to myself)...- Omuletzu

I dont know- Maximus

well i decided to go outside and talk a walk alone but then i fell into this very deep pothole and there were rats around and they said to me "hey do you have some coffee?" and unfortunatly i didnt so but i knew that if i told them that i would be strapped down to an electric chair and killed so i pulled their tshirts down over their heads and ran throw the hole in the ground it was all dark but i kept running and i didnt know if they were running behind me on their pet dragons or not but then i tripped on something very wet and slimy and i relized it was my cat, fried rice i said "oh kitty what are you doing down here" and she said " GIMME SOME COFFEE!" i knew that the evil band of sock monkeys must have brainwashed her into believing what the rats said so i ran again and fell into the tunnel and found a computer when i landed and went to www.theinsanedomain.com/ and here i am ..........PLEASE GET ME SOME COFFEE?!?!?!?!- moo poo chic21

Smoking my bong on top of a Scout Hall roof, getting higher than the pope so that I can see my ancestors.- Dark Zombie

have coversacions with my self- shortty

painted my toenails with white out.- turtle

spent hours talking to my chihuahua, waiting anxiously for her to say "taco bell" or something else commercial and meaningless.- scooter

i walked through a garden in my head and i was with an angel and then i walked to a tree and it was a BIG tree and it had a little door and i walked through the door and i was in the tree and it was big and there were tunnels going down the roots and up to the branchs and i went to a door in the roots and i opened it and i was in a little room and there was a table with two little chairs and sitting in one of the chairs was tony and i sat down and talked to him for a long time and then i left and walked to another door and i went in and this time there was a bed and on the bed was david duchovney and i layed down and i had a good time and then i left through the little door in the tree and the angel was waiting and so i walked back through the garden and i picked a rose and then i went out of the garden and i opened my eyes and i continued on with my life never forgetting any of those places or the people or the angel...- irish psycho

Fell onto the cieling. Entirely by accident, of course..- Fido Dido

licked a car.- irish psycho

Wacked it- Intrigue

I did an essay outline. Aren't I a rebel? I even read a short story I was assigned to read. Cuff me.- McDiablo

watched 'I dream of Jenna'- MrHappyPants

picked my nose, inspected the boogers and tried to get the dog to eat them, while singin this really annoying song- monkeeskittles

went poo poo on my self then ate a bananna like cock a doodle doo!!!! then i went shopping for peanut butter so i could smur it all over you til you smelled bad and i kicked your ass just for being a smart ass- choo choo

put a latez glove on my head- Mary

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