if some tv show asked you to pretend to be a duck and wear tight shoes,
would you do it and for how much?

A duck?? and wear tight shoes??? hot damn i wouldnt charge anything. Its what I do anyways on the street corners... of course everybody always laughs and throws old salami at me but i bet if i had a show they could put a wall around me or something- anti-you

I would do it only if they paid me in duck currency and let me put vassoline on my feet so that I could slide them in the tight shoes.- Syko Morgana

a duck?? how bout a big purple dinosaur named bob??? then i'd do it for free- monkie boy

ooh..would i be able to keep it afterwards?!..if not then hellll noooo!!- SG*

You mean I could be getting PAID for doing that?- FartMonkey

just give me LOTS of alcohol and ill do it anytime...they have photos of me *sniff*- Lithanial

I am going to be a duck in my next life. Think of the life style. Swim, fly, walk. They can do it all. The world is yours for the taking if you're a duck. People even throw you bread of their own volition.- Mzebonga

i doubt they would be able to find a costume and shoes small enough for a pixie. also, pixies cannot be seen on tv cos they can make themselves invisible.- pixie

I would do it for free, anything to make my self look like an ass... Its not life untill you live a little right?- NSuxbum

Dude of course I would do it.. who doesn't like to make a foul of them selves? give me 95 cents.. that way I can look like a foul and still have the cash to buy a slurpee!- ~JeEpY!

Anything over a mil, no problem, other than that, depends, can I beat people with the shoes? Ok, then I'd do it for a hundred, and to keep the duck suit (to burn, you sicko's!)- Jugalo night walker

no i wouldnt do it for any money although i would pretend to be a shoe and wear a tight duck as that sounds like much more fun and in accordance with my religious beliefs.- communist queen

sure for a trillion dollars why not only if I can sit down because small shoes would hurt my feet- Sally

I'd say no ! It's probly a trap! They'd take me to some secret military base and make me do high school over again NOOOOO !-NNY

i'd do it for free cuz hey, how often do you get to be a duck?- buddha

no. i am afraid of ducks. and i have abnormal feet. but if i was going to i would probably wan to make around, oh, $900,000,000,000.00 a week.- irish psycho

I'd do it for 10$. But only if I could be a Mallard, and the shoes were green with yellow laces.- Anthrax.Boy

well i would do it for free hoping i would get on TV for doing something else than causing chaos and being stupid- samperson

I would, without a doubt, do it. I've been waiting for my big break for a long time now and I think this could be my way into hollywood. in fact, if the world's fattest man asked me to pretend to be a duck wearing tight shoes while he fucked me in the ass singing tiffany's "I think we're alone now" I'd do it...as long as I was guaranteed a sitcom afterwards.- aire

I'd knife the fucking lot of you and take all the money you had. Why? Because I'm an absolute bastard and I can.- Dave Dingle

ummm....id do it, for $3.50. as long as i could be a purple duck. thats my only prerequesit- frazicus

Yes if they'll call me a tv star and people would stop me to ask for my autograph and chicks would faint and...- Omuletzu

yeah, for about 1,000,000,000 dollars per season (or commercial)- Maximus


Yes I would do it, but I would put the TV show in a 1000 year debt if I had to, in other words "lots and lots of money" ie. $1,000,000,000,000,000,000- Dark Zombie

i do it for like 500 bucks- shortty

sure - fuck i've worn heels, how bad could it be? $20 bucks would do it for a few minutes. or maybe $50 bucks an hour. yea i could pimp my feet.- turtle

i'd do it for anything over $5000- scooter

i'd kill myself as a duck and be reincarnated as a cat so that i could go eat food and piss on peoples pillows and have hot sex with sock monkeys...- irish psycho

Yes, and for 17.89 and a large block of dope. Ducks are cool.- Fido Dido

i'd suffocate myself with the duck-suit and maul people with the shoes- irish psycho

Yes.. for free- Intrigue

I would do it for nothing...well, no money, anyways. I 'd do it for a Slurpee or, better yet, a Slurpee machine. That would be cool. It'd be an added bonus to wear tight shoes, too. I like the feeling of tight shoes.- McDiablo

man I'd do that fo 50 cents and sandwich- MrHappyPants

for free, just the excuse ive been lucking for, actually can dc be my slave for a day?/- monkeeskittles

i wouldnt do it unless you shoved a baby up my ass- choo choo

yes, even if it was for a dollar- Mary

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