what is the worst movie you've ever seen?

weelll, ive never actually seen it but I bet that Kangaroo Jack movie is the dumbest movie ever made. soembody had to sell their soul to the devil to get people to watch that one.. and cmon kangaroos dont wear shirts- anti-you

thats a toughie.. I'm going to have to say anything starring Matthew Lillard(oh how I would love to take an axe to his head)- Syko Morgana

the one where that guy meets that girl and yeah...- monkie boy

Anything by disney...man they suck..- SG*

Fortunately I have never seen Crossroads or whatever movie britney attempted to act in with the aid of her lone fuctioning brain cell, so I can't technically say that it's the worst movie I have ever seen.- FartMonkey

FREE PORN FREE PORN FREE PORN. god its soooooooooo bad.- Lithanial

Oooooh, I've seen some bad ones. Most of them staring Tiffany Amber Thiessen or Shannon Tweed. I think the worst has to be the Saved By The Bell Movie where the two dumbass ones got married and all the other dumbass ones were there.- Mzebonga

chicks with dicks 9- pixie

Some movie about happiness...It was something about 101 ways to make love without doing it... but... It said "laugh at something funny" for on of the choices... what the hell... my friends and I make love lots of times then... damn people.- NSuxbum

There are not worst movies there are just movies some people think really suck!- ~JeEpY!

Most of them based on teen trendy life.. brittany spears movie wtf was that?- Jugalo night walker

congo. i recommend this movie to everyone just for pure unintentional comedy. watch it stoned, its even more hilarious. the plot makes very little sense, its something about a talking animatronic monkey who has to be returned to her natural habitat by some scientist dudes to help them find a diamond which theyre going to use for a super gun. when they get to the jungle the gorillas seem to have unatural strength and intelligence and eat them all. anyway, it has some of the most ridiculous lines i have ever heard and i actually soiled myself laughing several times. as an added bonus theres this guy who is supposed to be bulgarian or sumthing but his accent is really shoddy and sounds scottish/russian/jamaican. what am i saying its not a bad movie its a stroke of goddamn genius...- communist queen

I havent seen it but I imagine Crossroads with Britney in it would be bad- Sally

Erin brochavich. Why would i want to sit and watch some large breasted blonde swear her ass off and whine about her job !-NNY

pretty woman, they should have made it more realistic...and changed the name to pretty skanky woman- buddha

i don't honestly know. i don't really remember any movies i've seen accept for like, within a weeks time. i havn't seen any bad movies this week so i don't know. i just thought of two, when harry met sally and joe vs the volcano. they sucked SHIT.- irish psycho

D.C. does D.C. (Second D.C. is for Washington.)- Anthrax.Boy

i would have to say titanic i mean they where screaming for there lives when the boat was up in the air and them sliding down.....i would have just slid down and have fun....cause you know you where gonna die anyway- samperson

anything with J-lo in it I'm not fooled by the rocks that she got, she still, she still cannot act. used to be a singer then an actor now she both. and she isn't good at either.- aire

I'm sure I can think of some... Spice World (If that ever constituted a movie), Tron and Wild Wild West which I had to endure five times in a row while I was jet setting around the world because my TV set had broken. The chairman of that particular airline met with an unfortunate end...- Dave Dingle

recently....'the musketeer' - far too many different accents, only one of which was actually french. of all time??? that would have to be 'reign of fire'. it was just bad.- frazicus

I'm not sure about the worst, but Monty Python and the Holy Grail is sure a crappy, stupid movie that I couldn't see till the end.- Omuletzu

Blair Witch Project- fell asleep during a would be scary movie boring- Maximus

Charlies Angels, because it did not have a good story line, crap plot, and just woman showing off their bodies so they can satisfy a whole lot of horny teenagers. UGH! Same went for Tomb Raider, but that was a little better.- Dark Zombie

the teletubies- shortty

Moonstruck with Cher. threw all my gummi bears at the screen and then walked out!- turtle

woah...hmmm...worst movie i've ever seen? wow i have no idea! i can't even think of anything, help me out (turns to invisible side kick, and recieves a startling blow to the side) anything thats about war - body parts flying off is not my thing.- scooter

um. i don't really know. i've seen a lot of sucky movies so it's hard to pick out the worst of the bunch- irish psycho

Um.. That one. <runs off>- Fido Dido

julia julia. it sucked ass. made me want to ill the people who made and then myself- irish psycho

Legally blonde- Intrigue

For some reason, the first film that came to my mind was 'Macbeth'. I mean, it was good, but the thing that made me not like it was that unnecessary scene with the naked old, ugly ladies (as witches). I think I am scarred for life from that. Thanks a lot, Roman Polanski. Oh, congratulations on your Oscar, by the way.- McDiablo

'I dream of Jenna' - a porn send up of 'i dream of Jeannie' staring porn starlett Jeanna Jamison. Funny for about ten seconds and then just lame.- MrHappyPants

titanic, actually i didnt see it, but it would have been stupid so i mean yeah, the ship breaks, they drown wow- monkeeskittles

The First Wives Club- choo choo

i dunno- Mary

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