so there are bad drivers, and there are stupid people... which are you and why?

well id like to say im both but since i am a midget with a height impediment im not really a driver... but i bet i could be a really bad one..... hmm damnit*need answer** um im a stupid person yep ill take that one because i lack the monkeyness and sockness there is now way i could be anything more.- anti-you

I guess I'll say I'm a bad driver..this is because my legs got torn off in a terrible accident involving a mongoose and a lamp shade(long story), I take in stray cats now because I know that when they take over the world they will look upon me with favor, but they also help me with the gas and break pedals.- Syko Morgana

i proudly say that i am both, i cant drive for shit, so that makes me a bad driver, and im going into the military, so that makes me a stupid person- monkie boy

wellls...I don't know ho..w...heyy..your gonna tell everyone later aren't you???...well i'm not gonna let this happen!!*runs*- SG*

Well since I'm not quite old enough to drive yet, I'm not really a driver, but if I were to drive, I would not be good at it, and I definately am stupid, so both...Why, you ask? I blame lipstick and those little car air fresheners shaped like trees.- FartMonkey

im a stupid person because i go out on the road where theres ALOT of bad drivers.- Lithanial

I thought it was stupid drivers and bad people. The bad people come for me sometimes and make me dance for them. Maybe they drive, maybe they are stupid. I don't know... But they make me do the little kooky dance and I don't like doing the kooky dance because they film me and post it on the internet and my mum saw it.- Mzebonga

i am not a driver, nor am i person...that would make me a small mythological creature who likes to spend time in forests and dance in fairy circles.- pixie

I am stupid... I dont drive so Im stupid... I am constantly told that. I lack common sense... but who the hell wants to have common sense... its too common.- NSuxbum

I am just a stupid person... I am not a bad driver I am like the most pro driver I can be. I totally do not suck I can totally park a car per fect o! There fore I am a good driver... I am a stupid person because just look at all the dumb things I have ever done!- ~JeEpY!

Im Stupid because I put up with the bad drivers and stupid people. I could go on a rampage... I really should... but I just dont think I can do enough damage. rocket launchers and flame throwers are FAR to hard to come by.  Seriosly, I have no problem with stupid people and bad drivers, but cant we put them in china or somewhere equally overpopulated to help run down the populace to a decent amount? It never fails, wherever I go they follow, I traveled 21 hours and they WHERE STILL THERE!- Jugalo night walker

i am both of the above options. my driving is notoriously dangerous, although fun. and although on the one hand i am an intellectual on the other hand i do the STUPIDEST things. this may well be due to my borderline psychosis and other assorted mental disorders.- communist queen

I would have to say stupid people I can be stupid at times but I'm good driver- Sally

Well.. Thi actualy reminds me of a funny story. I was driving to the 9:30 club. Well i had my third or fourth beer only about an our before that and things didn't turn out too well when i offered to drive us. My side view mirrior hit some guy's car and i just sorta kept driving. He finnaly caught up to me when i had reached my destination. He yelled a bunch of shit i can't remember and he tried to make me pay for any damage that may have happened to his car. After that as he left he called me a "stupid bad driver". I don't know wether i'm worse at drving or more stupid than i actualy think. Hmm.. it's probly both!-NNY

i'm neither- buddha

i'm a bad driver because i don't know how to and i'ma stupid person because i just am and people tell me every day what a moron i am so i guess it's true- irish psycho

This is a trick question....isn't it? I knew it. You just wanna know so that you can kill us in our sleep. I'm not gonna answer.- Anthrax.Boy

i'm an idiot, so i guess i qualify as a stupid person- irish psycho

im not gonna let you know cause i dont feel like getting killed...*person in the background* HES THAT IDIOT DRIVING THE YELLOW PORSCHE 911 *Pulls out whip* shut up *crack* ....damn crack hoes.- samperson

I am a good driver because I said so. the fact that I have no license and just experiment to find the right driving technique is irrelivant. Also, there are people out there who actually got taught to drive or worse, paid money for lessons and they drive like complete ass monkeys (dont even get me started on monkeys!). And whats with the old people?! now they're bad- aire

I'm one of the bad people who come for you in the night. Why? Pleh... It's a living.- Dave Dingle

well, in that i cant drive, im abviously not a bad driver...but i suppose /because/ i cant drive, ive been to lazy to get my ever nessessary and helpful licence, thus making my quite stupid. case rested.- frazicus

Sometimes I'm a bad driver, other times I'm a stupid person and sometimes I'm both. Whoever denies it is lying.- Omuletzu

Im a bad driver simply because i hate to drive.- Maximus

i am a stupid person that is a bad driver .............but i can talk WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!?!?!?!- moo poo chic21

Bad driver, because I keep to the speed limit, stop at the stops, obey all the traffic rules.... and piss off all the other Stupid Drivers.- Dark Zombie

i am a good driver i just get pissed off- shortty

bad driver - cause people watching is just too fun sometimes. i stupid person doesn't know they are a bad driver, a smart one just warns the passengers!- turtle

i'm not either. i'm a granny driver - and i'm very intelligent.- scooter

Oo, although I don't drive, I'd rather be a bad driver than a stupid person, because I could always get someone else to drive for me, or take public transport. Now, id I were a stupid person, I would have to suffer (and make others suffer) for the rest of my life.- Fido Dido

haha i'm the squirrel that the bad drivers swerve to miss and then they go off the road and hit a tree thus causing severe brain damage and making the bad driver a stupid person...- irish psycho

I am a stupid person. Woo Wooo!!- Intrigue

That's a tough call. I mean, I know I'm stupid, but I can't help but think about my theory: That stupid people become bad drivers. C'mon, you have to be stupid if you think you can control a big, hunk of metal in a dangerous manner while endangering the lives of other stupid people around you. Bad drivers are stupid, hence stupid people are bad drivers. Talk about a vicious circle. I still think I am only stupid, though.- McDiablo

why can't I be both?- MrHappyPants

I am sad to say i am both! oh boo hoo, its awful when you have to ask a stop sign for directions, but then again its even worse when you dont see the old mans face until hes on top of your car- monkeeskittles

im a bad driver cuz umm...stupid people just plain suck like vaccums! vrrrrrrrrrrrrrooommmm..- choo choo

a bad driver because....well....i don't drive- Mary

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