what was the WORST summer vacation you've been on?

well this one time when mother took us all in the car ( all 9 of us remember.. in a civic... my mom was a slut) and we all got burnt on the seatbelts and such bc it was so hott. Then after we drove for what seemed like days we jumped out of the car only to see that the Disneyland had burned down. - franky the midget

the sunn is badd...*turns on flash light*AHH!!*dies- SG*

Girl Scout camping, if it can be called a vacation at all. The cots were moldly, the fridge was in the ground, and we had food for a week when we would only be there for the weekend. I forgot so many things, like a tarp to cover the cot, so I slept directly on it in my sleeping bag. No poncho, used a garbage bag. I'm not going to complain about the lack of electricity, I liked being able to see the stars, but finding the bathroom in the dark was an adventure in and of itself. Then there was cooking dinners... One night we had grilled cheese and I was in charge of flipping them in the pan. One tray in front of me, one to my left, and I had to sneeze. I, logically, sneezed to the right and right (bullseye) on the third tray of grille cheese carried by one of the troop leaders. Mmm, extra spices. Oh, but it gets better. The fire alarm, the one the camp ground owner swore would not go off unless there was a real, dire emergency, went off at about midnight. Every one of us, 11 to 13 year old girls and leaders, walked about two miles in our night clothes (and one poor girl in the wrong shoes on the wrong feet), only to find a man watching TV and another group of older campers having a bonfire at the lake/pond. We were told it was a mistake and to go back to our site. We had to WALK back... At the end of the weekend we had to carry all the uneaten food back, plus my dad's 20 year old camping equitment decided to fall appart on me. So I had to use my garbage bag poncho and the torn strings to lash it. ... Yes, I think that was everything for hell weekend (that which I didn't block anyway).- Riku

the year i met my now"X-wife"while trying to take a break!!!!!!- rayyo77

roadtrip across europe..will not go into detail of the horror and pain i experienced...what were you trying to prove, mom? That we can be disfunctional as a family anywhere in the world?- Syko Morgana

the one where the people from the NSA were following me entire time and trying to read my mind with their x ray vision, but i was wearing my tin foil hat.- flaming kanuck

We went to new mexico on business with my dad (I live in arizona). "It'll be fun", they said. "There'll be plenty to do." Plenty to do consisted of sitting in the hotel room cuz it was too freaking hot to live outside, and playing fun games designed to ward off cabin fever such as "Sneak out Into the Hallway and Steal Soap Off the Maid Cart" and "Guess How Come the Toilet She's-a No Flush Too Good"- FartMonkey

lucky me I don't go on summer vacations they suck- sally

...death valley...- allbeautymustdie

niagara falls. I LIVE A FUCKING HOUR AWAY FOR GOD SAKES- drunkennewfiemidget

Unlike you rich people, our family never had out-of-town vacations. There was this one time when we go to go our backyard. That was kind of fun. - Josephine Stalin

I went on a summer holiday with a girlfriend, her best friend and her best friend's obnoxious boyfriend. We stayed in a shitty tent, argued the whole time and get very cold and ill. And for thirty quid I could have paid a hooker to ensure that while I was dating my girlfriend I got at least ONE GOOD BLOWJOB!!!- Mzebonga

the one where uncle gina brought his lover to the family reunion and great aunt sally made me eat the green bean casserole. granny never could console the children after i told them it only rains because god is crying over something they did. but that was a good learning experience.- sxi purrsin

I dont go on summer vacations... Im stuck im my boring town with nothing to do...- NSuxbum

last summer i had to stay inside all day long and it was really boring because they played reruns on tv and it sucked ass. i couldn't play music cuz the cd player broke and it sucked MORE ass.- irish psycho

That time i floated out of my tent on an air mattress while camping...Actually...That was kinda fun...- Keiko

The Worst Summer vacation I have been on is the one that I was not allowed to go.- DZ

the WORST holiday I've ever been on was most definitly that time I was squished on a tiny boat for two nights, only to hear the fast snoring of my little brother and only to smell the rankness that emanates from my grandmother whose feet were snuggled dangerously close to my face. And she wasn't even wearing socks!- Nelson

well, being that i'm not in school and they call that summer vacation and it's 108 degrees and gaining...i'd have to vote for every summer vacation i've ever had...they all sucked- ferretchick

the one when i got sodomised in my sleep every night by some leprechauns and when i told my parents in the morning they'd look at me funny, and spike my milk with valium to make me shut up and sleep, and then in the middle of the night the whole thing will start over again.....- SiNiSTaR

the vacation to monkey world in 1995- BoB

probably when we went to the mountains, it was shit ass cold and there were millions of little crawling bugs and i saw a bear, at least i think it was a bear, may have been bigfoot- monkeeskittles

this one, where it snowed. it wasnt very summery. now that i think about it, i dont even think it was summer. it might have been winter. it was a pretty good winter vacation.- frazicus

when i visited hell for my fathers birthday. he loves it there, the spiky-assed bastard. there were devil fish and shit like that. seriously sucked. - the bastard

uh.... rafting trip- tiny

To my father House he was so boreing he did not even take care of me and my sister he a braster he dosent do anything.He is so boreing he gose out and have fun and leave me and my sister in the house he never dose nothing I hate him.- Sexy

i have never had a bad summer vacation that i can think of...i dont go on many vacations- pagan_mistrs not really

this one. 2 hours after the last final exam i was on a trampoline and i landed on my ankle the wrong way and now i've got a fracture in my leg bone and i can't walk at all and now i'm out of school and i should be doing lots of fun shit but i FUCKING CANT CUZ I CANT FUCKING WALK! GODDAMNIT THIS FUCKING SUX SHIT!!!!!!!- irish psycho

The one where I did absolutely nothing and stayed at home..oh wait...that's every summer...- Goober

The one where a monkey with a raging hard-on attacked our tour group in Africa and started earfucking everyone it could gets its hands (and feet) on. As I faded into unconsciousness I heard the rangers yelling "earfucker, stop at once". terrible- Bill

The worst one had to be when our van decided that breaking down during my family's summer vacation was the best time to do so. We had to stay in shitty campsites in towns we never meant to end up in while waiting (and spending even more money) for the dumb thing to get fixed. To top it off, we discovered that the folding down cabinet in our tent trailer was cheaply made. That trip has since been dubbed 'The Trip From Hell'. We just needed to have Satan there and the party would have been complete.- McDiablo

Any trip involving Disneyland was proablay but the worse. But one time my parents took us to this horrible place called "Canada" or something like that. Oh man, it was terrible. Nobody spoke English and it was really cold. - Fresh Fruit

Last summer I went to a waterpark and found feces floating in the pool. Ironically, this time it wasn't mine so I hopped out of there. You don't go into pools that have already been filled with feces, it's just downright rude.- Kitten

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