have you noticed that people are getting stupider?

yes! i say we kill all of them and sterilize thier parents, obviously there is some dumb mix in their spermies. - franky the midget

yep...and have you noticed all the younger kids at schools are getting shorter and shorter?- SG*

Yes, and it's very, very scary. I've never been a reality based person anyway, but at least I'm not dumb. (We can argue about sanity, but while Hannibal was a nut, he was smart. ... Then you also have Einstein who sat on a waffle iron to help prove his point about relativity.) And then, THEN, you have these people looking for the final solution. That one scape goat. It's TV! No, it's the INTERNET! It only has l33t, porn and stalkers anyway. Or, for fucks sake, it's that damn WB and it's Harry Potter spawn of evil. There's no liberal US media! Holy shit, I might have to read a book or look outside the US for some news that doesn't have to words "trajedy", "heros" and "tax cuts" ever other sentence. Lately, the advertisement people have had the gaul to lampoon it, there's a radio commercial where a girl calls her uncle asking about visiting him while the uncle spends the whole call yelling at peope in the background. He and they spew every cliche and horrible thing that is wrong with the generic American image. And you know what, she hangs up on him. It ends with "Visit Canada!" To put it as simply as I can without really being stupid, 'people' have achieved a state of mind where they want others to take care of them. "We've earned it," they say. In truth their being children and will thus be treated like that. Stupid, little, helpless children. Just look at the Patriot Acts.- Riku

i thought it was me!that would explain my recent compulsion to dumb down!WATSON! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!,,,,,NOW?!- rayyo77

we dont need your war machines and your filthy blood-stained dollars! - Syko Morgana

they are? i didnt know they could get any dumber.- flaming kanuck

Yes. One large example is myself. Lazy too..I suck..it would be so bad if everyone in the world was me..I'd go insane..but everyone else would be me so the whole world would be insane..what a thought.....now, what was I talking about? Dangit I forget now- FartMonkey

yeas all the time it gets worse every year- sally

and shorter.. yes... i think the moon is affecting the gene pool leaving over half of civilization wading in the shallow end- allbeautymustdie

Yes. Which is why we need to invoke our plan of world domination.- drunkennewfiemidget

I have developed a special gas comprised of KO2 and Potassium Carbyte that when mixed with CH4(which is the chemical of stupidity.) will cause the inhabitant of the CH4 to spontaniously combust. My new chemical agent will be hidden in various deceptive bottles that say things such as "Spray this and you will be automatically popular and cool." and "Wear this if you are a true Britney Spears fan so that other Brtiney fans can sniff you out in a crowd." - Josephine Stalin

Who? Me? Narf!- Mzebonga

considering that i am their humble leader in political matters such as the controlling of our youths' minds...no.- sxi purrsin

Yes... the dumbing down of america... why are people so stupid...- NSuxbum

they are also getting fatter, all the little kids i see are REALLY chubby. their parents are too. stupid and fat....damn stupid fat people.- irish psycho

stupider isnt a word.- Keiko

Huh, peepel r geting stoopeder? nah, I dont fink so, beecoz I am veddy smaart! OF COURSE, PEOPLE ARE GETTING STUPIDER! EVEN ME! SO SHOOT ME! NO, WAIT, LET ME SHOOT MY SELF! ONE LESS STUPID PERSON!!!- DZ

nO i HaVeN't. Jesus doesn't that annoy you when people do that? BeCaUsE iT rEaLlY fUcKiNg PiSsEs Me OfF. Anyway....what was the question?- Nelson

really? i haven't noticed this...i thought they were always this dumb...maybe its the godforsaken tv...everything is the tvs fault...lets burn it... - ferretchick

Yes and i noticed you keep emphasising that, like intelligence is not the only thing that matter you know, all that matters in people is how big their boobs are, dont you know that?- SiNiSTaR

yes... yesterday i asked some1 4 a tooth pick and they picked my teeth - BoB

yes I have and my mom proves this everyday, by talking to that damn flower garden and singing to it, she didnt ever sing to me when I was a kid, so why sing to damn flowers- monkeeskittles

ive noticed that we should start culling certain memeber off society...so yes, i guess you could say ive noticed...- frazicus

hell yeah- the bastard

like you woulden't belive- tiny

No I dont watch that.- Sexy

yes so many people... i feel they are dragging me down like there is no one out there anymore to have a decent comversation with... they are all plastic its like us and them ahh im not even using correct punctuation...- pagan_mistrs not really

yeah i think my whole damn family is quickly getting stupider and fucking more idiotic by the fucking second- irish psycho

No shit, Sherlock..ya don't say...Yes, I have...- Goober

I thought the aminals were just getting smarter, people stupidier thats unpossible- Bill

Yes, I have. Very much so. Some prefer to mutilate the English language by using, what I call, 'internet slang'. I mean, when you start putting side-ways happy faces in your essays, then you have a problem and are therefore dubbed 'stupid'. Or those people who like making big deals out of small things. Or *shudder* those people who would watch reality TV instead of something with a plot. Wait...does anything on TV have a plot nowadays? I better go and ponder that one further.- McDiablo

How can people get ANY stupider than they are now? Throw me a fucking bone here! Really, seirously, throw me a bone! I want to chew on one. - Fresh Fruit

It would be very lowly of me to bring up that stupider isn't even a word, wouldn't it? Therefore I won't question your ways since you're obviously on a higher plane of knowledge and existence than I. I have noticed this though, I've also noticed that with the increase of this current trend, I've begun to get more migraines and my homocidal tendencies are starting up again. I take my anger out on the Steves I've collected though. They make such lovely pets, so soft, so cuddly, so vulnerable...Ahh hell, so stupider is a word. I should have known that. Forgive me doubting your ways, masters. It'll never happen again- Kitten


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