if you screamed right now, would anyone hear you?

um well the midget locked in my closet, my lawn gnomes, my sexual slave Lester, oh and my 20 hostages.... but other than that nah. but remember you never heard any of this. - franky the midget

hell yea they would..i'm out side- SG*

Yeah, but they'd ignore it. Can't even scare the cats anymore. Perhaps one would wake up and yell, "Turn off that damn TV!"- Riku

yes- rayyo77

well i wasn't sure. so i tried it out. i screamed and the people in my head got really pissed off and started screaming back. i have a headache now. - Syko Morgana

nah, im in a padded cell- flaming kanuck

I thought so, but then I said what the heck and I really did scream, and I heard no response. Where is everyone? Where have you taken them? No, I'm not complaining..AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!- FartMonkey

yeah probably- sally

yes... but they'd probley confuse it with all my other screaming comming out of this house and think i was getting laid... it about sounds the same- allbeautymustdie

The dog. And the little green men in my socks.- drunkennewfiemidget

Unfortunatley, my vocal chords were ripped out in a terrible accident involving 4 clowns and a chain saw. - Josephine Stalin

Yeah. I would.- Mzebonga

only the llama the sits by me every night while i drink myself into a coffin. now excuse me, i need more vodka....- sxi purrsin

Yes...my neighbors are out side and my family is downstairs... sucks to be them- NSuxbum

i would here me screaming and then i'd freak out and have an anyurism and that would be bad cuz i couldn't kill myself then.- irish psycho

Yes- Keiko

Yes, but they don't give a shit. Infact, I will get fired for disrupting an office.- DZ

No, I doubt it. I scream all the time, you know, to break the tension in board meetings and such, but no one ever seems to notice. They usually just go on with what they were doing. But they don't seem to be able to hear me when I'm talking at normal volume either. I'm beginning to wonder If I'm really just a water fountain, unable of making witty office conversation, just various bubble globbing sounds that don't attract very much attention at all.- Nelson

perhaps the midget in the other room...but no one cares about him...he doesn't matter - ferretchick

i've got the supersonic scream of a bat that only other bats can hear.- SiNiSTaR

only my monkey strippers- BoB

I doubt it, although I have a big loud mouth I seriously dont think anyone would hear me scream right now, no one seems interested in my crazy antics anymore- monkeeskittles

even if i did, would you care?- frazicus

probably, cos my parents are in the room- the bastard

yes- tiny


yes- pagan_mistrs not really

no because the music is up too loud- irish psycho

Yes and my dad would probably scream back, that or kick my ass... - Goober

That was a mistake. now everyone in the computer lab thinks i am crazy- Bill

My sister might bite her finger off since she is chewing on it and sitting right next to me. Or she'd keep chewing it 'cuz she has the tendency to not hear things.- McDiablo

Only the peanuts can hear me.....Shhh, I dont want to wake the peanuts!- Fresh Fruit

Well considering there are people downstairs, yes. Would I care? No. Would they care? Probably not. I'll try it though, making it as orgasmic as possible to heighten the magnitude for their reactions.- Kitten

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