what is your favorite part of this website?

every night after i look at this website i have dreams about wild sock monkey sex, usually me and at least 10 different sock monkeys, first we lather each other up in ice cream.. and ooh i cant go on. but yea those nights would definitly be the best part of the insane domain- franky the midget

everything!!!especially the porn..DC your so sexy- SG*

The questionaire/what ifs and the Ask DC. Mmm, interaction. You need more pirates.- Riku

this part.- rayyo77

the realistic barbie dolls...that is my absolute favorite part of this site. whoever did that was a fucking genious.- Syko Morgana

the penguins- flaming kanuck

My favorite part of the website is the red scroll bar. You didn't conform and have the same stupid tan windows scroll bar as all the other loser websites. Bravo.- FartMonkey

DC is my favourite part- sally

sock monkey porn... gets me wet- allbeautymustdie

lists. lists. lists. lists.- drunkennewfiemidget

I enjoy everything on this website. It's almost better than an orgasmic experience.- Josephine Stalin

The part where I get good answer awards.- Mzebonga

the part where we sing songs and set small rodents on fire. and gluing our hands together...that's got to be the best part.- sxi purrsin

Questions and answers with DC- NSuxbum

asking insane question and having someone actually answer them....or the stories- irish psycho

The stupid question thingy..- Keiko

The Gold Rush Game, because you always lose.- DZ

This website? Well I've been disconnected from the internet and have not been wandering the halls of theinsanedomain for quite a long time. But in my absence, I remember dreaming about the what if/questionaire pages, which only proves one thing: The eveil green jellybeans are trying to silence me from spreading the word to all of you, that the world is in danger. THEY'RE GONIG TO INFEST YOU! DON'T EAT GREEN JELLYBEANS! THEY'RE JUST TRYING TO GET INSIDE YOUR BRAIN AND EVENTUALLY TAKE OVER THE WHOLE HUMAN RACE ONLY TO TURN EARTH INTO A CANDY-MAKING HELL THAT ONLY MAKE SOUR GROSS LOLLIES THAT EVERYONE HATES!!!!!!! - Nelson

the color black, you can't see anything so you hardly know you're here - ferretchick

the Q&A with DC cuz then you can see other people getting stinky monkey butts then you can pint and laugh at them then you can feel relieved it wasn't you.- SiNiSTaR

the monkey porn- BoB

anything DC does of course! Imma DC GROUPIE! - monkeeskittles

i like getting off on the sock monkey porn of course. what do you think i come here for? - frazicus

the sock monkey porn of course, you fools- the bastard

sock monkey sex- tiny

THe part where you get to ask quetion.- Sexy

????- pagan_mistrs not really

either the things that suck list or insane questions answered by d.c.- irish psycho

Ask DC- Goober

This part, especially when people say something that gets them awarded monkey balls...ha ha ha monkey balls, its great- Bill

I'll have to say the Q&A With DC. It was the reason I kept coming back to this site during my early days of visiting. *Sigh* I remember those days. I was so young, so innocent, so fragile...so unaware as to how mentally messed up I was. Annoying a sock monkey with questions I am sure he didn't care about was the only way to spend my time then. It still is.- McDiablo

the part where the insane domain randomly draw names out of a bucket and send money to whoever gets picked.- Fresh Fruit

It all depends on the phase of the moon and the particular mood I'm in. Generally, ASK DC has always been a favorite place to dwell but recently I've taken a renewed interest in the porn section. I'm thinking about making my own spreadsheets, I have a plethora of old stuffed animals with some kinky quirks. I'm not quite sure about Strawberry Shortcake's golden shower fetish but you know, beggars can't be choosers. I'm ALSO buying a sock monkey porn tshirt for my grandmother's 70th birthday gift. Oh won't her bingo chums be envious?- Kitten

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