someone phoned but you took to long to pick up...
you have call display so you know who it is and their number...
do you phone them back or wait for them to phone again?

Wait...If it's important they'll call back again, plus it'll be on their phone bill.- Goober

i would wait until they decide to call me back because if it was important then they'll call back. - sugarNspice

where are the candy canes? where hast thou gone, O candy Cane of life?- Syko Morgana

I would call them back quickly screaming "I have the damn money, now give me my kid back!". That would teach them to be impatient when they called me. Bastards. - Kitten

i just erase the screen and unplug the phone cuz i was most likely fucking,sleeping,eating,pissing,taking a shit and they disturbed me and i do not want to ever speak to them again...- SG*

phone them back- Holly

Are they cute? Will they give me sexual favours? I like sexual favours.- Mzebonga

Wait- Pat

Oh, I suppose I'd prank call them a few times and leave threatening messages...then I'd wait for them to call me and I'd deny having anything to do with the prank calls...act insulted and hang up on another prank call...n'then they'd call back and be like Man what's going on? And I'd fake an accent and be like, ja dey haf callen de vrong number...then I'd get my number changed...see if that'll stop those cretins and their little dogs too- FartMonkey

I phone them back. I wait for them to say hello. (I am under the presumption that they don't have Caller I.D.) I then scream "TAG YOUR IT!!" and hang up. And I do that every hour on the hour until I realize that I had been dialing the wrong number.- Anthrax.Boy

Well it depends on the person who phoned me. If it is DC, I would phone back. If it is Sanimal, I wouldn't even touch the phone.- DZ

i'll just stare at the phone...if after 15 minutes still no call...i'll go back to my room and have some more sex...and don't you dare tell me to get an extension!!! - leigh

i phone them back.- swarthy

The descision distresses me, so I take the phone and smash it against the nearest wall and crawl into bed.- Charly the Squirrel

Usually call them back, but it depends. My Mom, if she doesn't call again to double check, gets called back in the evening because the first words out of her mouth are "How was your day?" (Insert Brooklyn accent at will). My Dad tends to have decent things to say, unless it's "Check your email?", but I call him anyway. One track friend tends to have emergencies, and I kinda feel bad about letting him hang for a few days when he needed something within the hour. My brother... oh, when he can he leave *messages*. Very interesting messages. For example: "I blew out my knee." is revealed to be "I was fooling around on a wheel chair and slammed my knee into a bench." He usually gets quick call back with a fifty fifty chance of me opening with "What the hell did you do exactly?"- Riku

Depends on who it is. But usually I'll wait till they call back.- rubybloof

I'll call them back and say "Have you no patience? You knew I was upstairs getting the shrews prepared for their field trip. Maybe next time you should take that into consideration. BYE. click." - Syko Morgana

phone them back and if they don't answer i collapse in fits of paranoia, fits of varying degrees depending who the person is, if it's the guy from friday night i could suffer a great deal... but if it's debt collection... well. - drumroll_please

i call back. i usually do anyway. i ask what they want, and why they called, either that or listen to their message on my machine. - deathmagick

no! i rip the damn infernal thing from hell off the wall and shuck it across the room screaming obscenities at the reciever and broken pieces!! damnit the "nice men" are prolly going to come again! ahh shit, no mom dont make me go back there again! *dragged off by "nice men"* ps- theyre not really nice!!!!!- stupid shit-ass

Bleh! Phones suck! Just a way of talking to people you don't even wanna know about - your long forgotten relatives. I'll let it ring till they give up if it's one of them. If it's someone And if it's someone else, why call back? They're calling cause they want something from me, right?! Call again!- Omuletzu

i say the hell with them and switch off my phone and go back to sleep.- SiNiSTaR

questions like these are why I, in fact, do not have call display. I put those I wish to speak to on a system of code rings, and usually leave the ringer off, in any case. ringing telephones startle me and disrupt my efforts to levitate.- Enfante Terrible

Neither, i go get a sandwich.- Hooligan

it depends who it is! mom: wont phone back cute guy: will phone back!!- la curve

depends on who it is...and if I'm bored.- 6ft

call back- Pat


Wait- Rock

phone them back and tell them to get fucket off- jesus teacake

I'd wait for them to phone back just so I can pretend that I'm the answering machine and see how they'd react. I get really bored sometimes.............- McDiablo

depends who it is But I probably ignore them - joe_sucks

call them, then eat them- Martha Stewart

if i like them or want/need to talk to them, i call them back...other than that, definitely a no- butt

it depends on who it was...if it was my mom i'd change my phone # and never tell her about it, if it was anybody else i'd call back and ask them why in the fuck they called so damn early(1 pm)?- irish psycho

wait for them to phone again- pesh

That would depend on who it was.- JellyFishToast

If i like them, i phone them back. If i don't know who it is, they can go suck asspiss with a swirly straw.- Danowar

i would not phone them-i don't want to talk to u!!- irish psycho's mom

phone them back. there might be something in it for me.- demonboy

phone them back- Melissa

I wait for them to phone again.- kabeli

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