so you're being forced to eat salad until you die... but you DO get to pick your dressing...
what will you choose to be your last salad dressing?

Ranch...The kind that like comes in a package and you mix it with stuff...- Goober

i think that i would pick ranch dressing because they don't make cum dressing.- sugarNspice

I'll say "Ranch." and when they bring me the ranch, ill spray it all over the bastard who is forcing me to do this, chances are he is proabaly the sicko who forced me to dig a hole, eat dirt, and chose between fire and water. what a sick man.- Syko Morgana

I eat alot of salad anyway, it's rather fun to slaughter innocent vegetables for sport but I've learned to be less wasteful so now I consume what I kill. As far as my last salad dressing, peppercorn ranch all the way. That shit is godlike.- Kitten

Blue cheese....extra chunky!bring it onnn!!...- SG*

I'd take the salad with me to Victoria's Secret. Or is it Victoria Secret's? I don't know, nor do I care. But anyway, I would go there, then I would force the salad to dress in sexy lingerie. After I have had my "fun" I would use the "dressing" on the floor.- Anthrax.Boy

Ranch- Holly

No dressing. Dressing is bad. Just eat the damn salad and be done with it. Stop trying to hide the taste. This is a really crumby selection of questions. Busy week?- Mzebonga

Ranch- Pat

Hold on now..are you saying I have to sit down with limitless salad and just eat and eat until eating so much causes me to die? Or I can just go on with my life but whenever I want to eat I can only eat salad? Can blood be used as salad dressing? Might as well get some revenge in there..well...heck if I'm gonna die anyway I can always annoy the pants off em asking for a different dressing every five minutes or so- FartMonkey

Well. Let's see. I would first masturbate cause I'm about to die, so I need "relief". I would then use the spooge as my dressing, though I'm not fond of salads, I'd still use the spooge *wink*- Anthrax.Boy

It would have to be Greek Salad, because I am Greek and I want to die Greek Style.- DZ

just a plain mayonaise. then i'll go to my room and dress up with my favorite lettuce dress. - leigh

melted lard.- swarthy

Newman's Own Caesar. Man, that is some good stuff.- Charly the Squirrel

All in one sitting or the only food I'll ever eat again until the end of my days? (Ever had liquified salad and dressing through a tube? No, neither have I. Better find someone else to ask.) I like French Dressing. Maybe I'll get a barret too. Though if it's all in one sitting I better get a nice stand with a sign saying something fairly dignified like "Salad Eating Contest". But if it's out in the mid-west I'd better change my dressing to Ranch lest they pour a bottle of Chateau Screw-Top on my head.- Riku

Italian- rubybloof

Where's Billy? Where's George? The cake is now finished.- Syko Morgana

the phlegm and snot of all the people i knew and loved, would make good dressing. because then i can eat a little of what i like, and it does me good, and i think its a very natural and inventive way of honoring my loved ones.- drumroll_please

i already eat salad all the time, i'm a vegetarian. i don't like a lot of dressings, but my last dressing of choise would prolly be.. thousand island? i guess. - deathmagick

hot buttery monkey-love juice please!- stupid shit-ass

Blood. The blood of the people who are trying to make me eat till I die. Hell, we all have to die someday.- Omuletzu

I'll ask for them to make me a special custom dressing, and all the ingredients i request are actually ingredients to make a special potion which when I eat it, i turn into a giant reptile and I run through the streets of tokyo and ppl will point at me, scream and run, and i'll get my very own feature film about my large grotesqueness.- SiNiSTaR

wasabi-tequila-quaalude vinegarette - Enfante Terrible

Chicken.- Hooligan

greek- la curve

eww. Any dressing would get sick tasteing pretty i really wouldn't care. I'd pick a king that wasn't avaialble, so by the time the person got back with it i might be able to escape.- 6ft

Caesar- Pat


Ranch- Rock

the sex wee of bin laden- jesus teacake

Wow, how considerate of the salad to let me pick out my own dressing. I had a feeling the bowl of salad in the fridge was plotting something against me. Hey, it isn't my fault that lettuce withers. Oh, and to answer your question, I'd go with Creamy Cucumber.- McDiablo

mustard or newmans own california cobb dressing form mcdonalds- joe_sucks

liquid morphine- Martha Stewart

oh, most definitely a nice ranch- butt

cat puke and dog piss mixed. it's supposed to be good for your complexion- irish psycho

blue cheese- pesh

Ranch, the rest are to chunky or oily.- JellyFishToast

A mixture of axle grease and the blood from my ex fiance's thigh bone.- Danowar

rasberry vinagrette-fat free- irish psycho's mom

blue cheese.- demonboy

ranch- Melissa

Italian Dressing- kabeli

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