that's it... we're fed up with cardboard... will you join us in our fight against them?

Hell Yea!- Goober

yes i will take all the cardboard of the world and pile it on my head and make a huge hat!!- sugarNspice

no, my house is made out of cardboard.- Syko Morgana

Them? It's become a legion? Well yes, of course! I'll start stocking up on buckets of water and box cutters. We'll bring those conniving pieces of pressed paper DOWN!- Kitten

hell yea!so it's plastic now eh?- SG*

no- Holly

Is cardboard a them or an it? I mean, is it a fight against carboard like a fight against facism or like a fight against fascists? Are you going to kill the people who think cardboard is a good idea or just the cardboard. Frankly, I think the whole thing needs planning.- Mzebonga

Yes- Pat

Cardboard is a them? Well I live in a box..made of's my only shelter...but the darned thing does leak through and get that nasty wet cardboard smell when it rains...and it offers little protection from those burly guys who go around the parking lot jabbing spears into our boxes...and if you try to make a kite out of old boxes that are too beat up to live in they sometimes cut a papercut only like really huge, you know? Dang I hate those...yeah sure, I'll join your fight..let me just explain to my cats and I'll be on my way- FartMonkey

I didn't know that cardboard classified as "them", but yes, I will join your fight. FIGHT THE CARDBOARD!! IT WILL HOUSE OUR REFRIGERATOR'S FOR ETERNITY IF WE LET THEM!!! DOWN WITH CARDBOARD!!!- Anthrax.Boy

Sure, just give me time to get my flame thrower.- DZ

fight? nah!...i'd rather ask some more stupid questions...and get some more stupid answers...isnt it right DC - leigh

no. i like cardboard. especially the corrugated kind.- swarthy

On the double. I will help to flock all the cats in my neighborhood up, but they'll probably want a few slices of pie before we head off, so we might be a couple hours late. WE MUST BE CONSISTENT!- Charly the Squirrel

Styofoam for everybody! Save trees and create tons of non-recyclable, unrottable, never will decompose in a million, bajillion years, and make that Ozone hole bigger. Because in America, we do things big. And when we can't we blow it up. So, where's my button, and bumpersticker? I want a t-shirt too.- Riku

Um, no.- rubybloof

there was a box i loved once. but i left it in the garden, and the rocketship control buttons rubbed off. because i drew them in marker pen. i will always mourn that box, and the crapness of marker pens. so i am more fed up with marker pens, and cardboard never did anything wrong except be absorbent. - drumroll_please

hell yes, cardboard sucks, and we should burn it all. down with cardboard. yay for pyromaniacs! - deathmagick

fuck no! Cardboard is the shit, you can make forts with it, hit people with it in a way that wont make them cry like sissies... Ooh and have you ever had a cardboard-paper cut?? Hurts especially when you give one to someone in the face!.. So now thats we've established that cardboard is good and the insane domain must suck ass for declaring war on them I can leave. - stupid shit-ass

Hell, yeah! Plastic is much better! You don't need to cut trees to make it, it's made in huge chemical factories that produce nike and stinky, toxic fumes, it's much stronger, it takes a lot more to degrade, and so on... yeah! Pull a plastic bag on your head and let's go fight against cardboard!!- Omuletzu

No way, I love cardboard! Its one of the major food groups, i mean there's cardboard in those burger buns that i love, and dont you like to eat pizza boxes for dessert?? - SiNiSTaR

them cardboard are nothing but trash, they live in heaps and do nothing but have babies and attract cockroaches. it was cardboard that stole all the good jobs around here. yup, they shut down the plant and gave my job to some freakin' "box". no "box" could ever sit around and hold shit like I could. trouble is them cardboard are so stupid they work for free. so, whenever you're ready, I'll just break the neck of this here Labbat's bottle and we can go tear us up some "boxes".- Enfante Terrible

fuck no. - Hooligan

why are we fed up with cardboard?. I love it... it helps me move!!! hahaha- la curve

nope.- 6ft

yes- Pat


Sure- Rock

no cos my cock is made of cardboard- jesus teacake

Hell yeah, especially against the soggy cardboard. It's time to let the world know what Cheez Whiz is made out of!- McDiablo

fuck yeah fuck cardboard and its many applacations- joe_sucks

Yes- Martha Stewart

absolutely not!'s so freakin functional!- butt

yes...if you buy me some sweet pants i will. - irish psycho

yes, i have a bone to pick with thoe ass clowns myself- pesh

No I love "them" cardboard, its original, suave, and o so tasty propulsions.- JellyFishToast

Cardboard is the homeless building material of the century! Why deny them that right? shoot the gits on welfare so the homeless people can have a home.- Danowar

sure. is cardboard dead trees???- irish psycho's mom

ive fought cardboard befor and god knows i'll do it again. you can count on me. i offer this advice for hand to hand combat: they are stronger than you think; dont let them close around you; and ALWAYS have your water granades handy, water is one of theyre weakneses - demonboy

yes!- Melissa

no- kabeli

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