when choosing socks, what is more important, the color or the material it's made from?

My socks must be made of the interwoven banana leaves to go with my coconut shoes and hat.- Mzebonga

non-flammable is most prefered as my feet sometimes tend to burst into flames when i am busting one hell of a bad ass move...- Miss Roger's Sweater

Oo, thats a tricky one. That depends on what is available. For example, cotton is always preferable to nylon, but if there are no cotton socks, just wool and nylon, then the black ones should be worn. If there are no black ones, then red will do, and then purple if no red, etc etc. White socks should only be worn when there is nothing else available.- Fido Dido

whether theres another sock that matches it or not- your mom

The fact that a certain pair of socks are green would rule out any other of its properties, though green socks made of radioactive llama fur would be a bonus on especially chilly days.- FartMonkey

The only thing that is important when choosing socks is the extent to which they do or do not smell like buttery vinegar when being retrieved from the floor preceding a hasty exit into the cold.- Enfante Terrible

The color most definitly, I mean hot pink or neon green socks are just so sexy, When you see a guy in them, how can you resist??- monkeeskittles

fuck if it fits and is clean i put it on- sexy lexy

The Taste. You see, I don't use socks the way most people do. They have GOT to taste good. Or I'm in for some deep shit.- Fish

It is quite obvious that the question is merely a converted form of 'What is more important, comfort or appearance?' And realising this makes me wonder how many of these questions are genuinely insane, and how many have just been converted from other questions and the data collected from these questions are then sent to big corporations trying to trick us into buying a new tv when we find that the new dvd player we just bought doesn't plug into our old tv. (or at least, that's what my grandpa says)- Nelson

i don't wear socks, cause i hate them, but since dundas is so bitterly cold in january, i'd say i choose from appearance- Missy G

well, i feel that the inner sock should be made of a pleasantly soft material to prevent chafing, such as towelling. they are my favourite kind of sock. the furry kind. that allow you to walk miles in the hope of finding yourself, and still prevent blisters. in fact, theres a survival tip for you, if you walk miles in the blistering sun, then wring out your sweat drenched socks, you can quite safely rehydrate yourself on your own foot sweat. theres a tip. write it down kids. as for the colour, if the towelling sock does not adequately fulfill the appropriate colour function, (and i feel every one of my garments must be red), then merely wear a red sock over the top of the towelling sock.- communist queen

Umm.. no i dont care i just grap 2 soc put them on my feet and go- BaByGiRL

neither. that there are ptterns on them is definately more important. you cant wear socks unless theyre patterned ones. personally, i like my stripy ones best...although the pawprints come a close second. i suppose for the purposes of this question,...colour is more important. it shapes the mood of your feet for the day- frazicus

material- Elli

if your a dirty slob like me, it wouldnt matter. You'd just be happy you found a pair of clean socks to wear.- Syko Morgana

Color!!!! You can have black wooly socks and be sad or have neon orange socks and be really really really happy!!!!!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

Way to tough to decide on.- roller star

the color- FlynMonkeyLover

socks? i wear tights baby!- Kira

neither i just grab the first two i get my hands on they usuallly don't even match- coperate rock whore

color- mary

Well i can only wear socks from Hungary. They use a special material that makes me feel all happy. The collor Matters some what beacause im not going tro wear pink or white socks.- Vile Weasel Squeezer

well, it is according to the alignment of the stars actually. You CANNOT wear blue stars when o'rion lines up with the ram. That would cause massive bloodshed. Please, help us save the ram. call us at 1-888-help-ram- jesus' sex partner

Color.. definitly color.. what do you think this is.. a comfort world? Color is what matters.. got me some good socks this year for christmas.. and the choice was color not if it was cotton or 100% wool or whatever socks are made of!- ~JeEpY

I wear sockets and they come in a tan colour not really for any reason but I hate socks they make my feet feel hot, sockets are really light material better for letting your feet breathe so they dont stink but sockets are only for girls. They are also good because they only come to your ankle.- Sally

well, interesting you should ask this, because just the other day, my good friend and i had an extended debate over this very same question, in fact things got so heated, i ended up strangling him with the very pair of socks he was wearing, and as i remember, they were black, however , i don't recall what material they were made of... i guess i'd have to say colour....- MARISSA

the color.- bOo

color. always need to be white. WHITE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! THE DAMNED THINGS NEED TO BE WHITE WHITE WHITE.... or pink!- malice oblivian

the color- SG*

the color it's made from is more important than the material it is.- jo_blow_from_idaho

My socks are usually composed of the color they happen to be. For instance, my orange socks are made out of oranges, and my blue socks are made out of blue, etcetera.- speedracer

Well both are in a way, for instance i'd never buy red socks that were made out of cotton but if they were made out of polyester i might and i'd NEVER buy white wool socks but maybe if they were blue.- SiNiSTaR

The material- Omahastylee

the color of course- Jillybean

actually...i like when the toe and the heel have colors on them...and that's all that really matters to me...i prefer red toes and heels with the basis of the sock being white...but those are hard to find- LittleBit

color.. gold baby yea!- Bando Rey

i only buy one type of socks....except for my ski socks, but i only wear them when i ski- t-barr

I don't know. I first look at the material to see if they won't break the first day I wear them, then at color. But I wouldn't buy pink socks no matter how strong they look. And I wouldn't buy poor quality socks if I really like the color. In conclusion, nice color and good material are the 2 requirements.- Omuletzu

material everthings about the material!..coulour smooulor smuckh!!colours what wrong with the world today!i remember days when everthing was black and white...THE PERFECT DAYS!when no one cared about fashion or flowers or race or rainbows..infact we were scared of rainbows!!THats how it should BE! People hide behind colour.. murderers,rapists,criminals,gays,CowarDS! IT HAS TO BE STOPED!!!Socks Are the Warmth for our Delicate feet.What does colour have anything to do with it but to separate the socks into catergorys ...creating more war and violence.Down with colours!- Spaggetti

ya foo,i choose me socks on which socks have the cutest pattern..so i guess its mostly based on colour..ffffffooooooll.hehehehehe- PeteTheHighSpeedGunshootinTrucker

material- puck

both- ShyAnn

That all depends on who you want to impress. The 2003 Charter on International Hosiery Protocol, available at most airport, magazine concession stands, delineates the subject into 12 chapters, with 144 subcategories, in 8 languages and includes a 4'x6', full color, histo-map of Hosiery trends throughout the ages, as well as free, interactive software that enables you to coordinate your Hosiery itinerary in advance for all occasions. The entire package is available for a modest $179.99 US currency but, a 20% discount is available with some frequent flyer plans depending on which credit card you use. Check with your travel agent for further details.- sixhairytits

colour- azarnael

i want mangos. shutup..you know you do too.- Pancake


color- Roxy

I believe the sheep make the best socks, you just gut them and wear em as booties!!!- SlimJD

Material... and no holes- Red

The material- stace

I don't have coloured socks...they are merely shades: white, black and, what I like to call, off-white. Just as long as they don't have holes, then it's all good (and I don't have to hear my mom say, "Those socks are religious because they are very hole-y") Gahg!- McDiablo

i never really choosed my socks before they are always in my top drawer and all are red and cotton.So the importants must be equal, it must be equal!- SpapoO

neither, i just put on socks, who cares what color or material they are.- taylor

material, my feet are from the gods- ben

i think thecolour is more important- chalky

its up to the sock itself- gert

they've got to be soft and warm.... - DC

I start out looking at the different socks.  Usually it's the material.  If I'm going to be outside, I will wear my thick work socks.  If I'm going to hang at home I have comfier socks that are thin, like socks that would go with dress pants.  I keep a lot of socks, even ones that don't fit me anymore, so before material or color (color is never an option) I look for socks that look like they could fit my feet with a minimal amount of struggle. - Schizoid

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