what cartoon character would you want to be?

Elmer Fudd. No reason.- Mzebonga

i would have to say Nitz from Undergrads.. sure he's the anti-hero, and mr. popular, and wears the same clothes everyday, and has weird friends like Rocko, Cal and Gimpy, and tends to get into trouble without trying, and isn't very adventurous... holy shit.. i think i might already be like him..- Miss Roger's Sweater

Pinky from "pinky and the brain", because he is in fact the most powerful person/creature in the universe, and his job is to in fact keep the Brain from taking over the world. He is not, actually, the stupid mouse that he is made out to be in the cartoon.- Fido Dido

the people from stickin' around- your mom

I wouldn't like to be any cartoon character. Especially if it's the kind they put in the funny pages of the newspaper. These grow stale so quickly that it would be humiliating to be among them. Having to look out at all the freaks reading your comic,giving your best with the material you have,then seeing their disappointed looks as they discover that it isn't funny. Pity isn't even an option.- FartMonkey

Zorak from Space Ghost.- Enfante Terrible

cat women...cause cats are the shit...they rule! i'd b all sexy in my black suit MEOW!!- monkeeskittles

well im a girl but Hommer from the Simpsons wouldn't be bad- sexy lexy

The Roadrunner. You get to run around all day making honking noises like an adenoidal sloth trying to sing Frank Sinatra, and laugh as a Coyote chasing you gets killed in increasingly funny ways.- Fish

Frankly I would not like to be a cartoon character at all, because I would enevitably be the baddy. I'll admit it, I'm a big, hairy, and generally scary to small children kind of person, but I'm as insane as the next person. I mean, have you seen what they do to poor sylvester and wile-e-cyote? And the kids all laught when one of the baddies get blown up or something. Imaging what they'd do to me on the street! I can only imagine in my nightmares, and highschool memories.- Nelson

i want to be Gimpy from Undergrads, cause that's my nickname and i love computer hacking- Missy G

i would like to be brain, of pinky and the brain. this is predominantly because i too wish to dominate the world, i too am continually thwarted by an incapable assistant, and i too am rather strange looking. also i believe that the brain is the funkmeister general of all the world. as am i- communist queen

winnie the pooh... dude who wouldnt wanna be a fat ass bear who eats nothin but honey???- BaByGiRL

the one that /doesnt/ get squished by an anvil.- frazicus

Gir from Invader Zim- Elli

I'd proabaly want to be Gumby. That way I could get ahold of that big blue whale/airplane/blonde girl thing and fucking chop her clay ass up and then re-shape her into a pigeon with elephantitus for coming to me so many times when I was acid tripping.- Syko Morgana

Fritz from Fritz the cat......it's an old 60s porn cartoon thingie. If I was a cartoon that would be it cuz like he gets to have sex with hot pussy's(errr cat's) and do all these drugs and have wild fun.....and still be a cartoon..- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

Garfield, his life is so stressfree and he's purrfect.- roller star

hmmm.....I would have to say peter pan...cause the feeling of flying is fun..- FlynMonkeyLover

roger rabbit. cause then id be able to have sex faster AND with women!!!!!- Kira

i would like to be the sister in family guy cause she seemds kool- coperate rock whore

george jetson- mary

I want to be yogie bear cuz when he's not being filmed he's getting laid by that slutty whore bear in the pink hat.- Vile Weasel Squeezer

anyone that can stretch. i could suck my own penis- jesus' sex partner

Homer Simpson.. even though I am a girl I still would like to be! Lazy, not a hard worker, eats donuts, and if he changed the beer to slurpees I would be set.. or I guess in cartoon world.. squishies!- ~JeEpY

Marvin the martian,Jacques Larock who owns the puck stop in chilly beach, Randell and Jay from the Clerks cartoon ,these are the coolest yeah- Sally

ahhh, lets see, i'd like to be Bart Simpson, cause all other cartoons suck ass, (with the excepton of the smurfs)- MARISSA

Daria.- bOo

shaggy from scooby doo. he gets high often!!- malice oblivian

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac..(a girl version)- SG*

myself- jo_blow_from_idaho

Ralph from the Simpsons- speedracer

the big kahuna cuz you get to eat and be fat and laze around the beach all day with sexy hawaiian women in grass skirts shakin' their asses... the big kahuna featured in one ren and stimpy episode if you think i'm making it up.- SiNiSTaR

ren- Omahastylee

kermit...or bugs bunny ...hes too cool for school- Jillybean

definitely Daria...hehe- LittleBit

Heero Yuy- Bando Rey

i wanna be bugs man, he gets all the respect and can always outsmart elmer fud(a.k.a. D^2)- t-barr

I'm thinking Pinky from Pinky and The Brain. This way I'd have absolutely no problem, Brain would do all the thinking and I'd get spanked from time to time for saying stupid things, ha-ha-haa!- Omuletzu

bugs bunny..the classic..what a true cartoon character is.plus he gots all the ladys, you know bugs is the ladys man.I Mean he's a bunny.. girls cant resist bunnys..I should know i am one.Im not a lesbian or anything like that, i just want the ladys to do me stuff and obey my every command..its the power of the sex appeal and i like to use it.- Spaggetti

road runner!!cus all i would do is run and some how a cyote(how the fuck do you spell that guys name?ya know him the animal ..thats brown..ya knows him..)well he keep bettin him self up over and over again...which i would love to watch and all i have to do is run and plus id own a cable internet acsess company..life couldnt get any better.- PeteTheHighSpeedGunshootinTrucker

granny cause she getz to beat the stupid cat- puck

iggy- ShyAnn

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.- sixhairytits

hobbes- azarnael

I would chose to be a Transformer from the Transformers. "GRAW WEEP GRAW NAH MEEP MINI BOM! Now give him a neutron treat." Either that, or someone from Captain Planet. Hey, did you ever see the episode where that guy died because someone put drugs in his burrito?- Pancake

Woodywoodpecker coz thats the only one I can think of- Dumb

Tweety. The one who beats up the cat- Roxy

Homer simpson, because that blue hive of marges makes me wanna make woopie!- SlimJD

I want to be like Bambi! so i could kill.... lol I'd want to be Van from escaflownas- Red

Pluto the dog. Feel free to go anywhere and not to worry about bills, listen to law.- stace

I think I'd like to be an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon. You know how they talk--they sound like a trumpet or something? You never know what the hell they are saying, and since no one knows what I'm saying half the time anyway, I think I'd fit the part rather well.- McDiablo

i would want to be one of those stupid japan cartoon people on any japan show so i could kill myself and freak out all those stupid kids who watch em but really i would like to be taz, so i could bust out every were and destroy everthing exspecialy on japan shows.- SpapoO

snoopy- taylor

bugs bunny since he is a fluffy rabbit- ben

dexter in the cartoon dexters laboratory- chalky

mighty mouse- gert

spawn!  i'll lead satans army!!! - DC

I AM Daffy Duck!  You're despicable! - Schizoid

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