what type of beverage are you addicted to and why?

Pepsi because of the caffiene and sugar. I can go and go and go and gi and go forever. Pepsi. Mmmmmmmmm Pepsi. I don't sleep anymore. I don't need to sleep. I can go on forever. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and EVER!!! But I have no teeth. They all rotted away.- Mzebonga

slurpees.. not just any slurpees.. pepsi.. the highly addictive kind.. in which i spend probably around 20 bucks a month on.. i figure some day i will be sent to the betty ford clinic to deal with my addiction..- Miss Roger's Sweater

Sock Monkey Jism. Because it has multiple uses and it tastes oh-so-good.- Fido Dido

coffee, caffine- your mom

The type of beverage that I am addicted to is, in its most addictive state, a liquid.- FartMonkey

1. ice water -Why? Transgenerational Culture Shock. My mother is from North Carolina and although I have spent my whole life with winters on Lake Ontario I was raised to keep a fan going and a glass of ice water on hand all year round. 2. tequila -Why- Because it is the real ninth gate. And to chase all that ice water. 3. Country Time Lemonade-?-Because it is the other ingredient (besides tequila) in my favorite house drink concocted by my Tequila Master and dubbed by myself as the "House Dress". It is the perfect thing for swilling away a hot afternoon in your pajamas on the porch.- Enfante Terrible

smirinoff ice...b/c it makes me get naked and run down the beach then it makes me resist arrest and almost hit the po-po- monkeeskittles

i have always fucking liked Dr. Pepper. My aunt has always drank it and when ever i was with her i drank it to. So after a while, shit i started to like ti my self... but what i don't fucking understand is why public places don't sell that much any more!- sexy lexy

A sludge made from 3/4 cup of gatorade powder and 1/4 a cup of water. Biggest sugar hit on the planet (2 cups of the powder makes 60 litres of Gatorade).- Fish

I am addicted to many things, but recently I've been drinking a lot of Sake which is Japanese wine. My roomate bought a bottle in july last year and I've been drinking a capfull every week since then. He never drinks it but I'm getting really afraid that one day he will feel like some sake and he will find the empty bottle and he will smell my sake breath and then will turn into some kind of evil green jellybean and bring his sugary wrath upon us.- Nelson

I'm addicted to strawberry soymilk, cause it tastes so damn good!!- Missy G

well that would be alcohol my good friend. anything with alcohol in. tia maria, baileys, vodka, whiskey, dooleys, bacardi, meths, wkd blue, brandy, gin, absinthe, paint stripper, white spirit, the list goes on and on...and i dont like being known as an alcoholic. i prefer "sobrely challenged"- communist queen

Dr. PePPer... Becuz its addicting what else? if it says dr. on it it might as well be good for u ... right?- BaByGiRL

baileys....isnt everyone?- frazicus

Will kool-aid b/c it was liquor in it- Elli

Urine of a baby goat. Its quite sweet, taste like jelly beans.- Syko Morgana

Dr. Pepper and Feigling(german alcohol) because when I drink it the crumbs run away from me and they won't attack me anymore when I am trying to sleep in my bed. Those crumbs live underneath of my sheets and bite me when I lay on them! The mix keeps the pain away!!!!!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

coffee, since it makes me feel more energetic and alive. Oh to be alive.- roller star

Skyy Blue.....it tastes so good and you get tipsy really quickly...and then you can have a lot of fun..- FlynMonkeyLover

i have this thing for hylocogen water...whoa green elephant.....- Kira

well i really like dr pepper and i have absaloutley no idea to me it just tastes like no other drink and has a kind of fruity taste (LOL)- coperate rock whore

coke-because it tastes good especially with rum, milk- cause its good for ya and tastes great- mary

Diet Coke... If i knew i would tell you trust me. Prolly Beacause regular coke tastes like balls.- Vile Weasel Squeezer

I can't choose. Every Wednesday I get a taste of Pepsi, by Thursday I'm itching for a taste of that delicious drink we call sprite. I have to be careful though, because on Mondays I always get together with milk and orange juice and boy is MILK a jealous juggie.- jesus' sex partner

Slurpee.. this is the werid part.. I never use to drink them as much until my "friend" ... yes she is a so called friend other wise I woulnd't be addicted to it... always phones me to go and get them! I don't understand it but that is what it is!- ~JeEpY

Chocomilk because i love it ,its so smooth milky and chocolaty mmmmm yum- Sally

i'm addicted to the stuff that comes out of my belly button, see, i collect about a month's worth, then i melt it down (i even have a special pot), and then i sit back, and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling i get as it moves down my throat, it's the only thing in life worth living for...- MARISSA

raspberry iced tea cuz its good.- bOo

suicides... (mixed pop drinks)...its not the same blah taste in your cup, its an explosion of mixed stuff!! *beltches!* woopsies.- malice oblivian

Blood,Because it tastes good.- SG*

gympson weed tea, it gives me wings, with wings i can fly, with fly i can spy, with spy i can pry, with pry i can transform your mind- jo_blow_from_idaho

Someone once told me that washing your face in the morning with your first pee is really good for your face. It makes it really clean and clear looking. That's because the first pee of the morning is very acidic. Also, it's ok if a little gets in your mouth. It just tastes like lemonade without sugar.- speedracer

There's this drink my friend always buys me and he says it's sperm but it tastes suspiciously like young coconut juice but anyway if he told me it was coconut i'd puke so i like it as sperm and yes i'm addicted to it.- SiNiSTaR

Starbucks White chocolate mocha because it's chocolatey and caffinated and warm and yummy- Omahastylee

smirnoff ice....cuz it gets me very very drunka nd tastes like alcohol- Jillybean

dr pepper...and i'm not quite sure really- LittleBit

Mountain Dew Code Red because its so frickin good baby yea!- Bando Rey

im addicted to coke...i need the cafffinne man, what can i say, im a cokehead- t-barr

Water. I'm too cheap to be addicted to anything more expensive.- Omuletzu

pepcid ac, its pink, its smooth & smells like grandpa.Whats not to love?and im also increadable regular and my shit taken on a new reddish tone and only likes to come out in droplets (which is sooo cute, You should see em'). And yea you probably think thats really weird, THAT I AM TRULY addicted to pepcid ac(every mourning, mid mourning,evening,etc etc.. All the Time!)..i dont blame ya, i thought fucking animals was wierd, till i tried it and hey look at me now! Happily married with a human/calf on the way.So dont knock down addiction to pepcid ac till you try it and i swear once you try it no other liquids will satisfy you like pepcid ac will.(and yes pepcid ac is a beverage ,fool)- Spaggetti

Im addicted to water because it has no colour, its a perfect reason and makes sense...plus its the only beverage i can drink ..so i dont know if it counts as an addiction?...hmmm, why dont we sit back and think about that for..lets say about 5 minutes??..good...hurmm- PeteTheHighSpeedGunshootinTrucker

Vodka and OJ cause its good- puck

Dr. Pepper...I guess cuz it tastes good.- ShyAnn

Hot chili garlic sauce. I go through a 16oz jar in about two days. I think it's because of all the MSG.- sixhairytits

Vodka, because passing out is sort of like going to sleep.- azarnael

sock monkey fruit bonanza. just add: one soggy sock monkey, 2 cups jalepeno, four cups apple juice, 1 cup bananna cream. Mix in blender at high speed. Now avaiable, SOCK MONKEY BONANZA PARTY MIX SET! COMES WITH BONANZA POWER MIX, JUST ADD WATER! CD OF SOCK MONKIES SAD ATTEMPT AT MAKING TECHNO MUSIC ADDED FOR SPIRITS!- Pancake

Beverage meaning? If its food Chocolate I'll eat it for breakfast,Lunch and Dinner and Supper and elevenses and about a billion snacks a day. The reason I can't have it, I'm miserable and its good comfort food- Dumb

dr. pepper cafinated !~- Roxy

I'm addicted to jager bombs, which is jegermeister and red bull mixed as a shot. I think the sole cause for my obsession with this drink is that I am jewish, and it's hard to like anything german, but jagermeister seems to do the trick.- SlimJD

Caffine, need it to wake up. Alcohol.. makes you feel sooo good- Red

Diet coke it soooo fuckng delicious- stace

You know, I have this strange feeling that my friend, Miss Roger's Sweater, and I were the inspiration for this question. Well, maybe not the sole inspiration, but perhaps we inpired you just a wee bit. Ok, I'll stop saying 'inspired' now. I am addicted to milk...bwa ha haa, did that shock you? I bet you thought I would write 'Slurpee'...and since I wrote 'milk', well, I pretty much lied because I AM addicted to Slurpees and...yeah, okay, I'm done.- McDiablo

joes unlisenced corner store gives free drinks down the street and it makes you addicted to it(i think its blenderized ciggaretes)but anyways people always come back and buy tons of this drink for over-priced prices...& dont even know what its made of.Im addicted to apple juice, because of its sweet bitter tastebut mom says in a few years ill get to drink at joes.- SpapoO

coca-cola, i don't know why, it's just so good and i think it's very addicting.- taylor

monkey cum- ben

im addicted to smoking wich i enjoy but find it hard to breath- chalky

the beverage that you can drink, because i get thirsty all the time and i just can't help it- gert

coffee... coffee... coffee and coffee because it tells me i'm addicted - DC

I am addicted to water, as being human denotes that I am physically addicted and require water to continue to live. - Schizoid

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