are you jealous of our barrel of monkeys and barrel of monkeys keychain?

Jealous of it? No. Jealous of you for owning it, yes.- Mzebonga

no, i have a nintendo lanyard.. beat that.. i show my dedication and love of nintendo on my keys, and take them where ever i go.. i know.. i have to get out more often...- Miss Roger's Sweater

Who wouldn't be? It's just so sexy. I just wet my pants..- Fido Dido

yep- your mom

No, I am slightly outraged.I certainly would not expect this cruel form of monkey abuse from the Insane Domain.- FartMonkey

The barrel of monkeys, yea, I'm kind of jealous of that. The keychain version doesn't bother me so much because I know that it will soon break off of the ring and you will lose it and cry so I will have my justice in your petty sorrow. And then maybe I'll make you eat dirt to see you cry some more.- Enfante Terrible

yes, its not fair, i want one too. Can I have one please? I'll do anything, well not any...yeah ill do anything- monkeeskittles

no- sexy lexy

yes. very. every night I fantasise about it. The licentious curve of the arms . . . the plump, bulging shape of the barrel, about to disgorge a panolpy of wonderfully exciting secrets at the next new moon . . . and the secret is all mine . . . . Ohhhh . . . *groans*- Fish

Well that all depends on what you mean by monkeys. Because if you mean the game barrel of monkeys then no, as I already own two of them and canlink them all in 22 seconds :D And if you are reffering to real monkeys, well, I have seen enough hairy mammals in the gym sauna to last me a lifetime. But if you mean SOCK monkeys, then I would be delighted to have them in my humble home and would be honored to have them star in my next erotic thriller. And if you mean drunken monkey (style of kung-fu) fighters then I would also be delighted to have them in my home as they are wise people with much experience and knowlege, although they may drink all my sake. As for the keyring, well, I don't really like keyrings.- Nelson

not yet, but i will be, very soon......- Missy G

i believe i am actually. do u know what i would be more jealous of though? if u had monkey love with a whole barrel full of monkeys. then i would cry day and night because it was not me who was getting the monkey love.- communist queen

just ur barrel of monkeys.. who wouldnt be? come on now a barrel of monkeys!!! whoever isnt jelouse of that should be put to death!!! the old fashion way too!- BaByGiRL

yes! oh god yes! i want one....i miss my barrel of monkeys...the red and yellow monkeys...i think there were blue ones too...but they dissapeared fairly early on...i think they went on safari. monkey monkey monkey.- frazicus Elli

I was...might want to take another look in your toy box...*hides keychain behind her back*..Yep...*Makes a run for it*...- Syko Morgana

NO!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I be when the CIA traded me a CLONE of your barrel of monkeys and barrel of monkey keychain for a picture of......a large...hairy...Big Foot! He's in on the scheme...they all are! your monkeys are not safe.....they never will be!- ChunkyFlamingoTesticles

Never seen them.- roller star

yes cause I want to be in a barell of monkeys- FlynMonkeyLover

yes, so much i cry sometimes- Kira

nope not really- coperate rock whore

no- mary

Yes i am. I whish i was a monkey so i copuld fly like george.- Vile Weasel Squeezer

::cries:: OF COURSE NOT *sniffle*- jesus' sex partner

Yes... I wish I had them.. but alas :(- ~JeEpY

No I have my monkey Dc locked up in a barrel, one monkey is enough for me.- Sally

i'd have to say no to this one, but only because i've had a chronic fear of any sort of monkey related merchandise, which stems from that one time i went to the mall and a stuffed monkey found itself in my back pack, i was subsequently sent to a juvenile detention centre, i soon became KERRY's bitch, and i had to shave my head- MARISSA

keychain.- bOo

yeah. i cant make em. :( im too poor to even get one... grr.- malice oblivian

I have those!- SG*

no, envious...- jo_blow_from_idaho

Are you jealous that I have pictures of your mom naked in your barrel of monkey keychains?- speedracer

yeah man... i can't find those anywhere! but more to the point i'm jealous that you have so many plastic bags in your collection! i started mine in 1984 and i have around i don't know lemme see, 4...5... oh no this doesnt count it's torn... goddammit!- SiNiSTaR

no- Omahastylee

your barrel of monkeys....i want them- Jillybean

not really...monkies were never really my thing- LittleBit

yes because they hang longer than i do- dizzy weazel

yea baby yes- Bando Rey

hellz yes, wtf, why cant i have a barrel of monkeys, tell me where i can get one- t-barr

Nah, those are things of little importance and value.- Omuletzu

ha! thats it!your makin me laugh..i got the comics,action figures,tapes of ever single episode 'barrel of monkeys' ever released (and even there movie 'barrel of monkeys mania,The movie'1,2 and 3),there trading cards,posters, The first made barrel of monkeys game and the key chains..So do you think i am jealous?!?!?..which im not, if you said yes.- Spaggetti

no truthfully no.- PeteTheHighSpeedGunshootinTrucker

keychain- puck

no- ShyAnn

No. I'm jealous of your absurdist genius and the fact that you all get to know each other and be Canadians together while I don't get to know you personally and have to be an American. My country, commando-and-theif Bush especially, is completely embarrassing. We're occupying the capital this weekend. There are five busloads from our local Metro Justice and many others driving down from our rather podunk city. Time to bring back the guillotine.- sixhairytits

of course- azarnael

Hello, wow what is that there?...A barrell of monkies? and a keychain, too? wow. Thats interesting! Can I see it?..Wow..Cool...((green Ford Fiesta pulls up)) okay see you guys later..((takes off running)) "hey come back here with our monkies!!!!!!!"....((holds the monkies close to her chest and pets them..."Its okay babies, its okay. Your safe now."))- Pancake

No I doin't think I am- Dumb

No and yes i am shure sorry.- Roxy

Simply put, yes. I have no monkey to beat, I'm sad, oh look a rainbow!- SlimJD

YES! *cries* um..- Red

No- stace

No, I'm jealous of your sock monkeys. My aunt used to have a sock monkey, but she's a little crazy and I'm sure she abused it pretty badly. Poor dude. I feel for him...I hope he's okay. The last I heard, he was promoting his biography 'When Humans Attack'.- McDiablo

not when you have a barrel of rabbits, i tell ya even though people say its a cheap knock off..its a hellava lot awesomer except for tha rashes..i never quite understood that thing.- SpapoO

not really, barrel of monkeys are kind of weird.- taylor

my favorite dream was always to be cramed into a huge barrel of crowded, pissed off monkeys- ben

no- chalky

should i be- gert

No. - Schizoid


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