what sort of things would you like to see more of in the sock monkey porn section?

ummmmm......does it really matter?- psycho_clover

I'd like to see bondage. I love.. I mean some people love to see small cute little fuzzy creatures get tied up and nailed in the ass.. DEFINTLY not me.. of course... -NNY

What I would really like is for it not to say in massive letters all over your site SOCK MONKEY PORN so that I don't have to minimize the window every time somebody sane that could get me into trouble walks past, thinking that I have gone looking for porn. Perhaps a disguised link? No? WHOA, NO no, just a suggestion! Put the frying pan down! PUT IT DOWN!- FartMonkey

how about those pictures we took that one night DC..remember?- Syko Morgana

i havent checked out the sock monkey section....but im intrigued...i will have to have a look see- *kelly*

more toys, bondage and old-fat-bastard porn.- SiNiSTaR

Hardcore Anal Fisting. Did I just say that out loud? Whoops...- Mzebonga

ummm I think that one is quite obvious.... MORE PORN!!!- ~JeEpY

I've never been to the sock monkey porn section (hides errection)- Nelson

DC Does Disney World. Sock monkeys on hidden camera. Sock monkeys in vinyl. Motorcycle sock monkeys. Sock monkeys exposing themselves in public. Sock monkeys in white panties. DC turns out Elmo. Transvestite sock monkeys. Pierced sock monkeys. Sock monkeys with lots of bush. Lesbian Barbies teach bad sock monkey a lesson. Sock monkeys in uniform. Sock monkey fecal freaks. Sock monkeys with breast implants. Hot tub party with DC. Care Bears with big, black strap-ons. Construction worker sock monkeys with hard-hats and tails bulging out of teeny denim cut-offs. Sock Monkey Prison Buddies.Sock Monkey Prison Buddies Part 2: Droppin' The Soap. Sock Monkey Prison Buddies Part 3: Still Droppin' The Soap. Sock Monkey Prison Buddies Part 4: The Angry Warden featuring the Easter Bunny as the warden. Sock Monkey Prison Buddies Part 5: Still Droppin' The Soap, Again. DC Does Washington, DC. Sock monkeys in saran wrap. Sock monkey vampires. Circus Trixxx featuring DC as The Evil Clown. Das Monkey Hosen; The Lost Sessions Shot in Berlin. Sock monkey phone sex scripts. Sock monkeys with freakishly large tails. DC packing puzzle puppy full of mayonnaise. Kermit on the toilet. Smurfs sucking tail through holes in public bathroom stalls. Catholic school sock monkeys. Sock puppets sucking sock monkeys.The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra narrated by Babbar. Sock monkeys fucking on the moon. Lonley sock monkey housewives. Desparate Crack Monkeys Do Anything For a Fix. Big Bottomed Teddy Bears in Thongs. DC fucking a rubber chicken. DC gets an enema from Nurse Kermit.Kermit gets an enema from Nurse DC. Joyce fist-fucking puzzle puppy. Horny sock monkey amputees.- Enfante Terrible

Bondage, everyone likes bondage...- LilKitn

i wanna see a certain big brested girl whos name is monkeeskittles with a sexy little sock monkey, that would make me ::shivers and runs to closet:: ::returns with vibrator:: ahhhhh, just thinking of it makes me all hot and oooohhhhhhh- monkeeskittles

The real DC- Sally

i would like to see more dirty sanchez. Not much people do it when i check it out.- shadowchan

Defidently more oral, and more lesbian sock monkey porn!- Jay

sock monkey with a real sock... like american pie...- gryfin

Let's see some panty shots! Tease us! Get some S&M into it, handcuffs and lashes!- Schizoid

a 4 way with me...a rare bread of a sock monkey ape- sampersondude

violence- irish psycho

ass- some bitch

I'd like to see some double penetration going on *mmmmmm double penetration* *licks lips* um, sorry, what was the question?- ~Kira~

i dunno. i usually dont look there.- ieatchildren

....Piklces?, no.. hmm...- Kyoritsu

a sock monkey making porno's with home appliances. Like a toaster for instance.- Anthrax.Boy

well this is a more dificult question. The formation of the universe is to blame for these complications I think. ANyways, with the canabalistic intentions that sock monkeys often sucumb to it would undoubtedly (spelling?....fuck it you get the point)be unsetelling to the less expirienced obsever. But, as for the rest of us, who are more in tune to the interworkings of sock monkey poornography, I would say that the simple answer would be: Sure, why not?- b-no

Sock monkeys in lunchboxes.- Sparrow

how bout two ken dolls..hehe *wink wink*- SG*

ermm say that again- moo poo chic

Umm, Sock monkey porn...- Douche

Extremities (is that a word?) are interesting.- Omuletzu

I would say some cum shots but we all know sock monkies proabaly can't cum..poor little sock monkies.- Pancake

lol...anything...its so halarious- summer

sheer quantity.- special_sauce

I believe any and all sections, regardless of what they are sections of, could always use more ninjas. Now, they could be plush ninjas if that's your thing, I don't really care. As long as the ninjocity is increased at all, even by a fraction of a percent, it will have become better.- Josuke

Some of those nice striped ones would really cool.- Deferall

i don't know- Ripcurl

more dick-sucking leper midgets- Ninja

sock implants- sputnac

more of cyber sex monkey! he'd be grrrreat! maybe some sex with tony the tiger!! grrrrr baby! I love gollllld!- smoothies

Ummm... Me included in the fun...- NSuxbum

group porn athletics- Lithanial

cumshots with various household objects stuck in various bodily holes- elmo

sock fisting- ionas

dumb question- pope doug

animated! an-i-ma-ted!- frazicus

a goat, a very long paperclip chain and alot of watermelons . . .- Fish

Sock monkey porn.- trev

There's monkey porn!?!?! Why wasn't I informed?..uh, hot lesbian monkey action, definately good.- amen

I'd like to see more Slurpees...or at least some empty Slurpee cups. They add a hint of decoration to the scene. You just can't go wrong with Slurpees. - McDiablo

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