if you found a lunchbox on the street... would you open it and eat the lunch?

no i;d give it to a bum- psycho_clover

Oh yes, I mean if some dumb ass is gonna drop their lunch then it's my duty to clean up after those littering bastards. Besides lunch boxes contain Hostes Snack Cakes in them. Mmmm "Cream Filling" . -NNY

What kind of sanity-ridden loser would pass up a free lunch?- FartMonkey

*starts thinking about her child hood*..you know..I never got a lunch box. I never even got a lunch. If I did get a lunch, it was a tortilla(since we were out of bread) with peanut butter and jelly smurred on it. For my bervage I had to make frequent trips to the water fountain. Me, sitting there, with my tortilla while all the other kids snacked on lunchables and Capri Suns. Yes, I will eat the lunch.- Syko Morgana

no, id prolly keep kicking it down the street until i kicked it out of my way and kicking it wasnt convenient anymore- *kelly*

if it was a simpsons lunchbox yes but if it was a barbie lunchbox i'd stay away it's probably some bright pink, radioactive stuff that will give me bright pink diarrhea for days on end.- SiNiSTaR

What kind of lunchbox? Is it one of those cool ones with the funky pattern on the front? If it was, I wouldn't wait on the street, I'd go home and eat it there so that the person who owned it couldn't come back and steal it from me.- Mzebonga

dang tootin!! why would you give up a free lunch... as long as it wasn't all moldy and stuff I would!!- ~JeEpY

A lunchbox on the street? Would I open it? And eat it? These are all very good questions. But I'm afraid that I can't answer them now as I am going to war in Iraq tomorrow and I must pack.- Nelson

No way! Fully aware that lunches must be paid for, I would assume that it was some sort of bait to use me as an unwitting participant in a covert, military-pharmaceutical research project , or else simply laced with a heavy dose of Thorazine to immobilize me for capture.- Enfante Terrible

Who wouldn't, free food is free food!!!- LilKitn

yes i would, unless its cow tounge, or sheeps eyeballs, or bull winkies. But then again on a cold winter day nothing beats my moms tounge and eye soup- monkeeskittles

No I'm not that desperate, maybe if I was desperate food but since I'm not then I wouldn't- Sally

depends if the food was fresh and if it was good food. And if it was my brother, he would eat it regardless if it was nasty or not. :P- shadowchan

no, i'd empty it and keep the lunch box.- Jay

Not if it was a strawberry shortcake lunch box..- gryfin

Depending on the lunchbox and if it looked cool or not, I would keep the lunchbox, clean and disinfect it, then give the lunch to someone I don't like- Schizoid

sure why not hey its a free lunch gotta take it before the homeless do.- sampersondude

that all depends on what kind of lunchbox it is. blue green purple red i would eat. the rest of the colors i would give it to my cousin fr his birthday- irish psycho

no. i'm anorexic- some bitch

It's all according to the packaging. Superman lunch box says "woohoo open me i have good food" whereas a paper bag says "im paper, yay....."- ~Kira~

yeah man.- ieatchildren

If i was someone on the street and found a luch box ... ah damn the allure of pudding....- Kyoritsu

No. I would pick it up and ask a couple of people if it was theres. When they say no, I would rush home in hopes that it's really a mafia drop off full of money. But when I realized that it just has a rotten sandwich in it I would feel bad and eat it.- Anthrax.Boy

I would eat the lunch and the lunch box, for lunch boxes are an excelent source of vitamin C- b-no

No, I'd be afraid of interupting a couple sock monkeys filming porn there.- Sparrow

ooooh,well..i'd give it to my friend then keep the box..my friend is a loner..she cool!- SG*lunchbox

i would open it, make sure it is poison and give it to my sister- moo poo chic

No i would open it see whats in it, then give it to someone else to eat- Douche

Hey that's what i'm looking for...- Omuletzu

As long as there is a little Hi-C juice box to wash down the rest of the meal.- Pancake

hell no...no telling who else touched it or what they added- summer

i would take the lunch box, wander around until i found a hobo, and then tauntingly devour the lunch before him/her.- special_sauce

If it had a cool logo.- Josuke

I would realize that this is one of those times that I should recall that A beach is what a llama woud most likey take a a deference to Dredd Scott. But the question I have to ask is, What would a scruffy hill hur-hur do if a stream of loafy toafy piece of mahagonys came by and took its pants off?- Deferall

no, disgusting- Ripcurl

only if its sushi- Ninja

if its a italian cuizene in a ninja turtle lunchbox. sometihng like frog legs.toadtales.- sputnac

id open it and check and if it was subway id be like hell yeah just give me some salt!- smoothies

No... I would bring it to someone who really needed it... They wouldnt mind eating something off the street if they were dying right? Or i wouldnt even mention were i got it... and then they would look at me as their savior... YAY ME!- NSuxbum

no id sell it down the market coz im that cheap- Lithanial

it would depend upon whether or not the box had a huge sgn above it saying 'this lunch is 100% safe and sanitary and edible not just a pile of shit'- elmo

nah, i would give it to my monkey first.- ionas

Absoutley not. It's a clear violation of property rights. At the point at which one of our naturual rights is in violation, those being life, liberty, and property, then the ligitimacy of our government indubidably discinigrates. John Locke states then the cases of such violation we have an obligation as the citizens of society to violently revolt against such governments. James Madison argues in federalist 51 "If men were angels, no government would be nessicary." The impact of this is, that our government must follow the letter of the law in order to protect our rights so that way the government can be accountable to the people, because men arent angels by any wild stretch of the imagination. Bottom line is, eating out of that lunch box will cause violent revolution which would warrant the death of whoever ate out of it.- pope doug

depend if i was hungry. and what was in it. and what colour it was. colour's very important- frazicus

no, it's obviously attached to a string and someone will jerk it along the ground just in front of me and I will be forced to chase it, only to be dragged into a set of bushes and have a lightbulb inserted into various parts of my anatomy not previously associated with insertion.- Fish

No.- trev

Open it? I'd eat the box.- amen

If it had Popples on it, I'd say, "By golly, I think that is my old lunch kit from kindergarten" and then I'd proceed to sit by it and remember the good old days when my mom gave me parsley and put sprouts in my sandwiches. *Sigh*- McDiablo

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