where is your most secret hiding place for yourself and your stuff?

none of your business- psycho_clover

I keep everything inside my pants. I livein my pants, I sleep in my pants, i keep my money in my pants, I can keep and do anything in my pants ! -NNY

In my Secret Underground Imaginary Secret Secluded Subterranian Fortress of Secrecy and Undergroundness- FartMonkey

Up DC's ass.- Syko Morgana

up YOUR bum- *kelly*

i hide all my stuff in my vagina.- SiNiSTaR

The deepest, darkest recesses of my own disturbed and warped mind.- Mzebonga

The attic... oddly enough no one else goes in there for anything so why would anyone know where anything is.. until I tell them- ~JeEpY

Under the bridge crossing the creek down the block. I go there to feel safe and at an occasional child making their way home from school.- Nelson

My imagination.- Enfante Terrible

In my pants, it's where I keep all the goods!- LilKitn

in my belly button....its really cool, i stick one foot in and turn myself about, o wait thats the hokey pokey, um well i just stick random body parts in till i fit inside then i play with my stuff, like that vacum cleaner my moms bought in 98, runs so smooth- monkeeskittles

My room, wanna come over?- Sally

I dont have a secret place but my brother does he keeps it under his bed.- shadowchan

The hole in my closet- Jay

hehehe... like i'd tell...- gryfin

Wha...? I'm not telling you!- Schizoid

usually i hide it where i hide everything....in my sock....which usually is my entire body so its always with me...only problem is it hurts to cut myself and shove it in there and sew me back up.- sampersondude

in my belly button. or on the roof of my house.- irish psycho

in a big snow cave on the beach on the american side of lake erie.- some bitch

I hide in my brothers body....dont ask how but i do. my stuff...your just prying too much now- ~Kira~

well, under my bed. i tell everyone theres evil sockmonkeys and they listen, so none of my stuff is touched, or stolen.- ieatchildren

Well thats an easy one ..its right .. er.. well it wa gere a minute ago maybe its over ther.. hold on a sec..................- Kyoritsu


in the cave under the runway where my friend Panda lives with his roomate Giraffe, however we have confirmed reports of Panda currently being held captive in a phillepino prison camp- b-no

In my head. When I really want to hide from the human race, I pack up a couple back and walk in through my ear and spend a couple nights there while my body is curled up on the closet floor.- Sparrow

under my bed and in backpack...yep..- SG*

its a secret- moo poo chic

My rooms too much of a mess to have a "hiding place"- Douche

Umm... under my bed, in my closet, in my head... No! Don't go looking in there! It's dark. Don't try hacking my computer either, cause that's not where I keep my money. You can't find it! You can't find it! You worthless sock mokeys, is that all you could come out with? You sock! <laughs and does the dead suck monkey dance>- Omuletzu

I like to burry myself and my stuff in a large pile of elephant shit. See, nobody would ever think that I would put my most prized posessions in a pile of shit, let alone my self. Sure, my skin breaks out and burns and itches and I reak of feces, but they will never get ahold of my silver baskets...they're my baskets..mine..my pretty little silver baskets..not yours..- Pancake

hmm...if i told you it wouldnt be a secret would it?- summer

false grave in the cemetary.- special_sauce

It's all in the pants.- Josuke

You know that little tiny eensy weensy wee bit of a place called the yiddish choir boy room? Right next to the one Yanni keeps his pet jackalope?- Deferall

nothing- Ripcurl

somewhere in Iraq- Ninja

the floor below my basement is my porn's lair- sputnac

if i told it wouldnt be a secret!- smoothies

In my toilet... keeps things fresh... and when i want some privicy no one thinks of looking for me there.- NSuxbum

round my girlfriends.......no-one will look there......crap.- Lithanial

aha you are trying to fool me if i told you iit wouldn't be secret now would it- elmo

eh, you wanna trick meh? in my socks.- ionas

WHAT?! There is no privacy! We live in a globalized world, that activily tries to take away our rights. And homonginizes every aspect of our lives. Georgio Framaupolis argues in the threat of globalization that globilization inforces technological and language imperialisism. It also wipes out national cultural boundaries at the point at which I prove globilation is a threat, an international government with its huge pinoptic eye makes it impossible to hide either myself or my possessions.- pope doug

*raises eyebrow* u huh. only if you tell me first.- frazicus

behind the curtain.- Fish

Shh...it's a secret.- trev

Lockbox. Little purple lockbox, creepy raver thing on my nightstand. Heehee, nightstand.- amen

I don't want to tell you. Why? Well, apparently I am slightly paranoid, so this is how my paranoid mind is thinking right now: My sister, mom, dad or brother will come on this site (how they found out about it, I have no clue) and proceed to read the answers to the questionnaire. They somehow KNOW what my nickname is on here and they read where I happen to hide all my stuff. Evil laughter will then be heard as they rush off to open my desk drawers and find my hidden....aaaah, I just gave it away! *Flings herself in a swimming pool of Jell-O*- McDiablo


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