What was the last thing you yelled at a complete stranger?

Nice tits, luv!- Mzebonga


get off my dick your'e not my mom!!!- NivekOgre

Get the fuck outta my way you slow bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Harbinger

umm..i think it was "FUCK YOU! I HOPE THE BIRDS PECK OUT YOUR EYES AND EAT YOUR INTESTINES!!" when someone bumped into me in a store...- CasualFatality

Hi- Junebug

The last thing I yelled out to a complete stranger was when I was in the mall with some friends, and suddenly, my inner Buda takes over. I run over to the nearest Chinese resteraunt, jump over the counter and into the kitchen and scream, " I AM BUDAH ! RUUB MY BELLY !! IT BRINGS YOU LUCK YOU SEE !" and it was at that moment when my shirt had been lifted off my body and flung into a fryer, but I didn't care. I stared deeply into the crowd of Asians and one of them grabbed arm and tried to escort me out of the mall. He screamed random words that didn't make sense when you put them into a sentance. So there I am, shirtless and cold outside of the mall, some people laughing. I ran back into the mall, nipple in each hand, jumped onto the counter (while hiting my head on the celing), and screamed at the man," NO LUCK FOR YOU !!!" and I ran like dumbass untill I was far away from that part of he mall; allthough I stil did get caught by a black female security guard. I am, still this day, not allowed into the white marsh mall. -me

"Really I'm not crazy,......I just like to lick people"- Shwee

Hey! Bring back my TV!!!- Hopkins

Move!- feeties

no good answer- Ann-thrax-Boy

"And the Lord said, 'Cardboard is the Enemy.'"- RazZadig

i don't yell, i kick and punch and preform any other pyshical pain know to human and animal. - digitalmelon

back off- Jane

ummm... i believe it was something to the effect of "YOU FOOL!! DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE??? WE'RE DOOMED! DO YOU HEAR ME? DOOMED!!!"...then i walked off like nothing happened and bought some ice cream. - Skittles


do you have any salt?!?- morningstar

LIMES! - fudge.

(cough)Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Pie! Pie will be your dark master, hehehehehehe mwhahahahaha! Excuse me, do you have change for a fiver?- Evil Muffin

"sausages"- supermandave

Me: So YOU'RE the one with the plastic penguin!!! Stranger: If you mean toys, yes, I have many...- ferretchick

Just last week we were standing outside during lunch and we saw this guy walking down the sidewalk across the street, so we screamed stuff at him like HEY MISTER! and then he turned around and we turned around and pretended not to have anything to do with anything, and then he looked around to confirm that there was nobody else we could have been yelling at and kept walking, and we did it a few more times, and he turned back to us and threw his arms up in the air and flipped us the birdie. It was freaking hilarious. Also ferretchick and I get a kick out of cawing at people we don't know, but they usually just ignore us. We're starting to debate whether or not we really exist. - FartMonkey

YOU PERVERT!!!!!- leigh

Oi you gibbon turd, i said i ain't interested so i ain't interested, go suck sock puppets in hell!- Reno

Eat a fuckin bird cock- the one and only goat

Hard Gel DOES NOT WORK!- lol

What The FUCK do you think you're doing???- Gollywog

To some guy who was honking his horn- "Shut the fuck up, you twat!" He then struggled violently with his seatbelt, trying to break free so he could come kick my ass. His blind rage prevented him from getting out in time... idiot. Seatbelts require a gentle touch- he should have kept his cool and just shot at me from the safety of his car. Yes, I said safety... I would have messed him up bigtime! I only ran to stop myself hurting him, honest.- Gibbo


Hey i love mashed potatos too (in Brak voice from space ghost cost to cost)- Kyoritsu

"I didn't know it was *your* cat!"- Josuke

hey you girl with the hair!!!- dgreat

It was this one time, many eons ago, my parents decided to take me to a coounsler to seek what they called 'proffessional' help. After a series of ridiculusly retarded questions, she started blabbing about interpersonal relationships and whatnot, I finally got irritated to the piont of explosion. I jumped up, flung the papers across the room and screamed, "NOBODY SLEEPS WITH MY GRANDMOTHER" and immediatly left. As I walking on the parking lot to the car a heard a vioce, very disturbing and chilling, saying, "for now on."- Freak Ninja

Papa!!!!! I wanna learn to dance mit you.- Rollerboy13

i want to put them in a blender and press blend- ammeg

Why won't these voices stop? aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! No, you bad leprachaun!!! I'm not going to burn down the church and then masturbate on the remaining ashes!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- ReAlmO

fuck off you wanka- chancey

dont remember..- nherms

pizzas good- elissa

you fucking moron get your stinky feet out my cats ass. - peanuthead

its the end of teh world- kha

Excuse me kind sir, have you any eating utensils?- alex?

"GO." And then I pushed him out the door of the aircraft.- raisenrabt

"Hey! How are you! I see you are wearing all ORANGE LIKE A HIGHLIGHTER!".. I was on the metro.- xXLePpYXx

"Remove your head from your ass before driving you piece of shit!!!!!"- Lizzard

fuck you asshole- profdunn

meow- PUNKS

i have a belly button - BLondie

Look! A monkey!- sachan

"Bitch!"- Moose

The other day I was in the store and there was a baby there. Ya know those squirmy fat things? Well the little shit started screaming for soemthing so i got thisclose to his muppet face and yelled back at him, damn it felt good- your grandmas moth balls

turn off the power- pillbugg

"Why didn't you finish your shopping earlier???!!!" Oh, wait...that's what I yelled in my head. Truthfully, it might have been, "It's a milk and dark chocolate assortment!" Honestly, some old folks need to turn up their hearing aids.- McDiablo

"'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky!" *guitar*- BenjiLuvR

I don't yell at people... And even if I did, I don't remember it..- ~Regen~

You stupid old twat. Never mind, you cant have long left.- OLD person hater

Why the hell did you park in the middle of the street?!!- phatty

"You're driving on the wrong side of the road, asshole!"- Ray

It's actually a funny story. There I was, just minding my own business and strolling down the street, when this old, wrinkled man walks up to me and stabs me in the shin with his cane. The nerve of this ninja-grampa! So I slapped him around, screaming "Thou shalt not piss me off!" at the top of my lungs. Then I pried the cane from his cold, dead hands and proceeded to beat him with it, yelling "I'll knock you all the way back to Bonny Scotland, bitch!"- Rachz0r

I quote myself: "WHYYYYYYYYYYY, oh WHYYYYYYYYYY" the old woman looked quite fearful.- go away i dont have one

i gave him a rock sighn an yelled woo - whipy

FUCK YOU!!!- Nikohl

get me a fuckin cheeseburger!- nick

thanks..the guy at the palace let me use the bathroom even though i had no ticket nor stub..- amos

Meat?! You can't have anymore meat until you finish you're potatahs! In a heavy British old hag accent as i shook my ladel at the young prep school boy.- ferretchick

"Can I have some candy? And maybe later you can help me find my lost puppy?"- Chloe

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