So you're walking down the street at night and an old man comes up to you and says
"I've said something haven't I? I've gone and lost my mind." to you.
How do you respond?

Well, where was the last place you saw it?- Mzebonga

i would say " yes you have lost your mine...and i have seemed to lost my spleen..have you seen it?"- SG*

hi earl heres my left sock- NivekOgre

" Youre damn right you said something and if you ever leak vital information to anyone again, we will be forced to come back to your puny planet and destroy you all.......MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!"- Harbinger

i say "yes, you said something! and you will burn for it! burn in hell! no, you didn't lose your mind...i stole it and gave it to my imaginary monkey". i would then shuffle off (much like igor would) muttering to myself and petting an invisible monkey on my shoulder.- CasualFatality

Yes you did say something and in my eyes your not insane- Junebug

Now, just by listening these two incomprehandably irrelevant sentances, I would be convinced that this man was not real a man, but a gelatinous monster of DOOM in disgise. " Hah ! Tried to fool me DIDN'T YOU !" Then I unmask the creature and he squeals " NOO ! how did you know it was ME !?" and I would pull out the little screw driver I keep min my back pocket and proceed to stab it untill it was dead. Everyone would recognize my act in great honor , and I would become the burger king. Yay for grapes !-me

REally....that exact thing happened to me yesterday...i found my brain under my car - Shwee

Yes, you have lost your mind, and I'm just a figment of your imagination. I'm not real, and you aren't either...- Hopkins

Yup you sure have- feeties

They're on to us old man. FLEE!! FLEE BEFORE THEY RETURN YOUR MIND!!!- Ann-thrax-Boy

Dad! Where've you been? Things haven't been the same since you escaped from the basement. - RazZadig

no comment- digitalmelon

Um ok?- Jane

i say "daddy! don't you know who i am? i missed you so much! why did you leave me on the corner?" and break down crying. then i walk away, leaving him to wonder what the hell just happened..- Skittles

yes. mind. find find. zzzzz zzzz wobble wobble wobble DROOL! Look at the pink elephant! O MY GOD ITS ATTACKING YOU bzzzzzzzzz squeek! RUN RUN! mmmm a drug...mmm fruitcup?- boing!boing!

take three tablespoons of liquid nitrogen and call me in the morning. - morningstar

aah, my friend, you have been blessed with insanity. stop fucking bothering me. go eat rice and ask the voices in your head what u should do: they will be more helpful than me. if they tell u to ransack britney spears, do it, and take a chainsaw with you - if, however, they tell u to lie down until u fall asleep, u will wake up covered in uht cream, and those voices cannot be trusted. consult ure teacup instead.- fudge.

Indeed you have, my friend. For I am your shadow and I will follow you like a bat into the banana abyss of nevermore, where we will play ping-pong, judge thumb wrestling contests and debate the nature of McDonalds cadbury's cream egg flavour McFlurries. And yet in the throes of your insanity, you signed all your life savings away to me. Remember you're a womble, my friend.- Evil Muffin

I'd express my concern, the same thing having happened to me a few years ago. i'd then ask him wheree he was when he last saw it, and i'd probably help him to look for it. im a nice guy like tha you see.- supermandave

Grandpa, they're going to miss you at the nursing home, you know how pissy they get when you forget to take those drugs. He would then put up a struggle until my promise of a whole BOX of macaroni and cheese finally subdues him so I can bring him back to the home. Then I stick my finger in his face and cry "HAH! I'm not even your granddaughter so no macaroni and cheese for you!!" He would look confused because unfortunately this old man has amnesia. Why is everything good wasted???- ferretchick

I'd start to answer him and then I'll have a friend come up behind him and pretend to shoot me, and I'll fall down and have all this blood and stuff, and then when the old man turns to look at who shot me, I get up real fast and run off into the mist and down the street a ways. The person who shot me will just stand there and do nothing. When the old man looks back to where I was dead on the ground, there will be nothing. While he's discovering that, the shooter will also scurry off. So then the old guy will keep walking down the street and he'll encounter me again, acting just the way I was acting when he first saw me. After having seen what he just saw he'll undoubtedly say the losing his mind bit again, and then I'll repeat the whole process as many times as possible, just to see the look on his face. - FartMonkey

its really not important...nobody heard it anyway...are you really alright now? ok then do yourself a favor...wear some cant walk in the street with that thing dangling like that...please have mercy!!- leigh

yeh, i saw em selling it on e-bay for 15.99, can't have been that great...i assure u i had nothin to do with it... the brain itself is picked in malt wine vingar, ready to be served up gormet to the highest paying customer, and is excellent garnish with a white wine sauce and selected fine hearbs from the french region of wheresyamindaa- Reno

Kick him in the shin, laugh at his pathetic life, kill a baby, eat a pineapple, and then enter an intellectual conversation with him over his past life.- the one and only goat

Hows your mum doing..I hear things get hard for your father this time of the know with her drinking n all..- lol

You demented old bastard! What do you think you're are doing? Help RApist! Peadophile!- Gollywog

Take him home and add him to the collection of crazy old men I keep in the basement. Don't call the SACCOM(Society Against Cruelty to Crazy Old Men) on me. I feed them daily and only beat them when absolutely necessary... or when I get mad or stressed.- Gibbo

walk past quilckly and quietly murmuring to oneself- CBA

Quick take this salmi and gorgonzola cheese now hurry find the winery... well HURRY!!!- Kyoritsu

"You didn't lose it, man, the space-gnomes took it. I know how you can get it back, all you have to do is follow me. Follow me. You can trust me. And I know I can trust you in the fight against the gnomes. It's really simple, man. You've got that look in your eyes. The look of a man desperate for vengeance. See that lawn over there? That's where they have their SPIES..."- Josuke

yea- dgreat

I'll gently put my arm around him and sweetly whisper, "so have I" I then invite him to my house under the false promise of milk and cookies. When he gets inside, I slam the door shut and scream, "NOW I'VE GOT YOU, MY PRETTY." When he panics, I'll hit him upside the head with a frying pan, iron cast, none of that teflon pussy shit. After dragging him down to my lab, I proceed to do numerous expirimentional acts upon him only to find out he is my long lost Grandfather. In a fit a rage and sorrow I bury him in my backyard with only his head sticking out and run it over with a lawnmower. Then I drink 2 bottles of cherry-flavored Nyquil and passout in my bathroom floor only to wake up and not remember a thing from the previous night. - Freak Ninja

I would tell him that i can see his dirty pillows then when he freaks out i put my penis in his eye and take a picture. Unless it was my papa, in that case i wouldnt be the least bit surprised.- Rollerboy13

i would throw custard at him - ammeg lost your mind. well, you can't have mine!!.......I know!!! why don't you go to the local supermarket and buy one! I heard they have two for the price of one, then you can have a spare one, just in case you happen to lose it again.- ReAlmO

smile nod and run- chancey

hey men!excuse me!get out of my life!- nherms

uhh whatt??- elissa

Hey grandad.....did you mistake grandma for a fuck monkey again?- peanuthead

hmm i dont know, can you find your mind? and you didnt say anything, till you thought you said sometyhing, better really you didnt! but dont worry i do it all teh time.. its a misunderstanding.. buh bye gotta hurry back to the police station now.. gotta give my dad and me boyfriend there dohnuts.. you know how it goes. later - kha

me three- alex?

I'd respond "It's okay, President Reagan. I'll take you home to Nancy now. In the meantime, could you please take your finger off that button?"- raisenrabt

I think I would be like "Yep, I think I have too."- xXLePpYXx

I think I saw it laying over there in the middle of the road.- Lizzard


hell yeah- PUNKS

make me i do what i want...i saw your mind it was standing next to the old woman that kept saying..."i know you know i know!"..she thinks shes better than you - BLondie

Tee hee...join the club *laughs manically*- sachan

"Eh?"- Moose

Is that a fake hip or are you just happy to see me??- your grandmas moth balls

Here's $10.00, go get drunk...!- pillbugg

"It's a milk and dark chocolate assortment!"- McDiablo

I laugh manically MUAHAHAHAHAHA, then shriek, "You aren't the only one, Bubby!" - BenjiLuvR


Yes, you twat.- OLD person hater

Wanna get a coffee and talk about it?- phatty

"I'm sorry, but I haven't heard of that movie."- Ray

I would stab him in the eye with his cane, the dirty communist spy! Then, when he's blinded, I would search him for bugs and weapons. Whether I find any or not, I would beat him over the head with his cane, accusing him of stealing American nukes and attacking on France's western border. When he's dead, I would walk calmly off, swining my cane and humming the Canadian national anthem.- Rachz0r

i would smack him round the face. then run. very fast. before the giant pink dancing elephants arrive and tell me to mutate everyone within a 5-metre radius around me.- go away i dont have one

i say gett a job u friggin bum- whipy

Probably, mate. Happens to the best of us, I wouldn't worry.- Nikohl

run- nick

salute- amos

Miii-nnnddd? You had a MIND?! Where can I buy one of these "minds"?- ferretchick

I say "Mr. Jackson, what are you doing? You're supposed to be in the hospital getting whats left of your penis removed! Oh my god, Mr. Rogers BELIEVED in you!"- Chloe

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