What country do you live in and WHY?

I live in my head because the reality of living in Britain is too much to take.- Mzebonga

*cries* In the US..because i had no choice and my parents want me to grow up as a jew- SG*

usa because i like sheep and big tall trees that i can put dresses on and dance with- NivekOgre

United States. Because no one has blown it up and I dont have enough money to move to another country- Harbinger

<vomits> fucking u.s. i live here because i'm too damn lazy to actually pack all my stuff and move to canada. <vomits again>- CasualFatality

20th century, because i can and i will and you wont stop me- Junebug

I live in the U.S. becuase I was born here and I can't afford to leave it. -me

I live in my own little...well actually extremely huge, world called gobobo and me and my little martian friends rule everything. The POWER is mine...muahahaha- Shwee

North America because I can't afford to move away just yet, expect to see me at your local deportation docks when I get some dinero.- Hopkins

US because it's the best- feeties

I live in Candyland. Though I don't know if you could consider it a country. As to why, I'm a vegetable pusher. I force those little candy-ites to eat my vegetables. Full of vitamins.- Ann-thrax-Boy

The country of the trapped. A place that sucks us in and makes us fear to try another way of living. That advertises it is the best then tries to mold you into a blonde, anorexic zombie consumer. I stay because I can't speak Swedish.- RazZadig

America, why because I HAVE to, I'd move to Australia anyday, atleast then my parents and relatives would leave me alone and stop telling me what to do.- digitalmelon

USA cause its where i was born- Jane

<shifty eyes> do i have to answer this? i do? fine..i live in the u.s. <looks over shoulder> look, i know this country sucks! i can't help it! leave me alone! <assumes fetal position and cries>- Skittles


the us of a. because im a stupid average white american and i was born here.- morningstar

i live in uk because i was robbed of lime sword and am living in hostile, with uptight pricks and people whu say everything backwards.- fudge.

The holy nation of pietopia, as it exists only in the dark recesses of my mind.- Evil Muffin

i live in the greatest nation in the universe. and thats why i live there.- supermandave

Sweden. It has been brought to my attention that the greater portion of the population is telekinetic and fights over and destroys rocks in the forest. Telekinesis would greatly aid in the quest for world domination not to mention be freaking awesome when you smashed people under a seemingly endless supply of Swedish boulders.- ferretchick

I live in the USA, and I live here because I was born here and I'm too young to move anywhere else. Also if I ever end up killing anybody, Canada's just right there to flee to anytime, I mean it can't get too much more convenient. - FartMonkey

why would you wanna know? its not like you're gonna visit me...besides i have a dog and i only have chicken in my fridge which by the way you dont like...so there's no point in knowing, right? not unless there's something you really need...i mean like if you're doing a stat on all your visitors and the country is a very vital information...in that case maybe...just a li'l possibility that i could divulge info as confidential as that...- leigh

england, cus i do- Reno

United States of America because i was born here and it will kick your country's ass.- the one and only goat

Canada..BECAUSE..Im poor and have no money to move into a space station..- lol

England Because i Was born here!- Gollywog

Northern Ireland. Because I was born here. I'd much rather live in England. Any Irish people out there will know what I'm talking about... English weather=shite, Northern Irish weather=way more shite. 'Nuff said. Oh, and the leprechauns are keeping me prisoner here, so I can't really leave for more than 3 weeks or they'll come looking for me; I was never much good at hide and seek, otherwise I'd probably be able to avoid them for longer.- Gibbo

England - ( I have no idea )- CBA

USA because im a dumb american who doesnt know any better and likes to think hes free but probably doesnt know what that actually means and is preprogramed by puberty to not really want to know the whole reality of the world and instead lets the meadia with its fake parnoia shows (xfiles, unsolved gost ufo aliens )bring about real paranoia but only subconciously so that i'm in denile that really deep conspiracies can actually happen because the people running the government here really arent that smart which just brings the wool tumbling down over my and everybody elses eyes throughout the nation so we can all work real hard for half what were worth in search of enough money to support happines and get that real freedom were stupid enough to belive comes with lots o da money...whew...yeah....- Kyoritsu

I live in Spain, because of all the pretty colors. The man-eating flowers, the ducks with French-horns instead of wings... It's a lovely place. This winter is getting nasty, though, so I should put up the Warding Sticks soon.- Josuke

MIne. Cuz im stuck here- dgreat

Being that of the Schinzophrenic kind, i live anywhere at anytime. Right now i'm in a german cirus. What the whole hip world would be doing if the nazi' shad won the world, the american dream. Fear and Loathing in my own mental Capacities.- Freak Ninja

I live in a ford fiesta, 1984 with a primer colored door. The reason being I was caught stealing biskets from popeyes chicken then forced shake it like a Sp-ed while singing showtunes- Rollerboy13

ENGLAND....i was born here- ammeg

I live in australia.I live here because the government is stupid so I can scam them out of heaps of money! To them my name is janet smith, I have 7 kids i'm a war veteran and I am clinicaly insane and can not find a job.- ReAlmO

england, because i cant swim- chancey

Philippines...coz i love this country- nherms

canada because i was born here and stuck in my shit whole town- elissa

I live in england because its full of idiot fuckers who like cold weather. - peanuthead

london,because i was born there, cause my mum decided she wanted to live here- kha

usa, because this is where my parents had sex- alex?

I live in America because that is where my parents had sex.- raisenrabt

I live in the USA because I was born here and I am too poor to move out.- xXLePpYXx

The United States Of America. Because the communist bastards threw me out of everywhere else.- Lizzard


australia, cos its the only place i can- PUNKS

i live in the country where sock monkeys rule the world..the reason for this is because i was mistaken for the queen of the sock monkey people, and i get stroked a lot when i lie on my back- BLondie

I live in the US because this is where I was born- sachan

England, because I was born to a family that lives there.- Moose

"The Land of the Stupid" otherwise known as America. The most obese and stupid country. I know you Europeans are still laughing about Bush- who wouldn't?- your grandmas moth balls

USA because it's there- pillbugg

I was made in Canada and I continue to live in Canada. I love living here, but I'd love it even more if we were to break off the continent and float far away from those bitches below us..- McDiablo

I live in the united states because there are other freaks likes me here...well in New York Shitty-I mean city-there are freaks like me (white trash places fail to understand me)- BenjiLuvR

I live in IsraHELL because my perents desided to move there... I hate this place... I'm moving somewhere else in 3 years..- ~Regen~

England, because I'm stuck in this shit hole.- OLD person hater

USA - cause I can walk down the street and enjoy my day if I want to- phatty

USA because my dad's forcing me to, and I'm not old enough to live alone.- Ray

France, because I heard Johnny Depp moved here and I'm currently trying to track him down. I mean, did you SEE him in Priates of the Carribbean? Damn! I want to make sweet, sweet love to that man. I've heard he's gay, though. But if he is, I won't mind. I'll just watch him make love to my boyfriend and enjoy it throroughly. France is a wonderful country. Oh, and I like the, er.. scenery.- Rachz0r

England. Crap weather, moody people, soggy food, oh, and my favourite: unequality. (unequality because of the Queen - gets paid to open supermarkets and smile and wave out of a solid gold horse-drawn c- go away i dont have onearriage.) Don't u agree it's the BEST country on Earth!? no i'm not trying to be funny

usa cause itz the best + they have the most porn- whipy

New Zealand. Because unfortunately, I was born here and no-one has yet sponsored my ticket out of here.- Nikohl

i live in canada because.....i was born here- nick

the united states..because. of my parents- amos

I live in the U.S. because its fun to be a wasteful slob! Oh! and if I hang around here long enough I can be useless and fat too! Then, if I accidentally reproduce my kids will be fat, lazy alcoholics lying in their hammocks in their trailor parks. Yes, that's why I live in the good, free, U.S.A. Plenty of fat and mad cow disease to go around.- ferretchick

I live in America because my family tends to like assholes- Chloe

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