what is the worst dream/nightmare you've ever had and did you piss the bed in fear?

that i was rosie o'donnel married to life size cut-out of richard simmons that made me "sweat to the oldies"..it was horrible..-maxie doo little

i had this fucked up dream that i was chasing a man who had kidnapped a little girl,and was a known child rapist. we were in a junkyard. i noticed a schoolbus with the door open and went in. the bastard was sitting in the back row of seats, stroking the little girls hair. i yelled out "let her go you sick fuck", he smiled at me, and responded "im not the one that holds this child." his smile fades away as he pulled something out of his coat, a nail gun. he put it up to the girls head, kisses her cheek and pulls the trigger. the kid falls to the floor. i began to move toward her, and the man says "your pathetic,you cry for her." raises the nail gun and shoots himself in the ear. then i wake up ive had this dream twice now its pretty freaky. -painkilla

I dreamt that I was back at school doing a cross-country race and we were been force to run off the cliff, and I kept on falling and falling. What made it worse, is my dream kept on repeating itself after I fell a certain distance. Did I pee? No, but once my friends put my hand in a bowl of warm water while I was sleeping and that made me pee.-DZ

assisination of a very close relative-boogya

i've pissed many times in fear...just never in dreams or nightmares...*hides*i think i'm gonna piss..-SG*

i once dreamt i was stuck in a room with sanimal for 7 hours... just sat there... staring me down... and then finally i had to kill him. best dream i've ever had.-Emprissnikon

I've never had a nightmare that caused that kind of reaction actually. I rarely remember my dreams but having britney spears in a dream makes it pretty darn bad. This one was rather recent. I was with my sister and we were in our alley looking over our neighbor's fence cuz we were fixin' to hop into their yard and take something. I forget what. Anyway, we were going in, then instead of my sister there was britney spears and I got confused..then we were in the neighbors yard and I didn't have time to say anything and this huge dog was running at us barking and snarling so I shoved britney at the dog, took the thing, picked up a stick from their yard and ran..I guess it ended while I was running cuz I woke up and my hand was clutching an imaginary stick...I guess it wasn't all bad, cuz I did get to feed britney to an angry dog...heck, that was a pretty good dream really--FartMonkey

I dreamed my mother was Martha Stewart and she put me through cruel and unusual tortures and punishments, we had to plant those accursed flowers in the garden in bright spring colors. And she made me wear.......a dress! AH! And not just any dress, no, a frilly little pink dress with lacy edges. I woke up to realize i was wearing it, that hideous clothing article, so I pissed on it and coincidentally it was on the bed.-ferretchick

i ws having sex with my cultural studies lecturer. Believe me that is a real nightmare. I didn't just piss i shat myself.-SiNiSTaR

Twas a strange one... I dreamt I was out on my bicycle, just cruising around (as you do on bicycles) and I decided I wanted to go to this town somewhere down the train track. I couldn't cycle there but as I passed the rails a long convoy of delapidated steam engines (half of these didn't even have boilers but were still getting steam) and I hopped onto an open top carriage which was being pushed ahead. When I got to this place, to which I've never been before, I jumped off the moving train into a river, hauling my bike out after me. Then I cycled (completely dry) through the town and pulled a wheelie through a shopping centre which looked alarmingly like one I went to in Australia. I stopped outside a music shop where I heard some passers-by discussing how the girl I like liked me too.
I met some people I knew (although I don't remember who) and caught the steam engine convoy home.
At which point, I woke up feeling better.

It had something to do with Sidney Poitier too. I think I was him or something. Very odd. Although, not bad. Sorry, what was the question?-Mzebonga

i was walkin on a highway then all of the sudden i had an urge to piss on the grass then i woke up my bed was wet, and then my mom was like WHAT THE FUCK BILLY I JUSS CLEANED THE SHEETS YESTERDAY!?!?!? ...i cant stand it when she bitches at me so i pulled my ding dong out and pissed on her then everything went blurry and there was my mom giving me the what-the-fuck-billy-look...then i realized i stopped dreamin when i woke up from the highway...-u smell like lemons

I don;t have dreams or nightmare ..my life is scary enough-Bob's specail friend

i had a dream that barney had an evil plan to take over the world and molest children with michael jackson and i was so terrified that i pissed the bed so much it turned to a spunge.-jim bibble

I had a dream that I was "urinating" in a bathroom...but in reality I was pissing on myself in bed:( My failed attempts to stop it only made me leak more and I had to explain to my grandmother why a 16 year old girl is pissing on herself.-ChunkyFlamingotesticles

Me and a group of people were trying to find the 6th floor of a building. I ran ahead and went from the 5th to the 7th. I opened a door to a hallway full of doors (like the backdoor hallway in Matrix Reloaded though this dream occured a couple of years ago.) Tired, I sat down. Then the white text that always appeared in "The X-Files" appears to me saying "Your computer beep stood up for me." We are then transported to a cruise ship near the pool. Mulder and Scully are there in parkas. Mulder proceeds to through a gas can into the pool. There was an explosion and giant flaming spiders started to jump out of the pool and attacked everyone. I then woke up in a puddle of sweat. I didn't piss the bed though.-anthrax_boy

umm....my mom's friend's bf (in the dream) was evil and so i led him into the woods. the trees and sticks came to life and had ptchforks and assorted weapons, so i ran out of the woods. after 5 minutes, one by one three girls ran out of the snowy forest, one wearing a pink bathing suit, and the others wearing orange and green. they were screaming. i dashed back into the wooded area and found the boyfriend lying in a pool of blood. then i woke up.-GeT_KiNkY!!!

someone was chasing me...faceless...i kept on running and crying and running...then i stumbled and fell to the ground...when i tipped my head up i saw myself offering a hand and helping me up...then somebody must have nudged me on the shoulder coz i woke up and found myself in bed all sweaty and breathless...i went to the bathroom to wash my face and i noticed something is wrong with the mirror...i cant remember what...i went back to the bedroom and noticed that my window is open...upon closing it i saw the sky and there's a sea...both bloody red...somehow i was aware that was in another dream. i didnt know how i woke up but i definitely did not piss...my bladder is a gravely full though but i remember being scared going to the bathroom...now how do i got rid of that... -leigh

worst nightmare... hmm... i dreamed that i found out Richard Simmons was my real father, which was fucking scary.. but i didn't wet the bed.-FireIce0730

I thought my grandma was a lady bug and i woke up naked with a hose. there was piss all over but it wasnt mine.-Robert Papalong

I had a dream that I had George Bush's face tattooed on my toenail and it bagan to talk to me and turn me into it's zombie. Thankfully the fear of it all made me piss myself and the run off ran onto my toe and wiped away the bit of toe mould in the shape of the president off my toe. The voice never stopped commanding me though...and I vow to find weapons of mass destruction and aim them at an Iraqi tree.-jezebel

One night, i dreamed that i was in the kitchen, makin grilled cheese, then out of nowhere, some guy walks in my kitchen. I was very pissed of because he kept askin me why i was makin grilled cheese, i cudnt believe that he wud actually question the grilled cheese! OBSURD! i thought. and the nerve that old man had...tryin to steal my grilled cheese. You see thats what scared me the most. No, i didnt piss in my pants of fear. Darn.-JimBoBob=)

the only time ive ever peed the bed was when my "friends" tricked me into seeing who could drink the most water before they had to pee...I won...and i peed the bed...-Rocco the Great

I had a dream the Insane Domain no longer exsisted. I woke up in a pool of my own urine AND feces. -Syko Morgana

Britney spears, the colour pink, and bald cats. yes, a lot i had 2 buy a new matress.-Me and myself and you and you and you...

i had a dream that my mom had died. that sounds stupid but its not when it actually happens...and no, i did not piss in my bed in fear-irish psycho

my body in blood bandages in a wheelchair but able to stand wrapped up in barbwire holding me down with a steel chains on the walls as the floor was coverd in blood like it was like this for years. finial ending myself inpaild.-reborn isc

good nightmare i had yes. the three horsemen came to get me and had even seemed to have chased and slain me *the sons-a-bitches* i woke up in a cold sweat still living in my nightmare. can you believe it? well the gymteacher had to calm me down. everyone thought it was a bizarre joke. the insanity, where the hell did that come from. never experienced anything like it again . i mean lightning struck and everything. like most dreams as soon as you awaken you seem to have forgotten most of it. crazy shit man totally crazy-dr. kryptonite

I dreamt that i gave birth to a midget through my ass. I named him Ass Gnome.-Bill Clinton

i used to have a recuring dream, and this serious, about these two guys, one really tall and one really short. I'd be lying in my bed looking out the window and I would see them flying towards me from way off of in the distance, and they'd be getting closer and closer and I would be like "oh no, they're coming again!". and eventually they'ed fly right into my room and I'd try to scream but no sound would come out so I'd just hide under my covers. And they would just stand over my bed grinning at me all night and evertime i peeked out from under the covers they'd still be there watching me with their evil grinning faces.-Beth

The worst dream I can think of is the one I'm living right now. I don't know if I pissed the bed yet, I haven't woken up to find out.-Christophe

i don't have bad dreams or nightmares i once had a coughing fit so bad i shit my pants, though-irish psycho

Was once known that if u had to be relavent you could always trust a friend to bail u out.-Brottley

i dreamt i was trapped in a room and there was a pylon, a pair of dirty socks and a stack of ... no wait -Stifler's Mum

well in this one dream i was laying in my bed and its dark and this guy enters. yadda yadda yadda wet porno dream anyways i finally flick on the light switch and its richard simmons!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh! oh wait you guys wanted a bad dream huh? oh well i dont have any of those. -your grandmas moth balls

Actually, I really DID piss the bed. It wasn't a terrifying nightmare or anything, but I dreamt that I was going to the bathroom. When I woke up, I was wetting the bed. Seeing that I was 12 at the time, it was really embarassing for me to admit that to my parents. I ended up telling them 5 years later. -McDiablo

my worst, recurring nightmare is being confronted by filthy public restrooms where one stall is more revolting than the last. previous horrors were recurring dreams of my teeth falling out, in which I gradually became lucid until they stopped happening, not being able to figue out if my dead father was really dead or alive over and over again until actual, extremely rare, brilliant, kick-ass shrinks dragged me out of that stupor and, as a child, I used to have horrible nightmares about my whole family being eaten by television static. I don't specifically recall suffering from incontinence due to any of these nocturnal plagues unless, pissing myself from coughing too hard, while smoking the various drugs I've abused to medicate the generalized anguish, resulting from the waking horrors of existence, that such nightmares reflect, counts.-Enfante Terrible

In my dream, I got married. And yeah, I pissed in my bed. But it was around the time of the Honeymoon in the dream...and it was weird, sticky pee. Does that count?-weirdDAR

I dearmed that Shreader from the teenage mutant ninja turtles kills Aerosmith's drummer. And no, I didn't wet my bed...-Fairytale

i neva pissed my bed in fear, n ma worst dream was tht we had all become soldiers n there was a war n i was seein all my best mates die all round me.propa freeky!-Keli_x_James


i dreampt i was eaten by a walrus and yes i pissed in fear-guy

i dreamt all the hamsters i ever had suddenly came back to my house...even the one that climbed into a jar and died. needless to say...i did piss the bed.-ali pie

I was having sex with janet reno. yes.-yes

i draemed i pissed the bed in fear-der1331

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