there is a pylon, a pair of dirty socks and a stack of old magazines...
how do you escape?

open the door..-maxie doo little

some pretty freaky shit.-painkilla

I will first take the magazines and seperate them into sheets and then use my spit to glue the sheets together to make a glider. Then I will tie the socks to the wires of the pylon (WITH OUT TOUCHING THE WIRE WITH MY HANDS!). I will fasten the glider to my back then pull on the socks to pull the wires back to give me a sling shot take off. And then I glide away to freedom.-DZ

what do you mean?-boogya

i escape through the magazine hiding from the socks and nylon beggin to have some goood pics in the magazine...yea...-SG*

i give you the magazines, wait to you're enthralled by the articles (magazines are known for the depth and quality of their articles), pull a sock over your head, and beat you with the pylon... till you say the secret word (poodle)... then the charade is over, you give me my money, and we all go home happy.-Emprissnikon

I think I'd just put the socks on, sit down and and use the edge of the paper from the magazines to slit my wrists so I'd die..then I dunno..maybe the pylon would fall on me...if a pylon is what I think it is...this response was kinda poorly thought out--FartMonkey

I'd place the dirty socks on the pylon, praying to them day after day to deliver me a means of escape. The sock god's talk to me, telling me I must make a sock monkey out of them to worship and use the old magazines as stuffing. Ah, my little friend will show me the way out! I must watch him now, he'll move to lead soon....Go my precious! go!-ferretchick

I put on the socks, read the magazines and stick the pylon up my butt.-SiNiSTaR

I would climb the pillon then leap off or choke myself with the dirty socks. Otherwise, if they're teen magazines, I could read them and bore myself to death.-Mzebonga

i cant...i live here...-u smell like lemons

ahhhhhhhhhhh....that is my dream fantasy so I won't leave -Bob's specail friend

burn the shit.-jim bibble

WOW! Well, first off I will persuade the pylon to join my side and use him to smother the socks and the magazine. The dirty socks will try to escape from any known open source and the magazing will try to do the same. I then remember that I have matches in my pocket and will spare my last match and not have a ciggarette to light the pylon on fire and melt everything together. Then I will run away....very far away!-ChunkyFlamingotesticles

I search the magazines for one of those cologne/perfume ads where you can fold it out and smell it. If I find one, I rub it on the pylon. I then take the socks and tie them into a belt that I wear for aesthetic purposes. I then make love to the pylon. Wait...what was the question?-anthrax_boy

read old magazines and sniff sock until mind forgets that body is trapped -GeT_KiNkY!!!

to hell with pylon and socks!...i'll just get the magazine...cover my face with it...and run! its better that way considering my state of least people wont know its me who's running-leigh

i suffocate the guards with the smelly socks, use the pylon to beat people with, and lay the magazine out so they think i'm still laying under the covers.-FireIce0730

Anal warts.-Robert Papalong

I would make the stack of magazines stand on their edges, one on top of the other until I had finally got a tall enough stack to climb and reach the top of the pylon where I could sit and mock the seagulls about how high I was when I have no wings o feathers before escaping over the top. Then I would climb my stack and realise that I'm a crappy builder as I tumble to the ground, legs broken .Then I would have to resort to plan B and use the dirty socks to jerk off, throw the even more soiled socks at the person blocking my way and let it mist their view then run past humminga jaunty tune.-jezebel

How do i escape...well first, i take the pylon...whatever that is...and feed it to my pair of dirty socks....then my dirty socks eat my old magazines, me, and the grilled cheese i had just made. I guess i dont get any grilled cheese = \-JimBoBob=)

what is a pylon... okay never mind... i dont want to know. But the socks i put on my hands and the magizines go to be recycled... the socks have now become my new friends....-Rocco the Great

Pylon? sorry i dont speak canadian.-Syko Morgana

I fix up the dirty socks and old magazines and parts of the pylon to make an alien communicator, call my mates for some help, then just hope. or, alternatively, i could just make friends with a cat and wait for their taking over the world.-Me and myself and you and you and you...

i use the pylon as a toilet, the sox as earmffs abd the magazines as toilet paper-irish psycho

push evrything somewere and laugh-reborn isc

i whip out 10 sticks of dyn-o-miiiiiiiite out of my arse to blow up the walls and use the tec9(made from carefully handycraft mastery gently manipulated stack of old magazines) to slay the guards . use my dirty socks to distract the hounddogs while making my way through the marshes and swamps. then, totally tired and worn out from my travels and thrifes i get to your house i (ninja-like)creep up on you and straight shove the pylon up yer cunt!!!-dr. kryptonite

If they were my dirty socks then I would first hold them to my nose and inhale their hallucinogenic properties... then I would ask the gnome people to free me. Shiny little gnome people are my friends.-Bill Clinton

read the magazines and escape into a world of celebrity and fashion just like any other sunday.-Beth

First, I'd put the pylon on my head, put the dirty socks on my feet and then take the old magazines and make some sort of dress. It wouldn't really be considered an escape, but I could go where I please.-Christophe

i would blind my captors with scary pictures from the 80's in the magazines, put the dirty sox in their mouthsto kill them, and shove the pylon up their butt. -irish psycho

Remove butt plug, then proceed with anal mutilation.-Brottley

i walk out the door... what? u did't say it was locked-Stifler's Mum

first i mold a lifesize statue of myself out of my own feces. afterwhich i pay homage to the statue at 2:00 5:00 and 7:00 everyday. and for escaping.... who cares now i have the thing i love most right here with me...... myself and feces-your grandmas moth balls

First, I'd light the magazines on fire and dodge the flames before throwing the dirty socks in them. Then I'd rescue the pylon and put it on a pretty construction site. The End.-McDiablo

you can use the dirty socks to shove down the pylon's throat (top of cone) to strangle it, and the magazine, being the the shiftless, moral relativists (whores) that they all are, can easily be persuaded to assist you once the powerful, mastermind pylon has been subdued. if you have not perfected your pylon assasin techinique before you have found yourself in one's grips, and your attempt fails, your only option is to burn the place down and run like hell.-Enfante Terrible

Use the backdoor...and I'd take the magazines with me. But not the socks. Screw the pylon. Did I mention I dislike socks? They smell. Especially these socks.-weirdDAR

I'd probably take a nap...-Fairytale

climb on the mags to get to a window tie the sock to the pylon n hope it wworks like a parachute!n just jump for the hell of it.-Keli_x_James


u throw everything out and climb down the pylon-guy

with a combination like that...would i really want to?-ali pie

escape from what?-yes

id raed the dirty magazines, put on the old socks, and jump on the stack of pylons/. or waes it drity socks and ma.... nvm-der1331

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