you can kill one person on the planet and get away with it... who do you kill and how?

michael finnigan... put nails around the base of the tree-maxie doo little

Well the Cats told me to kill this person down the road from my house because he is a dog lover and cat hater. If I kill him, the Cats will be able to take over my district. But if it was someone else, then it GEORGE W. BUSH! Better know as SHRUB Jnr.-DZ

if u cld bottle all the evil in this world into this one person.. that'd be the person... how? not sure.. but it'll be good enough so they won't be coming back-boogya

can everyone count as one?if so everyone cept darren and don't know darren :P!he's minnneee!-SG*

well if she were still alive, i would take out Mother Theresa... who wouldnt remember the chick who took down Mother Theresa. i would suffocate her with starving children... and then let them eat her. (what... you wanted funny?)-Emprissnikon

If we're only concerned with the "getting away with it" while you're still on the earth and alive, then there's always one person you can kill and get away with it: You. I always figured a gun to the head would be fastest. I'd even be considerate enough to do it on a tarp so they wouldn't be scrubbing blood off the carpet..well...never mind...let them scrub! Bahahahahaha-FartMonkey

There are so many people and so little time. But I'd have to choose that bitch whose been making my life miserable since first grade, I always have classes with. Oh yes, she'll get hers after all those horrid days of torture. I would have her flogged by many angry Irish men weilding sacks of potatos, then thrown into a pit of rabid dogs to be ripped to pieces. Yes, sounds like fun, doesn't it?-ferretchick

my sister by running her over with the car repeatedly until she becomes a thin layer of pulpy blood and mush. This is because she keeps using the car when i need it but somehow i miraculously get shit from my parents about using the car and all. because of her my mom treats me like a dog. she bought me a leash and a waterbowl and everything. my name is now Fido. -SiNiSTaR

Myself. it's the only way to guarantee that other people don't annoy me so much.-Mzebonga

it would best friend...FUCK HE"S ANNOYING...i dont know how but...wait i do.. i'll come over pretend to hug him for being the BEST friend ever then...stab him on the back...thats wat i call stabbing ur friend on the back...-u smell like lemons

Ashley .... I don;t know I'd just kill her -Bob's specail friend

martha stuart,shes an evil heartless son of a bitch that deserves to die and i will make that happen by hiring a transvestite hitman to rape and kill her and then she will burn in hell while sadam hussein rapes her mother in front of her burning corpse and then satan will come and piss on her.-jim bibble

Those damn aliens! They keep coming into my house everyday and stealing all of my peanutbutter! So, I will begin a hunt to find the one and only supreme alien who started all of them...and with its death, end all of them. After years of road trips and searches I will be so close that it will come to me after hearing my plans. It will challenge me and I will fight it, of course I will win and I will cut off its head and dance around in joy knowing that I defeated the aliens that stole my precious peanutbutter.-ChunkyFlamingotesticles

No good answer.-anthrax_boy

i want to kill chuck woolery, because he really pisses me off. i would kill him by dropping a tv on his head.-GeT_KiNkY!!!

my ex who else...i'll chop him and make a bastard stew with sesame seed...then i'll feed him to the dragon with the big boobs and make sure she'll have the middle finger with my name tattooed on it. -leigh

dunno.. i need time to think-FireIce0730

I would kill jesus with a toothpick, he owes me BIG TIME!-Robert Papalong

I would kill the simple man who invented the right click button the computer mouse as he has messed with my coordination and my self confidence as I can never click left then right in quick successsion without my hand gliding off and making me look impaired. I think it would be just to let him die in ironic fashion so I would steal several compter mice and tie then to each limb of his body with about twenty extra around his body like a genetically modified octopus.Then in a cruel but satisfying twist of fate I would plug each mouse into a computer mains and let an actual mouse turn on the power, whilst I throw him into a mouse shaped swimming pool and watch the bastard fry in one of the ears.-jezebel

Wow, you know, i would definately kill that evil old man in my dreams. The nerve that man had tryin to steal my grilled cheese....phew...I wud murder that man like no one was ever murdered tellin ya, it would be great. I would drown him in really really hot melted cheese. The i would take the cheese that he was melted into and pour in onto a few slices of bread. Then i would eat them all....very very slowly. And...oooo yum! how good does he mmm mm mmm gooood =)-JimBoBob=)

I dont kill, i bury things alive... if they dont escape thats there problem...-Rocco the Great

I'd proabaly kill Dr.Laura...i'll pull that stick that is in her ass out and beat her to death with it.-Syko Morgana

Bin laden. He's stupid enough 2 bomb the USA so he should be easy to find. I would invent a genetic mutation tablet the atrnsforms his beard into a pink and very fluffy toy, and them make him eat it. it would contain secret particles of a tree that grows money then i would simply bury him alive, tied up with spandex trowsers, then grow a money tree. I would also get money for killing him, then become filthy ritch and start buying up all the countries in the world. Then i would be filthy ritch and rule the world. yay!-Me and myself and you and you and you...

the bitch who gave me the dirty look at that store. i smiled at her baby then i looked up and smiled at her and she looked at me then looked away. stupid fucking bitch. by the way, i was being nice.....i would make highly poisonous snakes bite her everywhere and then, as the acid was eating through her skin i would slice up some lemons and shove the pieces into the holes burned by the acid.i HATE snobby people...they fucking suck to hell...they're everywhere too....-irish psycho

my science teacher ! i would knock off the bottom jar so they coulded do teeth records to find out who its was then cut off all the end off the fingers so they cant get finger prints after that i would get a stick with a razor on the end with a chain on the other i would inpail her then as the chain is out the back and out the front i would hook her up onto a wall and burn from the feet up very slowly.-reborn isc

mmmmmmm.... a tasty treat would be that george w bush jr guy. i don't like his face either /he annoys me too much + he's an ungratefull dufus with too much power . kinda loke a kid with an ak-47... in other words he and his crew are fucking it up for everybody, so the head honcho needs to go. it might not solve anything but it would surely send a message to the arrogant government. to perform this task i would get a high caliber sniper rifle that i can use with a remote control like bruce willis in The Jackal. yeah that's what i'm talking about.-dr. kryptonite

My cat's breath smells like cat food.-Bill Clinton


myself. I'd have to make a big show out of it, let all the news stations cover it. A real media circus. I'd get on top of a building and hang off the edge. The reason I chose this is because you see jumpers all the time on tv, but they always get saved, you never see them actually jump off and die. I would jump, maybe die.-Christophe

saddam hussien strangulation-irish psycho

I'd like to eradicate space monkeys, on the other hand killing you would be rather splendid.-Brottley

it is bad karma to discuss such things-Stifler's Mum

ok not technically a person but that damn cp30 or whatver from star wars..... sorry talking robots really give the heebie jeebies. -your grandmas moth balls

You know that horrible English that u c so often l8tly? There has got to be a ringleader who controls 14 year olds' brains who type this way. I'll kill that person by assaulting them with an endless amount of English dictionaries and thesaurus'.-McDiablo

hmm...let's see if I can avoid being charged with sedition on this one....let's say there was a particular cheerleader-in-chief who had fucked up the economy, environment, international relations and raped all sorts of social programs of any relevance to humanity with psycho-facist-baptist-neoconservative-preemptive-delusional policies and actions. my fantasy would be to watch poison gas shoot out of the microphone as this political bimbo flatulated "his" endless lies out of the putrid orifice of "his" "mouth". the fantasy would go on to suffocate the gallery of puppeteers seated behind the bimbo-in-chief, assuring that the entire production company engineering the nazi hypnosis of the afflicted nation would not be able to simply replace their brainless poster-"girl" with some monosyllabically grunting action-hero. of course, these are just the frustrated, darkly humorous musings of a piss-ant drop in some negligible "focus-group" (of millions) that are not to be, in any way, construed as relating to any real persons living or dead, and any similarities to any real person or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincindental. "Tell me again about the rabbits, George." (p.s. please send morphine.) -Enfante Terrible

Hmmmm, only one?-weirdDAR

Some girl I knew I was 14... I'd deep-fry her.-Fairytale

i duno....sum1 really famous cos there always around people so itd b DED hard to kill em n itd really piss people off tht they cnt find the murderer!-Keli_x_James


razorwire over a highway and watch george w bushes head fly clean off hehehe-guy

i would kill my chemistry teacher by first beating her bloody with a burette (250 cm3) and then i would force feed her a tasty combination of sulphuric acid, nitric acid....basically anything poisonous...but not so poisonous you'd die right away.-ali pie

jesus, with a slice of swiss cheese-yes

id choke SAnimal with my pylon,while wearing a pair of dirty socks and i will clip out the pictures from one stack of old magazines, and put them in another while laughin-der1331

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