you're alone and without a tissue... you sneeze and there is snot everywhere...
do you wipe it somewhere secret, eat it or ????

I must take this opportunity to proudly announce that I have never once, even secretly or in elementary school, never, consumed anything that has ever come out of my nose. Nor have I preserved them or made collections or flung them at or wiped them on other people. I did, once, however, construct an ameteur classification booklet..but I have got from the actual question, haven't I? Well what I'd probably do is wait until someone else showed up, offer them my snot in case they are one of those snot-intensive-people, and if they don't have any use for it, I'd just wipe the obvious sectors away on my sleeve where the smearings will, as I see it, pass for poor-table-manners-related stains.FartMonkey

I wipe it on the carpet an rub it in good with my foot, hoping that in a few days it'll give birth to some horrible creature that'll kill everybody.Omuletzu

i rub it over my palms and wait for it to dry; then as soon as it's dry i peel it off, and it is now this paper-thin layer of dried mucus. I carefully lay it out in the sun and after about twenty minutes i'll have yummy, nutritious, organic, sun-dried mucus. perfect for eating with crackers, or ever on its own!SiNiSTaR

Chow down!Mzebonga

it's amazing what some people consider art these days. i sold some of my snot on a piece of canvas and got 10,000 for it.Syko Morgana

I wipe it up... thats just disgusting... ill find paper or somthing...ich...NSuxbum

i wipe it off on my sock monkey...Pancake

that is a masturbatorial inuendo there buddy. By sneeze you mean masturbate and by snot you mean spooge. So I would have to say I put it in a jar and save it. Then I put it on people's toast at work. They just think it's jelly. But unless you meant for it to be just sneezing and snot, then I eat it.Anthrax.Boy

I get a dirty t shirt and clean myself up or something. Eat it? Nasty man.dennis1111

Find something to throw it at. A booger is wasted unless you've got something or someone to fling it at, especially if it's big and slimy.Indomitus

I wipe it on you....Sally

ew, that's gross...there's always something to wipe it on...a dirty shirt that's about to be washed or somethinglittlebit

on the next person who walked past psycho

it goes all under this desk baby!!maybe..i should've added that to the last one...but it said "on" so i guess not..SG*

That's for me to know and you to find out in approximately . . . 37 seconds . . . *hides under table and plugs all orifices*Fish

well i would put it in a coffee cup and then when my annoyng mom tells me to get her a cup of coffee i will put the coffee in the cup give it to her and when she askes what the floating stuff is i will tell her i added creammoo poo chic21

I'll put it on my boss's chair! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!DZ

wipe it off somewhat secretCrisco Cat

i think i would clean it up, perhaps wipe my it? are you guys sick? that's so nasty.spanky

shut up, you eat it.Batman (na na na na na na na na)

i get my midget to take care of it.Chunderspew

i carefully wait until my sister comes home and then attack from behind the door and proceede to wipe my snotty nose on her. If she doesnt come home, ill wipe it on the couch cushions and pretend its not there, until it dries and becomes hard and crusty then ill chip it off and it can come into my room with me and be my friend, ill think ill name him billy joe bob the IIImonkeeskittles

wipe it some where secrettinkerbell

call somebody to come over to wipe it up for me,because im a fuckin lazy bastard,yes i said it im a lazy bastard what are you gonna do about it?jim bibble

wipe it on my shirtvic

mail it to DC! hahahahaha. oh please don't give me one of those stinky answer awards! hahahahaBigMama

dig into my wrists and let all the blood cover up the snot. then i'd psycho

somewhere secret ... which won't be very secret when the stuff drys and there's this yellow/crystally patch on my pants. Not good...not good.Riku

leave it, my dog will eat it later.Lithaial

tissue?cRaZy MoNgOoSe

Well, i have a bad experience from my child hood. TThe local bully made me eat my own mucus. It realy sucked. I would most defintly hide it in the vent. -NNY

get printer paper. It'll substitute.Rebirth

i wipe it off with my hand and then onto a wall/seat ....Momo

well, by then someone would have walked by and wanting to meet me and shake my hand. so i'd calmly tell them "pardon my wet hand; i just washed" psycho

wipe it somewhere secretAngelle

i wipe it off on DC's tail.FreshFruit

I'd scoop it all into my hand and smear it all over a piece of paper. I'd then proceed to frame it and sell it to some art dealer. I'm sure someone out there is bound to be impressed and call my work a masterpiece.McDiablo

i smear it on the carpet and then try to remember to avoid that area for awhile... i should wear shoes though because knowing me i'll step in it and then that would suck - coffeespaz


wipe it in a pile and smite anyone who tells my to clean it up. Or put a biscut in the pile and have the dog eat it.JENOVA

I use my classmate's/sister's/a stranger's jacket, and point it out to everyone but them. Or use it to lubricate a jarlid of nasty sweet pickles.eva P.

I;d wipe it on my shirt or something. I dont know.HellKitten

throw it out the window???JAK

I would play conect the fleme.InsaneLane

id casually flick onto someone i intensely disliked. - communist queen

trow it out the window- barbie

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