a sock monkey has shown up at your door and wants you to play with its tail,
do you do it for free or do you make it beg first?

Make a fellow sock monkey beg? Get outta here...*vaguely threatening mumblings*FartMonkey

I don't do it! Sock monkeys are tricky! All they want is money and your stuff! Never, NEVER let them in when you're alone!Omuletzu

id get my shotgun and tell the sockmonkey that this is a good neighbourhood and if you want something sick like that done you'd have to go to downtown LA and if you don't leave my property in two seconds your head'll get blown off.SiNiSTaR

I never told DC where I live. He's a skank and all he wants from me is sex and tail rubs. I'd slam the fucking door.Mzebonga

Ill do the Insane Domain thing and start demanding money for favors.Syko Morgana

Ill do it for free... Im always bored, it will help me.NSuxbum

i dont do it at all. he proabaly is going to wack his tail around and strangle me with it and then sell my dead body on E-bay.Pancake


Which tail? I'll do it for free is it isnt sexual.dennis1111

$5, same as in town, pal.Indomitus

I'd definetly make him beg, I'd whip him too.Sally

i definitely make it beg first..then continue with some teasing...then maybe i'll do what it wantslittlebit

i'd ask the monkey to pose with me for a porno magazine THEN i'd play with its tail...a lot...irish psycho

Sock monkeys are dead sexy!free baby!!you want me to play with your tail DC? ;)SG*

I'd do it for free, but only so long as he/she promises to wear a pair of fluorescent green fishing waders and a blue bandanna carrying the title "Dr. Cornelius von Krychek"Fish

i would grab the sock monkey toss him in the closet call my friends to get them down here and when they got there i would shove them in the closet to and let ppl pay me 50 bucks to see them "interact" while counting my money i will make my lil brother write my report on how sock monkies and people interactmoo poo chic21

For DC, it is always for free! The rest have to pay me $10.DZ

He'd beg, and then I'd ask him too play with my tail in return.Crisco Cat

i wont touch any kind of "tail" until i get to know it first...unless there's a hefty bribe attached to that "tail".spanky

i give the monkey a big wet sloppy tail-job and I secretly video tape the whole thing. Then I use the tape to blackmail the furry little fucker.Batman (na na na na na na na na)

I'd just get my midget to handle the situation.Chunderspew

get on your knees you lil sock monkey, beg for Tee to play with it, beg, *smack, boom* ::voice changes:: beg to play with my tail tee, beg for itmonkeeskittles

i would make him beg first hen i would make him eat me out until i cum about 50 times then maybe i would play with his talitinkerbell

make it beg,theres nothin funnier than to see a sock monkey beg you to play with his tail.jim bibble

I'd definantly make it bed first.vic

awww....sweeeeet. is the sock monkey cute? i'd do it for free if it was a stupid, boring, everyday sock monkey u see at walmart...but if it was DC i'd not only make it beg but i'd also make it pay me.BigMama

i ask the monkey if he'd be willing to play with my tail while i played with his. then, if he siad yes i'd give him lots of good things like money and leafs tickets and then we'd play with eachothers tails. wouldn't that be fun?irish psycho

make it beg first, loudly, right there on the doorstep so all my neighbors can watch. Then tell it I don't want any Girl Scout cookies but Mr. Creepy across the street simply adores them.Riku

which tail? i aint playing with no monkey cock!Lithaial

Bloody sock monkeys! i get calls from them all the time asking me to play with their tails, but i do it anyway, but for a price mind.cRaZy MoNgOoSe

I think I'd pay for it myself. I'd keep it thewre all night and just pet him. Petting sock monkeys is my favorite thing to do. -NNY

Make it begRebirth

I take him indoors and show him to my monkey loving parlour, and then do everything he wants me to ;-)Momo

if i can lick his tail too i'll do it.....irish psycho

make it beg firstAngelle

I'd say...Go to hell Monkey, i know your little plan. you want me to play with your tail and then your goign to hypmotize me with it and once im hypmotized your going to have sex with my body! you cant fool me IM ONTO YOU!!!FreshFruit

Not only would I play with the sock monkey's tail for nothing, but I'd buy it the largest sized Slurpee. Then we'd talk about ways to make the world believe that our relationship is platonic.McDiablo

i make it BEG - coffeespaz


I would make it pay first play with the tail and then SMITE!!! with a heavenly swing into the wall then snach $$ dispose.JENOVA

i begin to stroke it's fur, but not it's tail, and get it all hot and ready, and then send it on some impossible mission (cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring), and if he succeeds, he gets a lifetime of servile stroking.Or, if he said please first, i'd just agree.eva P.

Of course I'd make it beg. On its hands and knees. Id make it lick the ground and kiss my foot. Poor monkey... I'd pity an animal if it came to my door.HellKitten

if it's a female sock monkey...... do it for free if the monkeys a guy he can beg all he wants i'm not playin with it's tail!JAK

well, kidneys would dominate this situation. If the desperate sock monkey happened to have a kidney to spare, I would gladly do it so I could sell the kidney to the Swiss for their World famous Swiss-kidney sandwichs. If the sock money had no kidney to spare, I would demand that he shave my back with a butter knife defore I rub his tail. Also, I'd demand that he use protection.InsaneLane

itd be a fuckin privilege, id do it for free- communist queen

beg first- barbie

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