have you tried voodoo on anyone and did it work?
I have. But it didn't.- liz

I made a Lassie voodoo dog, but Lassie is such a good hearted mutt, hes still alive.- MeowMix

Remember how the president choked on that pretzel and it was whole goddamed emergency..well i dint do that buuuutt if i had the awesome power of the voodooo i could easily whip out some kung fu voodoo shit and do the same thing to him... heh itd be funnier though if i had his socks choke his feet though muahhaha!!! world domination is mine!!!- Franky the one-armed midget

No and no .- Sally

yes, and it didn't. no one caught on fire or started getting a really holey crotch.- Slurpee

I once used to point and shout "Ni" at people to curse them. I once did it to my nemesis, the woman who looked like a man and used my local bus service. On one occasion she tripped on the step while getting of the bus and fell on the floor. She hurt herself - sprained wrist I think. So Voodoo sucks, I need something better like a chainsaw.- Mzebonga

no and yes.- shortymac83

Yes and no- Hev

yes i did..it was fun but it didnt work- billy bob

No, but Ive had it done to me....... a girl told me she wanted to have sex with me and I said no ( I was stupid) and for the next week my pants button keep on unbuttoning like 20 times a day, then that weekend she told me she was useing voodoo to do that so I would have sex with her, needless to say I did.- LubisKo

you'll find out.....- syko morgana

yeah, but when you use play dough dolls, you quickly realize that voodoo is a bunch of CRAP!!! *begins to cry* I was only 4 years old DAMMIT!!! OH GOD WHY DIDN'T IT WORK?!???!?!?!?!!?!?- popedoug

Nah, not my stlye... I prefer the direct approach... plus the look in their eyes when you start to hurt them is just great *grins*- TwistedSoul

DuH! I did voodoo on this hobo one time and he walked around talking to people saying " I did not have sexual realtions with that woman!" I warn you all! Do not smell his finger! - BoBsPeNiS

I once stuck a pin in a potato and the whole region got potato blight.- Fergus O'dimbal

I tried to make a voodoo doll to use on the Sock Monkey. But it was so little and sexy and tasty that I ate it.- Flabba the Slut

i voodood myself onetime. . . it worked . . . all i had to do was poke the doll then move around like it was giving me pain . . . ive made lots of crack and heroin money doing this in the city- FALILV

Naw, I go over to the person's house, tie them up and proceed to torture them for hours on end...that voodoo stuff is way to weird for me.- McDiablo

After watching the Labyrinth with David Bowie and seeing him dance with those disgustingly tight pants and sing that terrible fucking voodoo song, I want nothing to do with voodoo. It makes me nauseous; as a matter of fact, I'm about to put another bowl in the fridge, so if you'll excuse me...- thanatophyte

you asked this question didn't you?- AnthraxBoy

Uh, nope, sorry not today...but i should try it sometime...- Swanky

the voodoo that you do, like doo doo or mountain dew, da da doo, scabootle da boo boo, de scoobie doobie, badda doobie, dat dat da scootle bop dooo.. yaaaa. how do you like my hardcore scattin'? - Miss Roger's Sweater

i've tried voodoo on some bitch that i really dont like... and, well... i dunno if it worked. the next day, since i wanted her gone, she like, moved away or something.... i guess- Kreepie

The uncle of my best friend's stepmother is a voodoo priest and he taught me once. I tested it on my guinea pigs. They're all dead now... No one ever told me guinea pigs don't react well to needles stuck into them. - freestyler

god damn karmna...came back to me three fold- Randy

I tried voodoo on my grandma's stalker and the son of a bitch still stalks her, so she hit him with a stick... motherfukker still stalks her!- R Dire

Why yes, I tried quite a bit, but no matter what I do they won't turn into a pile of yummy purple goo....- Dolpha

Mzebonga's still alive, isn't he? So that's a "no".- Sophie

Janet Reno Have you ever seen it? It didn't ALWAYS look that way......- Dolpha

no. apparently the hens i used weren't believers in voodoo so that cancelled out the whole ritual. do you have any suggestions on how i can substitute the hens with something else, because i'm actually a vegetarian, and i'd prefer it if i could use something like tofu that was shaped like a chicken, or something...- SiNiSTaR

No but I'm learning about it so I can make voodoo dolls and make people flick each other in their fucking eyes, I'll let you know how it turns out- Blunt

i once made a cow explode by sticking dynamite in a smaller version of the cow... though the original cow might have had it's own stick of dynamite.- IT"S A SECRET

i tried on myself once. i threw my self out a window.... all of a sudden my britney spears doll threw itsself out after me....- monkeyflags

well you're still here so obviously not- keglineq

no... and yes- not a goth

nope it didnt work- imp

I tried uhoo on someone but that didnt work, then i tried sticking pins in people cos i was too cheap to buy voodoo dolls, that didnt work but Jerry Springers time will come...- jonut

yes and no - kat

Nope!- bananamanda

Yes, I tried the "Blink of Death", it didn't quite have the effect I wanted, it killed me when I was practicing it in a mirror. - OmegaClarinet

i don't know does your tail feel like its in boiling water with a alligator stuck to it?- Sk8erGecko

yes i have proved that there is no satan..science is the only real truth.- punk_not_poser

Thats just crazy- C beezus

yes mwahahahah pheer the baka mumba skills! i will attack you with my pointing bone!!!! just ask pinhead if u wanna know if voodoo works. all those pins so little time....- Ninja


I put a penis enlarging spell on my grandfather and it came back 3fold- snarf

Yes. I did a spell to make my roomate hange his taste in cloths. Of corse the voodoo gods have a sense of humor. He now wears hot pink overalls with blue care bear shirts underneith. Scary!- Mistofflies

i poked needles into a doll that represented my boss that day the president hurt himself i made a mistake with the magic words- ricidulous

No and yes.- chip

No I haven't tried it, but it did work really really well.- Witto

Unfortunately I have not. Although I'm convinced my little brother makes dolls of me daily. I keep having these piercing pains in the weirdest spots, that little fucker and his black magic.- SararararararS

Voodoo eh? that would come in real handy when seeking revenge on shops that don't have any damn snickers bars in stock! Come on! Snikers bars!!! How can any shop worthy of calling itself a shop NOT have Snickers bars in stock?! It's just not cricket!- ZOT

i've never tried voodoo before.......... but do curses work? there was once i hated this guy so much and said that if he was lying he would be injured soon.... and he fell a couple of days later and was in the hospital suffering from a slipped disc......... so im not sure whether that was a mere coincidence or was that really me? my aunt said that people with some natural markings on their tongue can curse people.... and i have birth marks? maybe... but i have darker pink pathces on my tongue..........does that count?- peachikins

No- F.T.L.

yes.. no- AMP

yes, and yeah, it did work- mors

yes & yes- orion

yes i tried it trying to think tried it in no no i got it yes no no never mind ..silence.. ahhhh i am sorry for sodomizing you sock monkey- butthead

no but my friends friend sisters cousins brother in laws niece tried it and she said it didnt work.- ibejustpeachy

Yep, you bet ya. My sister couldn't sit down for over a week- neville

No, but I think I should try it...there are a couple of people I wouldn't mind sticking small needles through their genetalia...- Lizard

yea i've tried but whenever i try to cut the bitch's hair she turns around and catches me and then kicks my ass..so no it's never really worked out for me...but one of these days!!!!!!!!!!!- evilbunniesfromthefurturewilldestroyusall

yes, and well yeah ,their bf dumped then the next day, *grumbles "stupid bitch"*- gatto

oh i try it all the time on my friends-its fun to watch them poke themselves and move the way i want them to...especially in public places- mono

Guess not...I still see ppl walking around. - Chaiz

Had any blinding headaches lately? Sharp pains in your stomach? Had boils deform your face until you repulse even the slimy guy who works in the supermarket, the one who drools while he serves you then "accidently" touches your hand EVERY time he gives you your freakin' change, then lays in wait for you as you return home late at night? Does that answer your question?- sarinie

yes and no. but not nessacarmaly in that order....- Fido Dido

No. It didn't work.- jessie

Yes, I tried Voodoo Banshee on my neighbor. It works if he's not trying to be Serious Sam.- Omuletzu

if i tell you, it would only incriminate myself. I am not currently at liberty to talk about it, since such case is still in preceedings. - Brett

it might have. im not completely sure. the individual concerned disappeared shortly afterward. whether this was due to an ailing aunt as he claimed, or a sudden onset of measels that look mysteriously like texta marks, i dont know. - frazicus

the last time i saw something i cried out turkey- popedoug

Yes, I turned Fidel Castro into a sprig of nutmeg- Mystic Murray

I used it to try and convince my science teacher that he had syphilis, but he just stopped coming to class . . . we found a 4-litre bong in his desk drawer.- Fish

yes i have and no it didn't....sadly enough :(- EvilSara88

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