there are two doors... one is black, the other red... which do you choose?

Red. I LOVE RED!.. only cause it means that there's some horny shit happening on the other side... right? - SiNiSTaR

I walk into the wall over and over again like Rain Man until I fall over unconscious.- Mzebonga

i'm too sexy because thats our favorite "playtme "song.- meagnolia

The purple one, obviously.- Fido Dido

red of course what kind of crazy person goes into a black door?- mary jane

Definitely the red door. The vegetable dumplings and bean curd with black mushrooms are not be missed. Besides, Reggie lives behind the black door and he is a dirty bastard that I avoid at all costs.- Enfante Terrible

Red , is that bad???- Sally

I choose the black door, because it is a never ending pit of darkness that I will fall down for the rest of eternity, the red door is a giant pit of burning lava, and I think falling into blackness over and over again is more fun.- MeowMix

red because it matches the color of my ass- butthead

if the room is black, then i'd choose the black door, becuz, obviously, they WANT you to choose the red door, thats why they painted it red, unless they knew that i'd figure it out, and therefore they actually want me to choose the black door... well, in that case, i'd just stand in front the both doors and stare at them until in my fagile , unbalanced state of mind, the two doors became one, i'd then open THAT door. (HAH , thought you could fool me.)- marissa

neithar i dont wanna hurt one of there not mean like you.- BLEEEEEEEEEEEE

thats hard. both colours are nice. behind the black door is probably death and destruction, which is all well and find. i imagine behing the red door reveals the fires of hell, also good. oh stuff this. im going to open the small door in the corner that talks to you.- frazicus

Neither i sit in the middle of the room rocking back and forth, evaluating my choices. For both the choices look bad. So yes i would just sit the rest of my days .. maybe I could carve designs on the floor though and ooh i could sell them on ebay as like insane asylum pictures. Oh Cool!!!- frank the midget

BLACK!- maryrapedherlittlelamb

black- dane

Wasn't that the same question the ss guard asked you (with a smile on his face) just befor they gas your ass? (during your previous life...of corse) - gopostal

black- cant go wrong with black red is blood- Silver Dragon

i would choose black. it is my favorite color. im sure whatever behind the black door is much cooler than the red door cuz only evil can come from such a dark color. MUAHHAHAHAHHAA!- w33nkie

Red because it's a powerful color and it would hold all the mysteries of world take over.- Spooney

the vent above the black door. it looks like its a fun place!- bobspenistassle

The blue-green oval-shaped one hidden behind the cheesez0rz.- Hey! Rape is illegal! STOP!

If there is a line of people then I'll wait to see Or hear what happens to them befor I go, if there isnt a line then I'll sit and thnk it though, black = nothing, red = blood, I would choose red because i would rather die then become nothing.- LubisKo

you said "one" is black "the other" red.. so what colours are the doors? oh i'd choose the one closest to the nearest 7eleven. cuz i'm lame like that.- Miss Roger's Sweater

ReD- sheniqua

the red one.- PENIS

The black one. It goes much better with the decor of my house.- Waxter

The one with the "EXIT" sign over it.- Fish

The black, because red is too similar to pink- The Fool

The red boor. the black door sounds too much like backdoor...- Ninja

black of course no question about it..BLACK!i mean who in there roght mind would choose red?thats simplee retarded.- JuiCyMuCUS.

red- kuroro

Red usually symbolizes sex....hmmmm, and black just sounds dark and scary. Do you think if I went behind the red door, Red Foreman from 'That 70's Show' would be behind it? Nah, I hope not...he'd just call me a dumbass and I'd run out of their crying while banging into the black door. I hate doors.- McDiablo

Red! Because it is the appreciative colour!!- Richard

i would pretend to choose black but then pretend to choose red ,then i would pretend to choose neithar then i would choose black but then i would run to red and choose red but feelin guilty i would go back out and choose black then feelin guilty bout red i would go to red but then seein black not used i would go find a grenade and blow it up then run in to red.- heahHAHAFGhtheh

Black because we all know red is evil and betrayed orange all those years ago.- OmegaClarinet

the purple one- Draven

The one that says EXIT on it.- The Pope

No, fuck you man, there are NOT two doors. It's the same door, --black on one side and red on the other. Every time we do this, I get hit in the ass by my future self opening the door into the past. You're not a scientist. Your'e a sadist. In fact you're not even human. You're a table and your an agent of the door. That's why you see those tables made out of doors in country decorating magazines, disguised as inanimate and benign, lauded as rustic yet eclectic. Your a fucken tool. Not me man, I eat off the floor with my bare hands. I'll see you in a wood chipper on the capital steps, bourgeois politique! - Marthastewart

You do not say what I choose the door FOR, so I will choose the red one, because I want to paint it, and I do not have any black paint, only red. OR..or should I chop both doors into tiny neat little squares and glue them together accordingly to construct a chess board?- FartMonkey

neither I turn around and ask the clerk "so wich dressing room door did that hot chick go in again?"- Sk8erGecko

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