would you let us tie you up and slap you with wet towels?

Only if I cna call you Daddyo- Mystic Murray

only if i could suck on my thumb- butthead

i dont know would you cover me in peanut oil and slap me against a wall- orion

actually, that is abuse and if you are over 8942 years old, then you are one old person- dambro

That depends. am i a towel? if so am i wet? if i'm not wet then you'll have to make me wet first!?!- foetus

Only if I got to return the favour- Fish

can I call u mistress?- Ninja

No, I'm crazy, not stupid.- R Dire

Sure, if you did it naked.- Mzebonga

I'd prefer wet blankets, but towels will work. - syko morgana

No, but I'm sure it wouldnt hurt if I did let you. Sock Monkeys are WEAK.- MeowMix

Yes, if it would fix all the world's problems.- Omuletzu

Probably- Angel

Under what cirucmstances? And would I be in the nude? welps are appreciated.- ZIMIAN

Ofcourse... but please be gentle i bruise easily.- franky the one-armed midget

No but can I tie you guys up and slap yous with the wet towel because I 'm the queen of giving out pain?- Sally

Only if it was my birthday or else my girlfriend would be jeaulous.- Blooten

caddbery eggs- swirliegirl

sure. http://raidband.20fr.com

what color are the towels?- saffron

depends how much you pay me- 69

that depends, what else would you do with me? Mmmmmm, kinky Goat.- BillyGoatJoe

are they HOT wet towels? are they red? these are important details,...um, does this whole thing at all involve creamed corn??- SiNiSTaR

Yes, please.- Sodatab

HeY!HeY!Heyyyyyyyy...ooooooo ddddddd ooooooddddddd oooooooodddddddddoooooooooodoododododod hehehehehehe that true lil buddy......he is a loser- dumby

depends how sexy you are. orrr what i would get in return- prep genocide

if your a bunch of moaning women wearing leather- ricidulous

No one ties me up and abuses me with towels except my mother!- Geno

depends on how good u slap...hmmm...yea- double

why I take a bath daily- mouse

can i be naked?- ramish

for the right price, yes, yes i would- Fido Dido

Only if you promise to have hot hardcore monkey sex afterwards- iWanaDoDC

it depends..are they beach towels with kewl pictures of Tigger and Bugs bunny on them???- babyfreak

no, as i have done that before and not enjoyed it- smoking_girl

Only if you let me have sexy little sock monkey as an appetiser- Flabba the Slut

as long as you put it in between my butt cheeks and clean out all the shit- Coconuts

yes- masterhatchet

well......fuck you guys!!!!!!!- cookypuss

if your tried tying my up and slapping me with wet towels at the same time, i think you'd find the excersise to be quite impossible. if you tried tying me up with socks THEN slapping me with wet towels, i'm sure i'd grow to enjoy it...- Cookie

maybe ?!- dreadz

only if you feed me gerbals - popedoug

Only if I could tie you up and fuck you for hours.- Spritely Pratt

sado rules- for the hey of it

Well that all depends if, you had a botlle of liquad latex and you were running around scr... Ive got nothing for this one. sorry- Kraken86

yes.- Sid

sure what the hell.. if it's not you guys it'd just be someone else... - Miss Roger's Sweater

promise that u r going to ,make me high- pretty

Depends on how wet the towels are and how we is?and how druged up i am at the time.- HoppyGotNaughty

Yeah...- Patty Mayo

You're obviously my soul-mate. For never has anyone seen inside to my true, dark desires! Lo, I have spent many days standing in the YMCA locker rooms and staring at wet towels with lust in my heart. You'd be surprised at the kind of language the YMCA's security guards use! I thought they were Christians! - Nicole

sure why not its only for fun- hellraiser

Well, it sounds like a fun Tuesday night activity. Corse if the towel is a vintage Nightmare Before Christmas towel then that only sweetens the pot. - Mistofflies

Sure, depending on how wet the towels are- Sarz

if by "tie you up" you mean give me lots of money. And by "slap" you mean hug. And by " wet towels" you actally mean cuddly toys. Then i would say fuck off you fuckin sick bitch.- schtop_this_grolsch

yes, if you let me tie you up with a sock, rub you down with cheese, and probe you with a tootpick I have from trying to figure out the circumfrence of the Earth with.- AnthraxBoy

no, i would choke you- B-Lo

no- sexy Chicken

well, as strangely aroused as i have become by that mental picture, ever since that incident with my justin and britney collectors dolls, i have been barred from ever being within 10 feet of dolls, puppets and, i guess, sock monkeys so, if dc is doing the slapping, i'll have to check with my parole officer.- marissa

Does it have to be wet towels? Can't you load ice cream scoops and fling ice cream at me instead??- McDiablo

well that depends. am i naked? are you naked? do i get to tie you up afterwards? are you open to wet towel mud slapping?- frazicus

Only if you were naked... only wearing cool 1950's looking X-Ray Specs- MEAN

If you were a girl who was just warming up to fuck- commiskey

No, i would take Dc and hold him hostage till you gave me the wet towles and tied each other up do i could slap you.- Wilinko

sure why not- intertwinedwithinmadness

only if the water was cold and the ropes were chaffing....- quikasabunny

only if you untie me when u are done.- d1rect0r

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