assuming that x=3 and 6=2, what is the speed stupidity travels at?

roast chicken - Mystic Murray

uh pizza- butthead

faster than my ass while i am looking at old women porn- orion

that was stupid, and i got the fact that it was stupid in 37 seconds... so i guess that x=SPH which 3=x and SPH=xtimes1 so the formula for the speed of stupidity is SPHx1-37=(xy*24+9)- dambro

if 6=2, then does 3=1, and 9=3=1? if so then does x=1=3=9=6=2? regardless of all that crap, stupidity doesn't actually travel. it either stays still (doesn't travel) or is there in the first place, not needing to travel (doesn't travel).- foetus

Stupidity does not need to travel. It already exists at every single point in the universe.- Fish

if e=mc2 then stupidity would be U=doh then st0opid=:( then i would say it travelles as fast as humans breed.- Ninja

1 person at a time.- R Dire

Stupidity doesn't travel, it's in 99.99999999% of all people's genetic code.- Mzebonga

oh c'mon we know it travels pretty damn fast look at the people we live around, what we need to worry about is how to stop it. - syko morgana

Stupidity travels at different speeds depending on the person/sockmonkey. The slower the speed the more dense you are. - MeowMix

Stupidity doesn't have to travel because it's everywhere.- Omuletzu

i dunno- Angel

uh..... um... ah.....der...uh...duh..... about that fast- ZIMIAN

stupididty doesnt travel, its s more or less inherited from person to person, its a trait of all humans some people show it differently.- franky the one-armed midget

I thought people were born stupid?- Sally

minus 3- Blooten

you do the hokie pokie and you turn yourself about ..........- swirliegirl

i donno iam dumb

stupidity is cannot even begin to assume the speed at which it may or may not travel.- saffron

ummmmmmm....- 69

3x, assuming only that stupidity travels in threes.- BillyGoatJoe

first of all it depends on the person in question. we must measure the circumference of their craniums or head or if they are headless then maybe their rear ends will do, because some people have their brains tucked there somewhere...then we multiply these values by x and add the equation of 6=2 and hopefully you'll be too lazy to figure it out anyways.- SiNiSTaR

I'm pretty sure it doesn't travel at all.- Sodatab

i think u should know that..wait a sec u dont...CUS UR STUPID!!!!- dumby

-45mph- prep genocide

slower then the speed of snails- ricidulous

Well, assuming that x=3 that would make me assume that a train would move at the speed of sight. Although if 6=2 then that would make remainder of the number of stupid people that are on the train impossible to compute. Therefore it is a trick question because my calculator that I embedded into my skull clearly states that pie=tasty, and 7=w/6+4. And only an idiot would say that 6=2, jeez everyone knows that 6=the & symbol.- Geno

nothing equals x..ur math is all wrong...the speed of stupidity is very very slow but not as slow as u im stupid- double

are't your #'s too high- mouse

about as fast as a leprechaun with three toes running from a crazed fish with seven arseholes- ramish

faster than you think. this can be derived from the equation: 3X x 7Y + 18Q = who cares? thus, noone gives a shit [41X/3F] and also that SHIT! WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COW COME FROM!! HOLY MACARONI! ITS GIVING GEORGE BUSH HEAD! HAS SOMEONE GOT A CAMERA is not equal to 15ZXY. and even the most dimwitted individual, who holds a Ph.D in astomathamatics, can work out that... what was the question again?- Fido Dido

About as fast as i walk- iWanaDoDC

can't it all be summed up in one name? Brittany spears- babyfreak

quite fast, strangley enough- smoking_girl

As fast as I can throw DC and catch him in my mouth then eat sexy little sock monkey- Flabba the Slut

206 dragons- Coconuts

what?- masterhatchet

are you counting wind factor or direction that you guys will be running in?? you both should consider this more before seeing how fast you are and do you really think that you can even run?? sorry, that was lame. i should have skiped this one.- cookypuss

If i answered this question, it would completely defeat it's original purpose.....- Cookie

not now im high- dreadz

hey..don't underestimate stupid people in large crowds- popedoug

Depends if I'm traveling by train or car or, indeed, aeroplane.- Spritely Pratt

i dont know im too stupid to be quick- for the hey of it

Well if x=3 and 6=2 then obviously 7=ts and 56t=oby1konobe so that would make kermit=afartgag and afrenchwhore=misspiggy Therefore the Speed of stupidity would equal the time it takes my foot to reach your ass!- Kraken86

69 lightyears per second.- Sid

i'm not totally sure how fast i can run.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

the same speed u finished reading this stupid answer- pretty

slooww veryy sloooww a turtle made out of glue going up a hill made of glue and stick-it posts...almost as slow as you dc- HoppyGotNaughty

Not a damn time.- Patty Mayo

Stupidity travels at roughly front of me, with the left blinker on, for the entire drive home from work.- Nicole

not able to answer,question doesn't make sense- hellraiser

It travels at a rate of 2 seconds. That is how fast it takes one to change the radio when Creed or Backstreet boys start playing. - Mistofflies

The speed of stupidity is unreadable, cos no-one is that stupid to be bothered measuring it, stupid- Sarz

supidity doesn't travel it stays in the exact same place all the time. and that place is the hearts and souls or every red blooded american- schtop_this_grolsch

if x is 3 and 6 is 2...then I would say that......5 yea...defiantly 5....- AnthraxBoy

pretty fuckin fast- B-Lo

pritty fast- sexy Chicken

that would depend on the critical region, as well as the no. of degrees of freedom. wait, no, that only works when 6=3, what am i saying??? ok start over. dammit, my pencil point broke!!!! dammit, dammit oh no, time running out... THINK MARISSA THINK!!!!!!!! damn you people, damn you and your questions!!!!!!!!! - marissa

Why does x=3? Can't it equal 4 or it really 3, or did they put that there to screw me up? Math makes me paranoid....what was the question again? Ohh, stupidity. Well, just read the first sentence and my answer is pretty much in there somewhere......I think.- McDiablo

me.- frazicus

take the 6 and invert it making a 9. Since 9 is the square root of 3, and a square has four sides... the answer must be 1.- MEAN

my speed- commiskey

......- Wilinko

about as fast as it takes to infect most of the people I know - intertwinedwithinmadness

x=3...carry the 2....multiply by 7...6=2...2=6...which means that stupidty=8999....YES thats right....uh huh...- quikasabunny

really fucking fast because its fucking contagious.- d1rect0r


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