a three legged cat walked into a bar and said 'i'm looking for the man who shot my paw'
isn't this the stupidest joke you've heard in the last 2 weeks?

actually no...i mean it makes perfect sense the cat has 3 legs and he talked ..whats so so stupid bout that, i find it bloody hilaurious ..I do. "im looking for the man who shot my paw"..HAhsdHHEHHHAHFHAHHAHSGERGASS!!!!..ooo too good too good- HoGZaReSpeCiaL

I don't get it... I don't think it's funny that someone shot the Cat's paw... Vengance will be swift... Entire towns will be levelled if they are found to be harbouring the criminal...- Fido Dido

It's a joke. The man should be burn at the stake.- Mzebonga

Okay, Bush gave his Wall Street speech on corporate ethics on the ninth so, that's more than two weeks, sure, I don't want to think any harder about the absurdity of it all right now. Lo, for tequila is at hand. Amen.- Your Lawyer

yes...why not? a cat cannot speak and i am rather sure that if a cat were to be in a bar after having it's paw shot off it would rather be getting drunk. takes away the pain, poor kitty cat...- dizzy munkie

No its not stupid, its terrifying! If the cat is capable of walking and talking, then it means they are even closer to taking over the world than we had thought! I'll never sleep again...- Waxter

Hey its not a joke and the cat found that man and shot him in the head, good on the cat.- Sally

Sadly yes it is.- SG*

It is a sin too hurt others, especially if that cat follows the Lord. Therefore, it is a dreadful joke. - Mattew/Mark/Luke/John

actually, yes, it is. dont tell such stupid fuckin jokes cuz i dont wanna hear them.- w33nkie

no its the funniest thing ive heard since 911- Ninja

no, actually the stupidest was when I said will this hurt then slammed my dick in my dresser - Sk8erGecko

oh yea- kate

No, the stupidest Joke I heard in the past two weeks involveda bunch of singing dancing cockroaches singing about a funky towel. "Joe's Apartment" rules.- A crazy Person

No, actually the stupidest joke I have heard in the last 2 weeks would be "Who's ugly and stupid?" "I don't know, you?"- FartMonkey

yes- MrDrifta

yes...- Skittles

This is not a joke.- LubisKo

Yes, actually, this is the stupidest joke I've heard in the last 2 weeks...cats taste good though.- weirdDAR

unfortunately no. i heard an even stupider joke in church i believe but i can't say it was stupid cuz you know the big guy in the sky will kick my ass.- Miss Roger's Sweater

Nah, I've heard stupider ... A polar bear walks in a bar and the bartender says.....hold on, wait a minute, hold the phone here! Why do all the lamest jokes take place in a bar?? Are they trying to glorify bars or make them seem like eeevil places that are merely a breeding ground for bad jokes?? Anyways, there was a piece of meet on the roof and polar bear didn't try and get it because the 'steaks were too high'.- McDiablo

No. Two flies were arguing on a toilet seat when one got pissed off. What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Felipe Felope- Mystic_Murray

No, because my phone keeps ringing as if I would answer it and that's not even vaguely funny.- Fantastic

No, the stupidest joke I've heard is "why do elephants paint the bottoms of their feet yellow?" "To hide in bowls of banana custard." "Have you ever seen elephants hiding in banana custard?" "No." "Then it must work!"- The Fool

no i herd a even stupider one in it a man asked if he shot his paw- frizzy

Oh shit you mean that cat actually lived?? I thought i buried it pretty well..... Hmm dont tell him where I am please... Wait its a joke oohh of course.... yep that it is pretty funny i mean if you wanot it to be stupid then sure it is........- one armed midget

2 weeks no..2 and a half days, yes.- JacKsurL

ummm... besides the one about the the guy bending over saying "hoe-me" yeah- bobspenistasselholder

This is a men in black joke, right?- Omuletzu

no. the stupidest was all about this little guy who liked to...well he often consumed...actually, youre joke kinda sux. yeah, it is the stupidest joke ive heard in the last 2 weeks.- frazicus

No, I've got a better one: Mzebonga- Sophie

That's the stupidest joke I've ever heard... Ever...- sheniqua

...no comment...- insanity crises 420

Yeah i suppose but if you had said 'in the last 3 weeks' i can tell you there is a really stupid joke that goes like this: "Little Tommy pricks his finger on a drawing pin at school and asks his teacher for some cider to soak his finger in. 'Cider!' the teacher exclaims. 'what on earth do you want to soak it in cider for?' 'Because', says tommy, 'my sister says that whenever she gets a prick in her hand she always puts it in cider.' "- SiNiSTaR

no- Zero

sun glasses- pope doug

Sadly no. I wish it was, tho.- FiFi

no. This is: "What's red and looks like a bucket?" "a red bucket" "What's blue and looks like a bucket?" "a red bucket in disguise!"- Fish

actually my son is. sure that scar on your balls means your sterile. right. highly effective birth control- meagnolia

yes- jocelynevans

...I don't get it...i only understand jokes involving monkeys...or cheese...i like cheese- jess

yes, and thats bad, considering its the only joke ive heard in the past 2 weeks.- BooBoo

Yes.- kiLLj0y

Perhaps but when do the purple ticks fly back home.- Colonel

umm...honestly I didn't know the gun was loaded...I mean why would I shoot a cat's father? *hears voices* Oh...I mean...why would I shoot a cat's foot? *looks closely* oh...it's a joke *acts innocent*- ANthraxboY

Yup.- skippy

No.- FartMonkey

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