since jack has such an issue with snow, what do you think his neighbors should do to him
and his snow while he sleeps during the day?

they should inform him that the snow is actually sand and that they're in the middle of a desert, the morons- Vegetable Rights Foundation

horde up millions of mirrors, magnifying glasses, solar panels and the like, and melt all the snow. then, draft up a suicide letter with newspaper clippings that details the following: "jack, ive gone to hell...i hear it can be tough for a snowball there. i intebd to prove them wrong. farewell, snow." Then, they can sitl back and watch the emotional breakdown begin!- frazicus

They should leave him alone. I don't know if they heard about the postal worker that went insane and fed his boss through the mail sorter, but that was jack. Or they could put him in a small box, and mail him to Brazil so he can torment the postal service there.- gone postal

Ummm, shovel jack's snow for him....Who's jack?- Fpan

Pee on it and then give it to him and tell him is lemon flavored icecream of something like that.- PrettyNightmare

His neighbors should all buy snow making machines and fill his yard with it while he is sleeping. Then maybe Jack will learn his lesson for being such an ass. - MeowMix

Assuming that this question is negative and taking the fact that neighbours are always friendly, kind people, I would probably think more along the line of a flock of killer budgies on a jack-and-snow-only diet and these killer budgies must be pretty hungry of course. But, don't forget that obsessions are often signs of insanity and insanity should be praised and not repremanded. Therefore, the neighbours should give Jack an anti-budgie tennis rackets and a budgie net to be suspended over his bed, not to mention worship him daily, especially during a total solar eclipse.- ZOT

what the fuck?? he sleeps during the day. i say hes a fucking vampire and they should get an icicle and drive it through his heart- Ninja

Shove the snow up his ass and then bury him in more snow.- Sally

build protesting snowmans with placards that say good stuff about snow, like... 'look how white it is' and 'snow equals purity' or something. by the time he gets up at night, he'll be surrounded. there's no melting those guys...- SiNiSTaR

Make it yellow, by pissing in it. Let's see how his issue holds up then. He might cry, that would be funny, then again he might eat it and that would be funnier still. Then we could tell him that they pissed in it and he would cry and that would border on hilarity.- Mzebonga

I think they should cave in and get rid of the snow for him. How to do it, though? I say they should gather fellow snow haters (there are millions of us, myself included) to piss on the snow. This form of excretory waste will be warm from having been in our bodies, thus melting the fluffy white stuff. Not only will this get rid of it, but you'll feel satisfied from showing your hate toward snow.- McDiablo

the neighbors should milk naked mole rats, make cottage cheese, and substitute the snow for naked mole rat cottage cheese.- popedoug

they should stuff all the snow up his arse- teenangel

Fill up his bedroom with snow and make Jack into a snowman. And when he wakes up and gets pissed off, the neighbors can take snowballs and shove them up Jack's ass.- BrainLiquor

They should sneak over to his house. Since he will be laying naked in it they will have to be strong to withstand the pain. Once they get there they need to throw Jack into a hot shower to torture him. Then take his precious snow and melt it before his eyes. - Mistofflies

piss on him and his snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he- pscho smash

Trap him inside of his house. Pile the snow up in front of his front and back doors. Then fill his garage to the top with the rest of the snow. leaving his walkways and grass areas clear....- Birdshit

tie him up in bondage tape and feed him to a shredder (not the one of mutant turtles fame, though that might be an option). or just melt the snow with a hairdryer.- Fido Dido

they should sove it up his ass- AMSSOD

That all depends on whether or not "Jack" is a light sleeper, whether Jack sleeps with his window open or not, and whether or not Jack snores. All of these must be considered prior to anything actually being done with him and his snow. I mean would you want to be awoken in the middle of the day by your nosy ass annoying neighbors, because of your "Snow addiction?", I didn't think so. Also you must consider the fact that this is Jacks fucken snow and he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. Why the hell do his neighbors give a flying rats ass about Jack and his so called "Snow issue" I think the neighbors should just go out and get a life of thier own, and leave the poor man alone with his snow.- DementEd

Set him on fire. Set it all on fire. Set yourself on fire. Fire!! I want you to burn! Fire!! I need you to learn! And stuff like that.- Mzebonga

stuff it down his shirt and see how much he likes snow now- merllee

I think they should dye it black , spike him with acid and tell him that hell has frozen over- Hev

pick up his bed and move it outside. the bury the snow around the entire bed and pack it hard so he cant move. the take water and pour it over thee top so hes stuck that way- bojangles jr.

I think that they should piss on the snow and make snow cones for when he wakes up! Then tell him if he doesnt eat it the sun will get pissed off and eat him! - rooaloo

hmm, i think they should hook up his hair dryer and aim it at his penile area while he is strapped to the bed. once its melted a hole thru his nadula, then they should set him free too walk about like a frosty cherio.- satanskoncubyne

wat? i know put him and the snow in the oven.- Chezara

cover it coco pops- eddie

His neighbors should be all like "damn you jack! you and your stupid prostitute snow!" (Jack is a bastard because he makes snowcones and doesnt share with anybody. He is very selfish and I dont like him.)Then when he is asleep his neighbors should go and put urine in his snow and make it yellow. No... not urine... They should put... Drugs! Im absolutly brilliant! So instead of putting urine in his snow they should put drugs. Then he will eat his snow and overdose and die. Then they can all eat Jacks snow because he wont be there to yell at them. They would just sit around and talk about how Jack was such a Jackoff. Then they will overdose and die too. Drugs!- Dazed o.O

they should paint it brown and green so that he thinks that it's dirt and grass,and when he wakes up and sees it he'll think that he slept right through winter into spring,and he'll get really depressed and try to kill himself, and when he fails to do so, he would go on a killing spree , massacring all his neighbors.serves them right , for playing such a dirty trick on poor old jack.- marissa

Form a snowman army to scare the fucker and keep him in his house for as long as possible.- Syko Morgana

keep the snow in the oven and stuff Jack into the freezer... see how he likes living the cold life... and maybe even teach the snow there's more to life than just lazing about.... - husz

piss and shit all over it- mystic dragon

they get a lot of shovels ya see..... and then they throw all the snow onto jack and smother him smother him i say with snow!!!! cold fuckin snow!!- one-armed midget Franky

Well, if the neighbors were bloodsucking aliens from the planet ooBNaK11, then they probably shouldnt do nothin seein as how they would most likley spend their waking hours plotting and scheming up ways to build a vehicle that looks like a car, but it runs on human blood and other various human bodyparts . . . anyhow . . . if these neighbors were nice friendly people, like you and me, then they should go over to jack's house, once he gets inside he would then procede to have sex with his neighbors wife, tie them both to the bed, and burn the house down. then he should call the poliece and tell them that he just watched his neighbors house burn down.- oooooo

screw jack... 1 oversized glass, 1 bottle of a cold beverage of your choice, a whole lot of snow.. crush up snow place in oversized glass, pour your favourite cold beverage into the oversized glass that has snow in it.. and voila.. insant slurpee.. it's a good thing.- Miss Rogers Sweater

I think his neighbours should blow his fucking head off, and piss on his snow- fuck you

All the neighbors should go to his house each bringing a boombox with a sinead o'connor tape or cd and set them up around his house at every window and play different songs at full blast when jack is asleep. The next day, The neighbors should gather once again this time with a small mcdonalds sign and walk around it chanting "the dog barks at midnight you dum ass jiggin monkey slapping chicken hording perverted ass clown" on jacks front lawn. Then they should wait till winter and burn his house down.- Existential

THey should burn him alive then eat his snow.- Bryden Proctor

well i've had enough of jack freaking out about the snow... i mean does he really need to bring out the deed to the damn house and look at the property lines? there is no need for that shit... i say we scoop it all up and block up his doors & windows with it- DC

If Jack has such an issue with snow, why has he got some? Wouldn't he better off cooking it, so he had a puddle instead?- Witto

im not smart enough to think of anything for this one- dane

I think they should piss in it, then put it in cups and tell him that it's a lemon icey and make him eat it.- thanatophyte

during the day, those sneaky neighbours should peer through little jacks window while he sleeps, and taunt him. then, just when little jack thinks that it's alright to step outside...SMACK! he gets bombed with snowballs from his sneaky yet creepy neighbours. then, those neighbours of his during the middle of the night, should pee all over the fresh white snow, and initial the snow with their piss.- chimmy chonga

They should take his snow, melt it and dump it on him- sugar baby

serade him and pour honey into his intestines- Sexy Sucker

fuckem- sex bunny

not much, but possibly say "quang" repetitively to a placemat.- foetus

Kill Jack.- ihatespics

I think they should kidnap the snow. Yea....send joe pictures of them holding up the gorilla. Then they should start cutting off limbs and send them to joe, a cubic inch at a time. Then jack will not have an issue with joe and that damned gorilla of his.- AnthraxBoy

Make many large snow men and VERY quietly put them in his room, turn the AC on and then scream "WAKE UP!!!!! Thought that we were just in your head,huh?"- LubisKo

Take the snow and pack it up his fudge filled ass.- Amish Druglord. RAM!

Break in to his house, drench the room the damn snow's in with model rocket fuel and kerosene, then torch a big crate of 50 bottle rockets and RUN LIKE HELL.- cryoman

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