if given the option between slapping someone with a dead fish or pissing in their face,
which would you choose and why

I'll piss on the fish, then slap them in the face with it.- gone postal

I'd choose pissing in their face, because slapping someone with a dead fish isn't that nasty. We eat fis everyday (those who can tolerate fish, that is), and we even eat raw fish, like sashimi and sushi. It's something you're likely to forget. But getting peed on the face? Now that's priceless. Nothing screams "award-winning act of revenge" than a good showering of your own fishy-smelling juices.- Sodatab

piss in their face, and watch the acid eat away at their flesh- Ninja

Slapping with a dead fish because I mean who would actually like that.- Sally

What kind of fish? because if its a stupid wimpy little goldfish Id rather piss on them. On the other hand if it was a sharp pokey balloon fish Id be happy to slap some with it. Then Id laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and eat seafood. *yum*- Dazed o.O

Can't I have my cake and eat it too? Why not piss in their face whilest slapping them in the face with the fish? Throw in a couple random screams of "Noodle!!!!!" and we'll have a merry ol' time! Is it a date?- Kitten

i would choose the fish because i could drop the fish and just slap them.and i'm a girl.- gremlin

dead fish as piss can run out- keglineq

How about pissing in a cup and offering it to the person as apple juice? >:)- McDiablo

I'd slap them with a dead fish. I've never heard the sound of moist gills smacking against human skin. It would be interesting to experience. - Mandie

pissing in their face. i dont have to pay for the fish, plus i need the toilet anyway- Fido Dido

Well I have had the wonderful experience of someone throwing dead fish at people and watching people piss on people and the funniest would be the dead fish.. as long as you do it right you don't smell like a fish the other person does and they get pissed off faster then the piss on the face!- NO TOUCHY

i think the big question is.. is the fish french? and does it make my butt look fat?- Miss Rogers Sweater

the fish because if you piss in their face they may drink it if they're desparate enough because you're in the middle of the hot desert, plus, as a bonus, they'd stink like rotton fish, so it's two great things in one.- Canimeda

dead fish slapping, of course. if you get the right angle and velocity, you can slap them in such a way that theyre deformed for life. pissing in their face is only effective in the short term. i like ti think about the big picture.- frazicus

depends on how many swings i get with the dead fish.... because if i were to piss in their face i would save up for a few days, thats something I can control, whereas you guys have too much control over how much fish slappage is allowed- psychotic_freak

I would piss in their face. I am one of the rare humans allergic to water. So when I pee, my urine is totally yellow due to extreme dehydration. I would always recognize the pissed on person by their yellow pee stained skin and foul smell.- MeowMix

I would choose slapping someone with a dead fish because pissing on their face would be difficult for a girl. - Angelfish

Ripping the fish open, pissing in it, then slapping the person in the face with it.- TroubledPrey

I would choose to piss in their face because i am a horny person and pissing in someones face sounds nice- Alish

slap 'em upside with the fish, because you can pee in the fish beforehand. then the urine can get into the little cuts the scales will make in the face and infect the sorry sap. he'll be goin around with all these pussy red cuts on his face, smelling like fish - now THATS insult.- Matamite

pissing in their face, because it feels nice to relieve my bladder at times- Insanity

Dead fish because peeing on people as girl is hard. Guys have better aim.- Cirrus

I'd chose the fish, my pee taste too good for them. why waste it?- syko morgana

slapping them with the dead fish cos i would- kudos

Nigel would piss in DC's face because that's Nigel's job. I, personally, would have to consider the nature of the fish and examine it to see if it was a hallibut of the highest quality and make my decision based on that knowledge. It's hard to find a good quality hallibut so I believe I may well also piss in the face of the individual involved.- Mzebonga

The dead fish, no doubts.- Fergus O'dimbal

That's disgusting. But kinda horny. I'd piss in Mzebonga's face.- Sophie

both. I have always wanted to slap someone in the face with a dead fish. It would remind my ex boyfriend of all the sour pussy he's getting with his new girlfriend. pissing in his face would just be fun. then again, some people get off on that.- Sya

I would eat the fish, drink the piss and then follow it up with a cute little Sock Monkey dessert- Flabba the Slut

pissing in there face sounds fun and i wouldn't dirty my hands- meagnolia

pissing in their face because i just had a gallon of coolade, and i don't want to damage any important sexual organs.- nuclear,biological,chemically imbalanced

ya i'd piss right in that dumb punks face, thatd show em whos fuckin boss.. so yeah!! i never liked fish anyway. Place stinks of salmon...- Bilge

Why can't I slap someone in the face with a dead pissing fish? I'm sure they'd love that!- Ainera

i would like sto smoosh poo in their face and make them lick it off.. yummy- MoooooooMooo

i would prefer the fish because i think that the smell would last longer and have a better affect on people around that person and besides urine is clean and sterile and that is no fun - scsi

See above answer- nirojah

Pissing in their face. I hate fish, they're gross... And besides, it's alot more kinky with golden showers.- Tubby!

The fish, because anything that was ever in me or part of me could be used to clone and track me. GODDAMNIT I KNOW WHAT YOUR UP TO TED TURNER!- Stupid Handle(aka Fancy Fork Flinger)

both. if i can do one i will do the other and they will like it. unless they pay me. then i will re consider and most likely do it anyway.- The X

pissing in their face... it leaves a more lasting impression... and after taste... hehe- Ishbul

Slapping them in the face with a dead fish. I'm a woman so I can't pee in their face.- Laura

due to a lack of a penis and my inferior aiming technique, i'd have to opt for the more appropriate action involving the dead fish. this question is clearly gender biased.... you'll be hearing from my lawyer.- marissa

i'd go the fish- it's edible so i can slap with my fish and eat it too.- it

dead sharks still bite, but either way I'm a bad aim- lor

pissing in their face, only because i'd probably need to piss anyway (im full of piss me) and it would solve to problems at once.- Karma Monster

fishy smell lasts a helluva lot longer than the smell of piss, and they may even enjoy being pissed on (there are some freaks out there), so...dead fish slapping.- Keta

Dead fish. I wouldn't want to spend too much energy on them.- Hedge Monkey

pissing in their face- figui

i would slap them in the face with the dead fish because after we could sit back and have a tasty meal. You can't eat the piss...unless you're into that.- Humpy McWackWack

Well, being of the female sex I would have bad aim at pissing on someone's face. Being the perfectionist that I am I would have to have perfect aim. Slapping someone with a dead fish seems more reasonable and a lot more feasable. Maybe a nice chunky hand held tuna would do the trick. If you soak it in piss you would get the best of both worlds. - monkey

i would piss in there face becouse then they might suck my dinky- z24

I would piss in their face so I could take their fucking eyeball out and then piss down their throat.- Blunt

pissing in their face because in order to slap someone in their face with a dead fish, i would have to kill a fish and i solemnly swore i wouldn't harm a fly so...uh, i would piss in their face.- SiNiSTaR

awww y not both? i'd probs slap em with the dead fish because thats more inventive than pissing in their face.- OddBoddkins

I would choose the fish, simply because of the the old saying: "He looked at me like I'd slapped in the face with a mackeral."- D-Link

hmm no right or wrong answer because they will end up stinkin of fish either way- Blinky

since i am female i would choose to slap someone with a dead fish. after i am done abusing some poor sad person with a dead fish i would give the dead fish to a homeless person so they could either eat it or talk to it and not be so lonely anymore.- dumb blonde

I would slap them with my butt then rub their cheeks with my foot....because that makes me feel better- Insanity In The Flesh

pissing in their face, because it would be funny and demeaning to them - schizoid

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