what song would you sing to DC and why? would you use props?

'Shame' by Stabbing Westward, because there's a line in the song that goes 'How can i exist without you?' which... is... so true. I don't know about props, maybe i'll use a 'swing' if ya know what i mean...- SiNiSTaR

"Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants from the Album Flood And I would use a Frying Pan as a prop so that, in the final verse that goes: Person Man, Person Man, Hit on the head with a frying pan. I could hit DC on the head. Then I might sing him something by Alanis Morrisette to shatter his eardrums. Just for my own personal amusement. Besides, I want to know is he is "thinking of me when [he] fuck[s] her".- Mzebonga

i'm too sexy because thats our favorite "playtme "song.- meagnolia

"White Spyder" by The Smashing Pumpkins, because its awesome, and so is DC. The awesomeness of a song that is awesome being sung to an awesome sock monkey, would be absolutly awesome. The awesomeness would possibly create a rift in the space-time contineum that would have to be patched up using duct tape or somesuch stuff. As for props, I would use a hundred thousand white spiders, which would crawl over me and the stage and the band. Awesome. Etc.- Fido Dido

i wouldnt sing to DC i would just rub his tail for hours.- mary jane

I would sing "Chico and The Man" to DC. I would have the Jose Feliciano CD playing in the background and I would have my feathery, white pumps (which are filthy for extra charm), my tiara and a stained housedress on and be staggering towards my California king sized bed with a bottle of tequila in one hand and DC's tail in the other. Oh--and why? because I'm easy for geniuses with tails (which equals almost nobody so, be assured that I am STD free)and because the combo of Feliciano and Cuervo is a summer favorite. - Enfante Terrible

I don't know what song I would sing but I'm sure I could make something up and I would use my cats and some food for props.- Sally

"When I was a teenage whore..." I would sing Teenage Whore by Hole to DC, because I know how much he loves Courtney Love's singing. I would also sing this to DC throwing banana flavoured condoms at him. I'd be influencing DC to have safe sex, because we all know he is a little monkey whore.- MeowMix

i ran over the taco bell dog by adam sadler of course i would use props- butthead

i would use no props other than my own nude body covered in soybean oil, with a healthy dash of green mint leaves to garnish as for the song... here goes... oh baby baby, how was i supposed to know,that something wasn't riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight HAH HAH, JUST KIDDING!!! here goes for real... YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ! MY ONLY SUNSHINE ! YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN SKIES ARE GRAY YOU NEVER KNOW DEAR HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU SO PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY... I LOVE YOU DC!!! - marissa

id sing sigur ros's, Sven-F-Englar because i think it describes DC very well and id probably bring some goats and retarded short people for backround.- BLEEEEEEEEEEEE

the monkey magic theme song. complete with chase scene if i had enough people.- frazicus

For DC i would sing a song that makes me think a lot of him. Every word seems to bring his rosy little face to mind. The title would be "Janies Got A Gun" One because DC always looked a tad feminine and Two well hes got a gun ( or an unusually large hairdryer). And yes i would have a prop. It would be a bulletproof vest in case my singing technique didnt please Dc i wouldnt get my heart shot. Then again he could just shoot my head off. - frank the midget

I would sing... te Im in the money song. uhhh... I dunno why. I use props because DC wont fuck me herself. ::pulls ut strap on::- maryrapedherlittlelamb

I would sing hit me baby one more time by britney spears in hope that it would seduce DC so he would make love to my body, For props i would line the walls of the room with dead babies- dane

(while rapeing him)I would sing Ring My Bell. I would ing this to him because he woyld have no choice but to riiiiiinnnnnggggg mmmyyyyy bbbbbbbbbbeeeellllllllllllllllllll,riing my bell. I would use only one prop, a dirty rag to stuff into his mouth. - gopostal

Margaritaville. Because i would probably be 2 drink to realixe what i was doing and that would most likely be the only song i could remember. I would use props if there was any- Silver Dragon

i would sing "im the only gay eskimo" by Tenacious D. i would use a gay eskimo and a long stick that is shaped like a wee wee.- w33nkie

I would sing, "Hero" by Bette Midler because he's the wind beneath my wings. I would dress up as an eagle and make up a dance routine, however I'm not one for props.My body is my tool. - Spooney

i would sing "bad touch" and i wuold use dc as a prop because dc you and me baby aint nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel! - bobspenistassle

I would sing...a Green Day sawng cause they rawk! Yes, props rock. Especially furry orange ones.- Hey! Rape is illegal! STOP!

Ode To DC because he is my insane hero and no i wouldnt use props. - LubisKo

i would sing a nice old skool polka tune and use a fork for a prop.. cuz i can.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

nothing makes me sadder, then an agent losing his bladder... on an .. aiiirrrrplane... --con-air and, yes. a dead sockmonkey.- sheniqua

Khia - My Neck, My Back (Lick It) cause that is DC's Anthem- PENIS

I've long given up on the idea of courtship. I'd skip the singing and go straight into the tail rubbing.- Waxter

"Roses are red Violets are blue Most rhymes rhyme This one doesn't"- Fish

I would sing "There Will Never Be Another You" whilst wearing a moose costume and carrying a bowl of petunias and a length of black rubber hose- The Fool

The romanian national anthem, dressedas a milk maid.- Ninja

well..i dont like dc, So id say some nice backstreetboy tunes and id probably use some grapes, blank sheets of paper and strawberry jello for props..simplee for the insanity of it.- JuiCyMuCUS

chop suey- kuroro

I'd sing "This is the song that doesn't eeeend; Yes, it goes on and on my frieeeeend..." My prop would be a bottle of Motrin......"That's Motrin pain." You damn right.- McDiablo

I will serenade you with my lovely soprano voice....singing the song "No.11 Voi, che sapete". My props would be the carousel horses used in Mary Poppins.- Richard

Push tha lil'daises by WeeN because its simple awesome and for props i would find some dorky pimpley teenage 15 year old boys for dc to look and lil daises and when i sing "push tha little daises and make em come up" they would push tha lil daises and make em come up.- heahHAHAFGhtheh

I wouldn't sing anything! But I would use props..I'd use a salad fork to rip out my eyeballs and feed them to the cat.- OmegaClarinet

I would sing "You Are A God" by The Buddy Scott Trio because it's hilarious and I know that the sock-monkey would start humping me out of gratitude for it. The album is called "You Win". I'm serious, Monkey, find it. As far as props go, alcohol and genitalia will be sufficient. Or a bong, whatever is handy. Oh-- and prophylactics, of course. No breeding here.- The Pope

Song-Is That All There Is? (PJ Harvey on Basquiat soundtrack) Props-A bathtub, a liter of Goldschlager fresh from the freezer, the cd player placed precariously on the edge of the tub. Why-It's the only way to get clean. - Marthastewart

If I had the opportunity to sing to DC, I would sing an old favorite, I don't know what it's called though: Come Jospehine in my flying machine and it's up we go, up we go, Everything gets smaller as we get up higher, Ah look the moon is on fire, Come Josephine(repeat 8 times) And would I use props, what a silly question! Although I cannot actually use a flying machine as a prop, I would glue a whistle and a picture of a cow to a large slab of cheese.- FartMonkey

Cool to hate by the offspring, because it says YAH I HATE EVEYTHING I EVEN HATE YOU TOO SO FUCK YOU! no U would only use my guitar to play it props ar gay and overrated I would only need my natural good looks- Sk8erGecko

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