admit it... you've pissed in a pool before haven't you?

yep, i drank chlorine the night before though, so it shouldn't have made any difference- Mystic Murray

yeah it was fun- butthead

no but i have pissed on my cat- orion

my mom is NOT korean- dambro

i didn't do it. it was a self-righteous alien non-carbon-based-life-form, otherwise known as tom. tom looks just like me, sounds just like me, smells er ... just like er ... me, hell tom is me. the thing is that i'm not me, therefore he did.- foetus

Yes, but only because Britney Spears was swimming in it- Fish

ohh yeah i pissed in their pool all winter because they never cleaned it and then when summer came the pool was like 90% piss and the grotty bastards swam in it- Ninja

Yeap, and I'm damn proud of it. I had to go, ok?!- R Dire

Loadsa times. I've never been caught in 15 years. I rock.- Mzebonga

only yours.- syko morgana

Yeah, who hasnt. But the public pool where i live has so much chlorine in it that it eats away at my bathing suit and skin, so peeing in this pool isnt as big of a deal as some of those other swimming pools out there.- MeowMix

Yes! And I'm proud of it!- Omuletzu

yes i have- Angel

hell yeah! and I'd do it again to if they didn't start makin that godamn clorine that turns your piss a different color to make it visible. THOSE BASTARDS!- ZIMIAN

ummmm a pool hmm what a funny word- franky the one-armed midget

Sure while you were in it too hahahhahaha- Sally

BEFORE?? hell still do it and poop in it too, only place that u dont have to clean your butt. - Blooten

uuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhh ok- swirliegirl

um yeah no prob itell that to everybody the best part is when i

and i've also had the squirts in one as well.- saffron

when i was little ummm yeah around 13- 69

"I don't swim in your toilet, don't you pee in my pool", but people do far worse in a toilet, why would you want to swim in it? And how would you fit?- BillyGoatJoe

i like it when people piss on me in the pool, it's a warm and cold mix and makes my nipples really hard- SiNiSTaR

Who hasn't?- Sodatab

no bet but i bet thats what u do 4 fun....admit...dont u?dumb dumb dumb...u so dumb- dumby

blatantly- prep genocide

i've pissed in aone of those plastic pee pools before my brother swam in it- ricidulous

Hey, it's a cheap way to fill it up.- Geno

nope...(give me a Stinky Monkeys Ass i dont care!!!!)- double

why should I- mouse

of course not....*nose grows to seven inches- ramish

its almost like you were me....- Fido Dido

I have done alot of things in a pool .....heheheheh- iWanaDoDC

actually...I am pissing in one as I type!!!- babyfreak

hell yeah- smoking_girl

I piss many times. Maybe I piss on sexy little sock monkey then eat him. Mmmmmm, salty.- Flabba the Slut

actually i preferred to leave brown logs floating around- Coconuts

nope- masterhatchet

the question really is what pool haven't i pissed in. the relaxing warm water and the cool color you get once piss make contact with pool water. it's sweet serenity.- cookypuss

sometimes you feel sad for your urine. I mean, most times, you piss and flush it down a couple cups of water in a cold porcelain bowl. Pissingin a pool gives you an opportunity to "bond" with your urine, so to speak. your urin could save your life someday, wouldn't you at least wanna know how it feels? so, to your question, YES, I've been a pool pisser and I am not ashamed- Cookie

yes ... yes I have I even piss outside - dreadz

who cares about the obvious, when there are more important questions like have you ever heard of a wild hamster.- popedoug

I pissed in the bushes too. I could list all the places I have pissed, but that would be pointless.- Spritely Pratt

not while i was in it- for the hey of it

Once when i was at band camp... no wait thats too wierd....- Kraken86

Only 50 times.- Sid

no, but i've pretended to swim in the tub.. even though i can't swim at all.. i sink.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

i piss a pool of urine several times a day, dun u?- pretty

you!...pissy...thats right i know your nickname!. .... ...and another one your mom calls u get that one?- HoppyGotNaughty

Of course who hasn't- Patty Mayo

Indeed, I have not. However, I have pissed in the shower. (Not my own shower, of course! What kind of a sicko do you think I am!?!) - Nicole

sure have ,shit in one, puked in one- hellraiser

Only twice. Once becasue Cindy Lou dared me to and that was a stage in my life when I always took a dare, which eveidently lead to the real reason whythe lights went out in Georgia BUT thats a new story all together. The second time I am not allowed to discuss. See its still part of an FBI investgation and if I say anything I will have to be put into a protection agency and I just bought a new girlfriend.- Mistofflies

only a little bit- Sarz

i piss in every pool even the ones i dont go swimming in, and i leave my curlys on the toilet seat, and wet the toilet door handle so poeple just arnt sure whether or not its piss. Im a fuckin asshole- schtop_this_grolsch

NO!! Never. Well, maybe once. OK, twice. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! I HAVE PISSED EVERYTIME I've been in a pool. It's not my fault the chlorine water gives me a tingly feeling in my crotch. Oh I hate you now. I don't I wanna answer any more questions after the shame I now feel for having to admit that I pee in pools.- AnthraxBoy

yes- B-Lo

yep all the time - sexy Chicken

umm... yeah, i have wanna know the bad part? it was my own pool... i suck...- marissa

I haven't pissed in the pool since I heard that red dye would show up if you did. That would be beyond embarassing. I won't even get to my theory as to why the kiddie pool is always so abnormally warm.................- McDiablo

no. shagged, yes. maimed, yes. danced the hungarian dance of loquatisness, yes. pissed, no.- frazicus

Oh Hell yes!- MEAN

YES- commiskey

damn right and it was very warm where i WAS standing/ floating 8)- Wilinko

pools are evil- intertwinedwithinmadness

only when the chlorine stimulates my urethra....- quikasabunny

3,456 times. - d1rect0r

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